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Two Men of Fiji (B. Porter, 1959)
Jaile and his cousin Adriu live on the island of Lakeba in the Fiji Islands. They go to Suva, one to train as a doctor, the other to travel. Jaile returns in disappointment to Lakeba realising that. … Read more

Two Men of Fiji (B. Porter, 1959)
In Fiji there is a tendency for the young people to drift to the larger centres of population. This is the story of one such young man and his realisation that, after all, there is a place for him in… Read more

Under the Black Mask (J. van Raemdonck, 1959)
Based on his art, the film interprets the soul of the negro in The Belgian Congo. ... The material is divided into three parts: "The Birth of Man" covers the life of man, from birth to death, as it a… Read more

Under the River (R. K. Neilson Baxter, 1959)
An account of the engineering feat, carried out by Thomas A. Walker between 1872 and 1886, as a result of which the unique pumping system was established which still keeps the Severn Tunnel free of w… Read more

Underground Palace (Chiang Ching-hung, 1959)
The Emperors of the Ming Dynasty concealed treasures under each of their tombs, so effectively hidden, that only in 1958 was the first of these - that of the Emperor Wan-li - discovered. ... Read more

Visual Squeeze - I.C.A (P. Dimond, 1959)
Using photo-animation techniques, this publicity film advertises Shell petrols that contain I.C.A. ... Read more

VOLCANO (Haroun Tazieff, 1959)
Known for years as the world's one volcanologist, Haroun Tazieff, a Belgian scientific explorer, has brought back in this unique film the findings of his investigations of 28 volcanoes in Japan, Java… Read more

WE ARE THE LAMBETH BOYS (Karel Reisz, 1959)
Shot in and around a youth club in Kennington, a London suburb, pitched between the dry discipline of social documentary and a toughly optimistic personal impression, We are the Lambeth Boys approach… Read more

WHEN THE MIST IS LIFTING (Iulian Mihu, Manole Marcus, 1959)
One of the few Rumanian films shown in Australia, When the Mist is Lifting, like Stars, deals with the theme that each person must make a contribution to the prevention of wars. ... The story is set … Read more

WHITE NIGHTS (Ivan Pyryev, 1959)
Dostoevsky's famous bitter sweet story - of the girlwho wails 'or the return of her lover from abroad, wandering through the night streets of St Petersburg, and finding temporary consolation in the f… Read more

Yantra (James Whitney, 1959)
Yantra is the Hindu term for instruments of worship which are designed to stimulate greater awareness. To this end the visuals of this film are dynamic and vividly coloured. ... Read more

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