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SERYOZHA (Georgy Danelia, Igor Talankin, 1960)
Children have their own inner world, remote as it may seem to those of us who have forgotten the years of childhood. True enough, they walk along the same streets as we do, see the same trees and clo… Read more

Sixty Years of Fashion (S. Napier Bell, 1960)
A review of women's fashions in Britain during the past sixty years, showing the influence of historical events and social changes upon dress design. Opulent Edwardian ballroom gowns and sports wear … Read more

Souvenirs From Sweden (Henning Carlsen, 1960)
An ingenious introduction to modern Sweden — its landscape and inhabitants — as seen by the well- known Danish director, Henning Carlsen. ... Read more

Spring Fever (W. Carty, 1960)
Produced to celebrate the centenary of the Melbourne Cup, the films shows the training of horses and, finally, the cup race of 1960. ... Read more

State Opening of Parliament (Ronald Anscombe, 1960)
A full account of one of the most splendid of the annual ceremonial events in Britain's calendar - the State Opening of Parliament by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II - recorded for the first time on c… Read more

Stone into Steel (Paul Dickson, 1960)
A visually striking and dramatic presentation of iron and steel production. Told without commentary, it emphasises the relative insignificance of men to machines, yet attempts to show the importance … Read more

STORIES OF THE REVOLUTION (Tomás Gutiérrez Alea, 1960)
This film, of the final days of uprising against the Batista regime, first emphasizes the way ordinary people began to realise that violence was the only way before it turns attention to deeds of her… Read more

STORM (Chin Shan, 1960)
The play an which Storm is based was written, directed, and played by Ching Shan, as is the film. It Is one of the most powerful and original of modern Chinese films and is concerned with the real ev… Read more

Suicide Trail (Rhonda Small, 1960)
A clever parody of Have Gun Will Travel, as we learn the dangers of driving and drinking late at night. ... Read more

THE ADVENTURE (Michelangelo Antonioni, 1960)
Superficially, L'avventura is a love story, a somewhat mysterious one. During a yacht cruise, a girl disappears on a lonely island; her girl friend and lover search vainly for her. Relationships betw… Read more

The Assignation (Curtis Harrington, 1960)
A personal tribute ot the beauty and mystery of Venice, the film is intended to be the visual equivalent of a short lyrical poem. The theme involves the meeting of Death and the Maiden. Edgar Allan P… Read more

THE BAD SLEEP WELL (Akira Kurosawa, 1960)
The daughter of the president of a government housing corporation marries her father's secretary. At the wedding ceremony, corruption is hinted at in the corporation; there is a police inquiry, and t… Read more

The Biological Control of Insects (S. T. Evans, 1960)
The film shows some aspects of the entomologist's work in his attempts to control insect pests by the use of their natural enemies. ... Read more

The Black Man and His Bride (Tim Burstall, 1960)
By using camera movement and editing techniques the film animates the series of paintings "The Black Man and His Bride" by Arthur Boyd, which tells the story of an Aborigine and his half-caste bride. ... Read more

The Black Man and His Bride (Tim Burstall, 1960)
Th film animates the paintings, "The Black Man and His Bride", by Arthur Boyd, which tells the story of an aborigine and his half-caste bride. ... Read more

THE BOER WAR (Claude Whatham, 1960)
Using the technique of animating still photographs the film reconstructs the main events of the Boer War from authentic records of the time. This war saw the first use of many new methods of fighting… Read more

The Builders (Hart Sprager, 1960)
A film depicting the construction of a building in Los Angeles. The story, which starts with the first truck which takes excavated earth from the site and ends with the last worker waxing the new flo… Read more

The Captive River (J. Blake Dalrymple, 1960)
This is the story of the building of the Kariba Dam across the Zambesi River, the completion of which has provided a tremendous source of energy to a country whose requirements are increasing daily. ... Read more

THE CLOUD-CAPPED STAR (Ritwik Ghatak, 1960)
Unanimously considered Ghatak's master­piece The Cloud-Capped Star, full of deeply-felt passion and an amazing music/sound track, is the first of three films on the director's very per­sonal … Read more

The Fox Has Four Eyes (Jamie Uys, 1960)
This is the story of tribal witchcraft, ritual, murder,and the frenzied efforts of a bereaved father to avenge the killing of his daughter. This becomes his obsession, and his determination finally c… Read more

The Fun Factory (, 1960)
The Fun Factory is Mack Sennett's studio, where the slapstick two-reelers were churned out at a rate of two a week. Numerous extracts, starring, amongst others Chaplin, Gloria Swanson, Ben Turpin, Wa… Read more

The Great Barrier Reef (F. Carlile, U. Carlile, 1960)
The Barrier Reef - how it grows and the fish and bird life that live nearby. ... Read more

The Great Koala Mystery (Roger Mirams, 1960)
Sinister koala trappers are active in the vicinity of Ten Town. The indomitable Terrible Ten youngsters set out to track down the trappers; find them in a cave, move up armour and artillery with the … Read more

The Holdup (J. L. Coleman, 1960)
A group of youngsters fight "cowboys and Indians" battles with all the rite and solemnity of a traditional western. Without the use of dialogue or commentary, this ingeniously conceived little film c… Read more

THE HOUSEMAID (1960) (Kim Ki-young, 1960)
“[Director Kim Ki-young is] capable of probing deep into the human mind, its desires and impulses, while paying sarcastic attention to the details.” - Cahiers du Cinéma ... Long considered a… Read more

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