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Michael (Heather Sutton, 1961)
This is a sensitive film on a young mongol boy. Michael, who works on a farm doing odd jobs for the men. With a friend he collects firewood, and later spends the evening happily dancing to the gramop… Read more

Michael Ayrton (John Read, 1961)
In this B.B.C. art film in "The Artist Speaks" series, Michael Ayrton discusses the philosophy behind his art and the special subjects which form the major themes of his work. ... Read more

Miracle of Youth (John Read, 1961)
A portrait of Christopher Wren: his major works in Renaissance England, culminating in his masterpiece, St. Paul's Cathedral. ... Read more

Monihara (Satyajit Ray, 1961)
Monihara, a ghost story based on a tale by Rabmdranath Tagore, is told by a dishevelled teacher to a silent, dark-clad figure on a river bank. Phanibhushan, a rich jute merchant, brings his beautiful… Read more

Morning on the Lievre (David Bairstow, 1961)
The Lievre river country of south-western Quebec seen today as the poet Archibald Lampman described it before the turn of the century. The misty river and the wooded hills in the early morning sun&no… Read more

MOTHER COURAGE AND HER CHILDREN (Peter Palitzch, Manfred Wekwerth, 1961)
Bertolt Brecht's chronicle from the Thirty Year's War concerns the camp follower Anna Fierling, known as "Mother Courage," who travels backwards and forwards across Europe with her sutler's waggon. S… Read more

MR GEORGE (Ida Lupino, 1961)
... ... An extraordinarily visually inventive tale of ghosts and greed, Mr George follows the 'efforts of a trio of middle-aged parasites to rid themselves of the little-girl heiress left in their ch… Read more

Mr. Marsh Comes To School (John Krish, 1961)
A refreshing approach to a careers guidance film which uses stimulating dramatisation to show students what sort of jobs to select. Reginald Marsh plays all the leading adult roles. ... Read more

Murry and Me (E. Tuganov, 1961)
A little boy and his puppet-pet Murry cause some amusing situations through careless playing in the streets. ... Read more

My Son is a Viking (A. Berg, 1961)
A real refugee family re-enact their experiences during their re-settlement in Norway after long years of camp-life in Germany. ... Read more

Ned Kelly – Australian Paintings by Nolan (Tim Burstall, 1961)
The famous bushranger's story in paintings and music. Second Prize, Open Section, "for its powerful interpretation of the Ned Kelly story through an original ballad". ... Read more

NIGHT TIDE (Curtis Harrington, 1961)
Night Tide retells the legend of the sailor and the mermaid. It is set in Venice - Venice California, a curiously decrepit suburb of Los Angeles, which sprawls along the waterfront, surrounded by oil… Read more

NINE DAYS OF ONE YEAR (Mikhail Romm, 1961)
The nine days with which the film is concerned are in the life of the physicist, Dmitri Gusev, who has twice exposed himself to radiation and who endangers his life by taking a third, unnecessary ris… Read more

Notes from the Altmühl Valley (Hans Rolf Strobel, Heinrich Tichawsky, 1961)
No synopsis available ... Read more

O for Oxygen (J. G. Armstrong, 1961)
The film informs us of the history and use of the gas and gives some idea of our dependence on it. The film received an Award at the Industrial Film Festival in Turin. ... Read more

Old People (Henning Carlsen, 1961)
Is life over when old age begins? Denmark has nearly 400,000 pensioners who have lived through the difficult days after having retired. Interviews elucidate the problems which are believed to crop up… Read more

Opening Speech (Norman McLaren, 1961)
McLaren appears on a stage but cannot make his planned speech on account of a feisty, bad-tempered microphone that finally has him chasing it around the stage. Befitting a cartoon sketch, McLaren use… Read more

PROFESSOR MAMLOCK (Konrad Wolf, 1961)
Friedrich Wolf's play has been filmed before by the U.S.S.R., but this version is directed by the author's son who also co-directed a previous festival film, Stars. ... The story begins early in 1933… Read more

Profiles of Galilee (Yona Zarecki, 1961)
The atmosphere and spirit of Galilee is expressed not only through shots actually taken on the spot, but also through some of the paintings of Israeli artists: Guttman brings us to a recounting of di… Read more

The earliest example of Russell's composer portrait work is a fascinating biography of Sergei Prokofiev which utilise stock footage from Soviet propagand newsreels, stills and live action shots of ha… Read more

QUESTION SEVEN (Stuart Rosenberg, 1961)
Question Seven was financed by the Lutheran Film Associates and produced by Lothar Wolff, of Louis de Rochemont Associates, who was chief editor of The March of Time series and producer of Martin Lut… Read more

Raw Materials and Refining (Peter Rolfe Johnson, 1961)
The film covers an explanation of the molecular structure of vegetable oils, their extraction from oil-bearing nuts and the technique of their refinement on an industrial scale. ... Read more

REALENGO 18 (Oscar Torres, 1961)
The title of the film refers to a tract of land in Oriente province. The story concerns an uprising of guajiros against an American-run company's attempt to seize their land. Tete Vergara, a Negro ac… Read more

Reflets (Piotr Kamler, 1961)
Moonlight reflected in water: the forms and lines are continually rearranged by the currents. ... Read more

Report on the Political Development in the Territory of Papua and New Guinea (S. Benson, 1961)
A record of the first native general elections held in the Territory of Papua and New Guinea. First Prize, Open Section, "for its compelling and lucid statement of a human problem". ... Read more

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