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The Four Seasons (Niklaus Gessner, 1961)
Based on the music "The Four Seasons" by Vivaldi, the film tells, without words and following the rhythm and feeling of the music, the story of the four seasons. ... Read more

A study of the social conditions of a coal-mining area in Belgium during a lean period, Many miners have been forced to leave the area, and to replace ihemr men have been imported from poor Furopean … Read more

THE GIFT (Jack Witikka, 1961)
The setting is a courtyard of a small Finnish village some time in the 'twenties. Amongst the villagers who congregate in the square the story centres mainly on Peter, whose mother has recently died … Read more

The Hat (John Hubley, Faith Hubley, 1961)
A comical account of the serious matter of international disputes; told with new, liquid animation, and improvised, meandering dialogue. ... Jury Prize, Tours Festival; Grand Prix for Animation, Veni… Read more

THE ISLAND (Kaneto Shindo, 1961)
On the tiny arid island in the Sea of Seto, a family of four—a man and his wife and their two small children, Taro and Jiro — are the sole inhabitants. The land is hard and unyielding yet… Read more

The Language of Faces (John Korty, 1961)
A film about peace and survival - a candid and sobering portrayal of the "balance of terror" in American life. "An original and haunting little film". ... Read more

The Little Western (Witold Giersz, 1961)
A satirical cartoon on a Western which depicts the adventure of a cowboy and two bandits who attempt to steal his gold. ... Read more

THE MANLO FLOWER (Fan Lai, Chao Huan-chang, 1961)
A folk legend of the Miao people is performed as a dance drama by the Kueichow Song and Dance En­semble. The story tells how the beautiful Manlo is deeply in love with the young hunter Adoya, but… Read more

The scene is set: we meet three youngsters; one of ihem finds an old testament, another takes 'Das Kapital' from a corpse; both of them come under the spell of the varied teachings of these books, wh… Read more

The Negro (Eduardo Manet, 1961)
A powerful melange of newsreel footage, still photographs, and drawings on the theme of racial discrimination. ... Read more

The Peaceful Revolution (Atmar Ram, 1961)
A colourful picture describing the growth of electrical power in India, the parallel development of education and technology and the subsequent effects on industry, agriculture and village life. Indi… Read more

THE POEM (Rados Novakovic, 1961)
This Yugoslav film is set during the Nazi occupation. A group of young Communists plan to join the partisans and to take a famous poet along with them. The poet is caught by the Gestapo but is freed … Read more

The Prize (Tim Burstall, 1961)
Adventures of four children and a billygoat. First Prize, Children's Film Section, "for its delightful simplicity and its power to carry one into the world of children". Adelaide Advertiser Prize. ... Read more

The Question Tree (Henry Strauss and Company, 1961)
A strikingly imaginative examination of man's age-old curiosity about the world around him, and where this curiosity has led him. The story of how the intelligent asking of questions leads to scienti… Read more

The Sarajevo Hagada (Slobodan Jovicic, 1961)
The film shows miniatures from the famous Jewish book of the 14th century which was brought to Yugoslavia from Spain. It is now stored in the Sarajevo Museum. ... Read more

The Steel Helmet (Josef Kábrt, 1961)
The war has ended, but a strange phantom returns to earth to recover a helmet. A brilliantly pointed allegory of the menace of militarism. ... Read more

The Travelling Tune (Max Keuris, 1961)
Realised through paper sculpture the film shows how a tune composed by a man in poor circumstances travels round the world through mass media, and returns to the composer who now lives in better cond… Read more

The Wardrobe (George Dunning, 1961)
Two men have trouble with a box... ... Read more

TONIGHT OR NEVER (Michel Deville, 1961)
Rarely screened, Tonight or Never features Anna Karina in her first major non-Godard role. ... The plans for a theatre production are tested when the lead actress falls ill - who will play the role? … Read more

TWO DAUGHTERS (Satyajit Ray, 1961)
Made to celebrate the centenary of Rabindranath Tagore, "Two Daughters" is based on a duo of his short stories, "The Postmaster and "Samapti". The director, Satyajit Ray, has described them as divert… Read more

Variations on an Italian Theme (Carson Davidson, 1961)
Set to the music of Vivaldi's Four Seasons, this film, from the director of Third Avenue El, is a travel film but with the emphasis chiefly on people. ... Read more

Very Nice, Very Nice (Arthur Lipsett, 1961)
By turns amusing, intriguing, startling — the film is a view of the world as it might register on the mind of someone young and uncommitted. ... Read more

Vincent Van Gogh: A Self Portrait (Ray Garner, 1961)
This feature length film, in colour, traces the life of the artist from his birthplace in Zundert, Holland, to Auvers in France, where he died. The "self portrait" title is derived from the fact that… Read more

VIRIDIANA (Luis Buñuel, 1961)
The 1961 Cannes Festival Jury decided to award the Grand Prix jointly to Henri Colpi's Une Aussi Longue Absence and Bunuel's Viridiana. Thus the festival ended in a blaze of controversy, with this fi… Read more

VIRIDIANA (Luis Buñuel, 1961)
Viridiana, a young nun full of charity, kindness and idealistic illusions about humanity, visits her rich uncle on the eve of her ordination. She stays and tries to help some local peasants and begga… Read more

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