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The Interview (E. Pintoff, 1960)
A satirical interview involving a rather "square" announcer and a "hep" musician. The announcer is utterly confused by the jazz-man's terminology, and the latter is utterly discouraged by the announc… Read more

THE KNIFE (J. M. Landré, 1960)
This is the third feature film by the Dutch director Fons Rademakers, whose Village By The River was shown at the 1961 Melbourne Film Festival. Told entirely from a child's viewpoint, the theme of th… Read more

THE LADY WITH THE LITTLE DOG (Yosif Heifitz, 1960)
Yalta, at the end of the last century was already a delightful dwelling spot far those who could afford to come and rest m the invigorating atmosphere ul lha Black Sea. It was there that the Muscovit… Read more

THE LAWYERS (Richard Cawston, 1960)
This BBC documentary was filmed in various locations throughout England and Wales, and shows real barristers and solicitors in their chambers and offices and in the Inns of Court. There are no actors… Read more

The Living Soil (Atma Ram, 1960)
Deep in the soil pests lurk in wait to attack the roots of plants. We are shown some impressive close-ups of these insects whilst the commentary tells us some disturbing facts about the world beneath… Read more

The Loaf of Bread (Jan Nimec, 1960)
Awarded the Silver Rose at the Amsterdam Festival, The Loaf of Bread, made by Prague students, tells the story of a group of prisoners sitting by the side of their wagons while their train is halted.… Read more

THE NINTH CIRCLE (France Stiglic, 1960)
The theme of The Ninth Circle is the suffering of men who have been condemned to death only because they were born at the wrong time on the wrong meridian, and under a six-pointed star. It is concern… Read more

THE OPIUM WAR (Cheng Chun-li, Chen Fan, 1960)
Lin Tse Hsu was the Chinese hero of the opium war of 1840. Driven on by easy money, traders and some irresponsible missionaries flooded the Chinese towns with this drug. ... The Manchu court was forc… Read more

The Pencil and the Rubber (Gyula Macskássy, 1960)
The pencil and the rubber began to quarrel and the more they quarrelled the smaller they became. A prize-winnmg cartoon. ... Read more

The Prize (Tim Burstall, 1960)
A fantasy about a small boy and the loss of a prized possession. A little boy wins a kid at the hoop-la stall of a country show. The goat is stolen by two other boys when he is taking it home and mos… Read more

The Questioning City (Eric Fullilove, 1960)
Some of the advanced scientific research now taking place at Cambridge is shown along with the lighter side of life there, such as a May Ball, the"Bump" Races, etc. The delightful architectural setti… Read more

THE SAND CASTLE (Jerome Hill, 1960)
The Sand Castle is the story of an afternoon of a small boy who is left on the beach with his sister. He wanders about and picks up stray objects — a seashell evokes an unconscious response and… Read more

The Shy Golden Oriole (Chiang Ai-chun, Lu Ching, 1960)
The small golden oriole is a very timid bird, but encouraged, she is able to sing in public. ... Read more

THE SILENT PLANET (Kurt Maetzig, 1960)
Seven men and one woman, from eight different countries, set out in 1970 for the first trip through space aboard the space ship "Kosmokrator I". Their destination is Venus. Here they find all the sig… Read more

The Story of the Timna Copper Mines (N. Gross, 1960)
Copper is being mined today by modern methods on the same site where King Solomon's famous mines were operated by slaves in Biblical times. ... Read more

THE WAR (Veljko Bulajic, 1960)
Cesare Zavattini, the script-writer of the Italian neo-realist films, Bicycle Thieves, Shoe Shine and Umberto D had an idea for a film which he later entitled The War. After negotiations, Jadran Film… Read more

The Weavers (Fali Bilimoria, 1960)
This documentary film about communal weaving was made at Kancheepuram in South India with the aim of promoting cooperation in industy and agriculture. ... President of India's Award. ... Read more

THE WHEELCHAIR (Marco Ferreri, 1960)
The wheelchair is an ironic comedy whose rather macabre humour masks a deep human and social Insight. It concerns a little old man whose ardent wish is to possess a motorbed wheelchair like that of h… Read more

THE YOUNG ONE (Luis Buñuel, 1960)
Bunuel used an island off the coast of one of the southern states to make this film about a Negro on the run - a story of innocence and corruption. ... The film's simple plot transcends its one local… Read more

THEY WERE TEN (Baruch Dienar, 1960)
Ten Jews—nine men and Manyah, wife of Josef— flee the pogroms in Russia in the 1880's and find a farm on a hilltop in Galilee. We follow the first eventful year of these young Russian stu… Read more

This is Iceland (Kjartan Bjarnason, 1960)
A colourful travelogue on modern Iceland from the life and bustle of Reykjavik to the glaciers and hot springs of the more remote inland areas. ... Read more

Towards the Sky (Titus Mesaros, 1960)
The camera exploits the opportunities presented during the building of a dam for creating striking visual effects. ... First Prize, Mamaia Festival; Film Society Award, Cork Festival. ... Read more

Tumanu's People (John Morris, 1960)
The problems of assimilating the aborigines in the Northern Territory are shown, with something of what the Commonwealth Government is doing to help these people, through the N.T. Administration's We… Read more

Universe (Colin Low, 1960)
A journey through Space and time — the story of man's mastering of the patterns and dimensions of that cosmos in which the earth is a minute speck. With superb photography, imaginative commenta… Read more

VILLAGE ON THE RIVER (Fons Rademakers, 1960)
The film is set in a small Dutch village at the begining of this century. The central figure of this macabre and Rabelaisian story is the doctor who, when off duty, prefers, the friendship of the loc… Read more

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