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Birthright (Sarah Erulkar, 1960)
The film shows how the work of the Family Planning Association is directed towards helping not only those who wish to plan their families, but also those who are childless. The film emphasises some o… Read more

Blue Water Island (N. Laird, A. Gibb, 1960)
The people on the Fourneaux Group of islands in Bass Strait; farming, mutton birds and holiday attractions. ... Read more

Brutality in Stone (Peter Schamoni, 1960)
An essay on the official architecture of the National Socialist State with its stark style reflecting the inhumanity of the party's philosophy. The past is emphasized by ghostly snatches of the voice… Read more

Brutality in Stone - the Eternity of Yesterday (Alexander Kluge, Peter Schamoni, 1960)
No synopsis available ... Read more

Cable Jointing (J. Fitzsimons, 1960)
The film shows improved methods in cable jointing. Second Prize, Teaching Section, "for its clarity of exposition and efficiency in the use of step-by-step methods in its demonstrations". ... Read more

Children of the Sun (John Hubley, 1960)
In a brief, but effective message, John Hubley, in his unusual style of animation , develops the story of two children - the happiest child,he who has enough to eat, and the unhappiest, representing … Read more

Conquering the World's Highest Peak (, 1960)
Jolma Lungma, the highest peak of the Himalaya Mountains and the highest point on earth, is known as the world's "Third Pole". This film describes how a group of Chinese mountaineers undertook extens… Read more

Conte (Piotr Kamler, 1960)
A moving abstract painting created by the animation of powdered substances. ... Read more

DANUBE WAVES (Liviu Ciulei, 1960)
On a peaceful, warm summer day, a barge was sailing on the Danube. The brown uniforms of the Fascist guards leave no doubt as to the ship's cargo - arms and ammunition. ... However, the guards are no… Read more

Days of My Years (Max de Haas, 1960)
Told without commentary or dialogue the film presents a fascinating photographed series of reminiscences of a man, of his boyhood and youth, drawing a moral on the future of the world. "Mention Speci… Read more

DESTINY OF A MAN (Sergei Bondarchuk, 1960)
"In the beginning I led a very ordinary life. . ." This is the way Andrei Sokolov, the hero of A Man's Destiny by Mikhail Sholokhov, starts to tell us about himself. A simple, unadorned story of a pl… Read more

EL LAZARILLO DE TORMES (Cesar Ardavin, 1960)
Based on a classic by an anonymous author, Lazarc de Tormes' adventurer and misfortunes on the roads of 16th century Castille make up a lively and human story in the mainstream of this Spanish picare… Read more

Eruption at Kilauea (Edwin Roedder, 1960)
A close scientific study of the volcanic phenomena of Kilauea on the island of Hawaii, one of the world's youngest volcanoes. ... Read more

FIERY LOVE (Herman van der Horst, 1960)
Herman van der Horst is no newcomer to the Melbourne Festival. This, his latest film, was two years in the making and its title, Faja Lobbi, is the name of the glowing red flower which symbolises the… Read more

Finland Designs For Living (U. Backstrom, 1960)
Four designers are shown at work on four types of product: metalware, textiles, ceramics and glass. The film ends with some beautiful examples of the work of these and other Finnish craftsmen. ... Read more

FIVE CARTRIDGE CASES (Frank Beyer, 1960)
Spain, 1936. An officer and five volunteers of the International Brigade have been ordered to cover the retreat of the battalion which, out of ammunition, is forced to move back behind the Ebro. A si… Read more

From Generation to Generation (Francis Thompson, Philip Stapp, 1960)
By means of diagrams and actual photography the film tells with imagery and symbolism the story of human reproduction. ... Read more

Frontiers (Dick Durance, 1960)
The film covers the history and rapid development in agriculture, industry, and cultural activity of the intermountain region in Utah and Idaho—one of the last frontiers in the United States. F… Read more

Gallina Vogelbirdae (Jirí Brdecka, 1960)
This strange mixture of Latin, German and English is the name of a hen, or rather, a hen painted in an unconventional way and the film tells the story of a little boy who, with his head in the clouds… Read more

GOODBYE DOVES (Yakov Segel, 1960)
The childish pastimes and hobbies of Genka, chief character of this film, give way as he approaches the formative years of adolescence. This is the time when the qualities of manhood develop and his … Read more

Guissepina (James Hill, 1960)
Guissepina, the daughter of a filling station proprietor in Northern Italy, observes the varied passengers of assorted vehicles as they pull up for petrol. The humour and pretenceless setting of the … Read more

Gumbasia (Art Clokey, 1960)
Modelling clay of several colours is used to make a fascinating variety of abstract designs that pop, roll and jump before your eyes to the accompaniment of swing music. ... Read more

Henry G. Smith (I. Dunlop, 1960)
The first of a series dealing with Australian pioneers, this film, by the use of historic documents and apparatus, deals with the life and work of Henry G. Smith (1852-1924), one of our first organic… Read more

I am a Litter Basket (James Ritchie, 1960)
An amusing treatment of the problem nf clearing up the vast amount of Jitter that is left on railway stations every day. ... Read more

I Want to go to School (John Krish, 1960)
The impression of a day at an average Primary School. The main theme of the film is the relationship which develops between child and teacher during the early years of education. Sequences which incl… Read more

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