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Sands of Yellow Rock (J. Gardiner, 1959)
The decay and decline of the Wollambi Valley area, and the work of the Hunter Valley Research Foundation. ... Read more

Saturday Parade (Errol Hinds, 1959)
A candid camera's coverage of the Cape Town Parade on a typical Saturday, from early morning until midnight. ... Read more

Serenal (Norman McLaren, 1959)
Norman McLaren salutes the West Indies, etching and painting the spirit of fiesta - fireworks and all - in response to an Island tune. ... Read more

SHADOWS (John Cassavetes, 1959)
Shadows takes us into the atmosphere of the lonely millions of New York City, where many seek emotional or artistic security! Attention is focused upon three Negro characters — two brothers and… Read more

Short and Suite (Norman McLaren, 1959)
The film is an expression of a mood, a heady recollection of an evening on the town rendered in rhythmic flights of light and colour. The alternation of the music's mood - gay or sad - is echoed by t… Read more

Ski Cocktail (A. W. Owesen, 1959)
Everybody, but everybody enjoys skiing in Norway. ... Read more

Skyscraper (Shirley Clarke, Irving Jacoby, Willard Van Dyke, 1959)
A lyrical narration about the changing city of New York which centres around the erection of a skyscraper. A case history of this singularly American architectural form, it highlights the story of th… Read more

Stadium (St. Jedryka, 1959)
A curious essay about the romantic musings of a young girl sitting alone in a vast empty arena waiting for her beloved. A new experimental film from Poland. ... Read more

STARS (Konrad Wolf, 1959)
Set in a small Bulgarian town in 1943, Stars is the story of a strange, unhappy love affair. This is what happened in the foothills of the mountains . . . A sergeant of the German Wehrmacht, a clever… Read more

Steel (J. Lomnicki, 1959)
A documentary description of a steel factory at Nowa Huta near Crakow, made on the tenth anniversary of its foundation. ... Read more

Story in Rocks (Han van Gelder, 1959)
A simple introduction to palaentology - the scientific investigation of extinct creatures, the animals and plants that have perished on land or in the sea since life on earth first began. The evoluti… Read more

Story of the Serials (S. J. Turell, P. Killiam, 1959)
From 1914 to the advent of sound in 1930, some 300 serials were made In Hollywood; some naive, some crude, but many of them highly imaginative. ... This film traces their development from the early c… Read more

Taj Mahal (Mushir Ahmad, 1959)
This film conveys the beauty and grandeur of one of the world's most visited monuments. It tells the story of the fulfilment of the Mogul Emperor Shah Jehan's dream of building a great mausoleum to e… Read more

Taming the Yellow River (Chen Chien, 1959)
The Sanmen Gorges are one group of many gorges along the vast length of the Yellow River. This district has been called "Impassable Sanmen". This film shows the course of the water conservation proje… Read more

The Boatbuilder (Sigurd Agnell, 1959)
The traditional method of Scandinavian boat-building is shown with commendable clarity and simplicity. The same building process was used for the viking ships. ... Read more

THE BRIDGE (Bernhard Wicki, 1959)
In a small German town, during the last days of April 1945, a few schoolboys are still being drafted for war service. The end of the war is in sight and some people are attempting to avoid the sensel… Read more

The Builders (J. Fitzpatrick, 1959)
The aid which Australia is giving to her neighbours in South-East Asia under the Colombo Plan. ... Read more

The Call of the Open Air (Jorgen Roos, 1959)
The open-air movement in a historical cross-section. The picture is chiefly based on original historical material such as paintings, engravings, photographs and old films, contrasting sharply with th… Read more

The Critic and Twelve Angry Men (Hazel Wilkinson, 1959)
This is the fourth film in "The Critic and the Film" scries. Here Arnot Robertson discusses the film from the writer's viewpoint. ... Read more

The Cry of Jazz (Edward O. Bland, 1959)
The Cry of Jazz makes a complete about-face in American documentary, from a passive, objective democratic or "simple humanist'' approach to a personal, passionate, active one. It is an essay film, wi… Read more

The Cultured Ape (John Halas, 1959)
This cartoon tells of a flute-playing ape, who in his tree in the jungle dreams of leading a civilised life among people who appreciate music. ... However, after being introduced into society he find… Read more

David Lean, in a discussion with actress Maureen Pryor, comments on some aspects of his work and introduces extracts from his films. ... David Lean's distinctive and always dramatic 'visual' openings… Read more

The Edge of the Deep (P. Bruce, D. Corke, 1959)
Centred around two derelict barges, this poetic nature film captures some aspects of the Jives of birds living on the shores of Port Phillip Bay. ... Read more

The Edge of the Deep (P. Bruce, D. Corke, 1959)
This poetic nature film captures some aspects of the lives of birds living on the shores of Port Phillip Bay. ... Read more

The Face of South Africa (Raymond Hancock, 1959)
By imaginative use of photographs, the film shows many facets of the peoples of South Africa. In youth, adolescence and age, they are shown to us at leisure and work; in joy, sorrow and excitement. ... Read more

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