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Close-Up On Kuwait (Rodney Giesler, Ibrahim Abu Nab, 1961)
A portrait of fabulous Kuwait — the now fully independent oil State — shown in its context of Arab tradition and the Mohammedan faith. We see how the one great natural resource, oil, has … Read more

Coast Watchers Series Episode: Operation Plum Pudding (R. Mirams, 1961)
The war-time exploits of the coast watchers on a Japanese-occupied island in the Pacific. ... Read more

Composition (Piotr Kamler, 1961)
Networks of subtly plaited, flexible lines expand in the giddy emptiness of a siren. ... Read more

Continu discontinu (Piotr Kamler, 1961)
A play of opposites: space, colour, ... forms, movements . . . ... Read more

Current Affairs (C. Wedel, Bent Barfod, 1961)
Using the technique of animation this film gives an account, both true and humorous, of the development of Sweden's supply of electrical power during the last fifty years. ... Read more

Dance Squared (René Jodoin, 1961)
In this film music, dance, shape and colour are combined to excite and enlarge the student's interest in mathematics. ... Read more

Danse (Piotr Kamler, 1961)
A dialogue of forms, colours and movements follow a rhythm which is both plastic and musical. ... Read more

Delacroix (Anthony M. Roland, 1961)
A homage to Delacroix on the occasion of the centenary of his death. The image and music alone comment on what are mostly unpublished drawings and sketches. ... Read more

Winner of the Golden Bear for the best long documentary film at the Berlin Film Festival, Chris Marker's film has been acclaimed both in France and Israel: "The best documentary on Israel, ever, and … Read more

Drums Across the Lagoon (R. Boure, 1961)
Blue-green waters of tropic lagoons abound; the sun is everlastingly shining and we are surrounded by a warm-hearted and friendly people. The Cook Islands, administered by New Zealand, are the subjec… Read more

Ersatz (Dusan Vukotic, 1961)
On the beach a tourist inflates a whole village in plastics. There is an ersatz for everything, including even human sentiments. A small, but real nail, however, gets involved in these proceedings. ... Read more

Ersatz (Dušan Vukotić, 1961)
Vukotic plays out the human drama of love, jealousy, murder and suicide in the environment of plastic beach toys. Winner of the first Academy Award for animation outside the United States. ... Academ… Read more

Eyes of a Child (Henry Lewes, 1961)
The films views the teaching of blind children at Dorton House in Kent - a group of youngsters whose lives must always be different from our own. There is no comment nor any attempt to appeal for sym… Read more

Faces in the Sun (Cecil Holmes, 1961)
Life in remote Arnhem Land, and an observation of Aborigines under the increasing impact of European "civilisation". ... Read more

Fire in Castile (Jose Val del Omar, 1961)
A curious alchemy of lights and shades brings to life the fabulous carvings of the National Museum of Images in Valladolid and the altar of Medina de Rioseco. masterpieces by the Castilian sculptor A… Read more

Flower of the Sun (Sandor Sara, 1961)
A flower tries to reach the sun to be able to grow. This nature film was shown at the 1961 Film Festival in Mar del Plata. ... Read more

For Better, For Worse (John Halas, Peter Sachs, 1961)
Taking an average viewer as its champion, this cartoon demonstrates satirically how television can be a pleasure and a source of information or, if taken in too large a dose, can mesmerize and engulf… Read more

Gesicht von der Stange (Raimond Pohl, 1961)
A young girl's innocent, strong face, beautiful in its irregularity and unspoilt freshness, is transformed by a teenage beautician into an expressionless, dull mask. All traces of her natural charm a… Read more

Getting Warmer (Henk Kabos, 1961)
With animated puppets and a witty rhyming commentary the film shows how man has coped through the ages with the problem of keeping himself warm. ... Read more

Hands to Flying Stations (R. J. Needs, 1961)
Photographic coverage of a complex team activity; the film is about the launching and recovery of aircraft, shot aboard the H.M.S. Hermes in service in the Mediterranean. ... Read more

Happy Anniversary (Pierre Etaix, Jean-Claude Carrière, 1961)
It is the wedding anniversary of a young couple. The wife has prepared an intimate meal at home. The husband, returning by car, stops to make a few purchases; in a sustained series of visual gags we … Read more

Happy Birthday (Pierre Etaix, Jean-Claude Carrière, 1961)
Synopsis not available Read more

Highlands in Toscana (Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti, 1961)
Using live photography and animation, the film demonstrates the importance of a properly balanced diet, and how to achieve it. ... Read more

History of Glass (G. Pike, 1961)
A commercial tracing of the use of glass throughout the ages. Second Prize, Advertising Section, "for a good thing that has come in glass". ... Read more

Hold Back the Sea (George Sluizer, 1961)
The eternal fight of the Dutch against the encroaching sea has been the subject of many films from the Netherlands in the past. This film does far more than to depict the ravages of ocean and lake, h… Read more

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