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We Shall Never Die (E. Gross, Y. Gross, 1960)
Faith in the survival of the Jewish people is expressed wilh the use of a few candles and a telling soundtrack in this brief symbolic film. ... Read more

West Coast Cargo (David Evans, 1960)
Across the world on a variety of ships go the products of the I.C.I. Nobel plant on the Scottish west coast. We see, to the accompaniment of jazz music, their manufacture by automatic machinery. With… Read more

A young widow with no children, Keiko Yashiro (Takamine), works as a bar madame in Tokyo's exclusive Ginza nightclub district. Her wealthiest customer, Minobc (Ozawa), has been seduced by a girl who … Read more

WILD WILD ROSE, THE (Wong Tin Lam, 1960)
The Wild, Wild Rose (1960) is an energetic rendering of Bizet's famous opera Carmen. Transported to the nightlife district in Hong Kong, the classic tale of temptation and jealousy is given a film no… Read more

William S. Hart (S. J. Turell, P. Killiam, 1960)
The first western star, William S. Hart, produced, directed his own films, and appeared in all of them as the lead. In this study of his work, we see extensive extracts from two of his sagas: Tumblew… Read more

Wool's A Natural (Gus McLaren, 1960)
Rover's Kennel catches fire, much to the lamb's concern, but mother sheep comes to the rescue. ... Read more

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