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Mammals (Roman Polanski, 1962)
The film says a few words about human failings by distorting or situations until, at the peak of absurdity, we reach a moment of insight. ... Read more

Mammals (Roman Polanski, 1962)
This film is an attempt to speak some bitter words of truth about human beings. One might call it a philosophical grotesque or a pantomimic etude. ... Read more

Matches (Katja Georgi, 1962)
The consequences of a dance of matches comprises this cautionary film. ... Read more

Mint Tea (Pierre Kafian, 1962)
A young man sits on the terrace of a Moniparnasse cafe from all the strangers around, will one respond to the anguish of a lonely man? ... Best Fiction Film, Oberhausen Festival. Diploma of Merit, Bi… Read more

Motion Picture (Frank Paine, 1962)
Impressions of a journey observed with an eye for social phenomena. In a tour-de-force compression of timer closely edited io a percussion score, the peripatetic camera telescopes impressionistic vis… Read more

My Financial Career (Gerald Potterton, 1962)
An animated version of Stephen Leacock's famous short story of a young man who is intimidated by everything connected with banking. ... Read more

MY HOBO (Zenzo Matsuyami, 1962)
This comedy of modern Japanese life follows the adventures of a carefree wandering tramp with most of his belongings on his back and his savings plastered to his waist under his rags. He is managing … Read more

MY MOTHER AND THE LODGER (Sang-ok Shin, 1962)
In an isolated town, a lonely family lives in the so-called "widow's house". The family consists of Madam Chung-sook, Okhee, her six-year-old daughter, Okhee's grandmother, and the house-maid, Songhw… Read more

Nalanda (Arun Chaudhuri, 1962)
An attempt to capture the spirit that animated the ancient University of Nalanda. By giving a brief account of its scholastic activities, the film highlights the intellectual catholicity that prevail… Read more

Nothing to Eat - But Food (Patrick Filmer-Sankey, 1962)
Using live photography and animation, the film demonstrates the importance of a properly balanced diet, and how to achieve it. ... Read more

Painter at Work - Graham Sutherland in France (Peter Newington, 1962)
In the austere and dramatic Mariiitne Alps of France, Sutherland draws directly from nature for the themes of his paintings. He is fascinated by nature's opposing forces — the gentleness and vi… Read more

Passion (Jirí Trnka, 1962)
A modern ballad of a passionate motorist. The hero of Jiri Trnka's puppet film was born with a craze for speed; this motif is recorded in six variations. ... Read more

Peanut Battle (Connie Rasinski, 1962)
Sidney discovers a wrecked ship loaded with peanuts, but an ape disputes his right to the cargo. ... Read more

Play (Dušan Vukotić, 1962)
Vukotic's best film, mixing live action with animation. ... Read more

Pop Goes the Easel (Ken Russell, 1962)
Monitor cameras spend a day — from dawn until midnight — with four young artists who between them have won critical acclaim, exhibition prizes and Art Council awards. Each of them has sou… Read more

Port of Melbourne (J. Blackwood, 1962)
The activities of the port at work under the vigiiant care of the Port Authorities. Second Prize, Public Relations Section, "for translating a port's activities into human and often poetic terms". Ko… Read more

Portrait of An Australian (Rhonda Small, 1962)
The film tells of the development of the Australian tradition, using pictures from contemporary sources as well as ballads, songs and commentary. ... Read more

Présence d'Albert Camus (Georges Regnier, 1962)
Albert Camus joined the French resistance movement and, in 1945, became the editor of "Combat". Trained in philosophy, he preached rebellion against the absurd­ity of human life. This film does n… Read more

Purple Turtle (Stelios Roccos, 1962)
A fresh, impromptu, and charming study of children applying paint and crayon. The unrehearsed result disarmingly conveys the stimulation of art on the young mind. ... Read more

Rare Gases (Rolf Orthel, 1962)
The film reviews the discovery of rare gases and their application in the modern world. ... Read more

Runner (Donald Owen, 1962)
At the age when most North American boys have their eyes on cars, there are a few whose ideal is fleetness of foot. Such is one eighteen-year-old Bruce Kidd, seen in this film. The point of view is a… Read more

Safar (Md. Zain Hussain, 1962)
A colourful account fo a Malayan village feast. ... Read more

Saguenay (Chris Chapman, 1962)
Following the course of the Saguenay River in eastern Quebec from its source, the camera catches the mood and beauty of the river as it builds towards a savage thrust against the dams which divert it… Read more

SANJURO (Akira Kurosawa, 1962)
A group of young aspiring samurai, all highly serious and idealistic, meet Sanjuro, an older samurai. ... His appearance shocks them. He is dirty, unkempt and sloppy, and his manners at times the ver… Read more

Secret in the Hive (Gen-ichiro Higuchi, 1962)
This film observes honey bees constantly for nearly a year, scientifically analysing their activities and the perfect order of the colony. ... Bronze Medal, Venice Festival. Second Prize, Padua Festi… Read more

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