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Quake and Quiver (Arjun Jairamdas, 1963)
A film on the science of seismology. We see what benefits have resulted from a study of the record of movements that occur under the surface of the earth. ... Read more

Rajgir (G. P. Asthana, 1963)
This film depicts the ancient glory of the historic city of Rajgriha, once the capital of the Magadh Empire. It is closely associated with the life and teachings of Buddha, and famous as a seat of le… Read more

RAVEN'S END (Bo Widerberg, 1963)
Raven's End is a glimpse of a fledgling writer's life in a working class district of Malmö in 1936. The film describes how the aspiring novelist comes to terms with his drunkard father and embittere… Read more

Red and Black (Witold Giersz, 1963)
A bull-fight depicted as a symphony of colours - wittily executed and with thoroughly diverting results. ... Grand Prix, Oberhausen Festival; Diploma of Merit, Montevideo Festival. ... Read more

Renaissance (Walerian Borowczyk, 1963)
A revolutionary animated film 'The principal hero is the unity of objects, or more exactly their move­ment in space and time". ... Plaque, Tours Festival. ... Read more

River Idyll (S. M. Agha, 1963)
A river voyage in East Pakistan showing not only the great scenic beauty, but also the ways in which the river affects the lives of the people living close by. ... Read more

Sailing (Hattum Hoving, 1963)
From the delicate colouis of dawn on the lake, to the final shots of sailing boats beating home before an evening storm, this film with intricate camerawork, and subtle editing is i song of piaise of… Read more

School at Rincon Santo (James Blue, 1963)
Self-help in Columbia: a village builds a school for its young. James Blue (whose Algerian feature Les oliviers de la justice was screened in the 1963 Melbourne Film Festival) shows the event in his … Read more

School of Paris - Five Artists at Work (Warren Forma, 1963)
Vignettes of five contemporary artists at work in Paris: Dewasne, Di Teana, Hartung, Fruhtrunk and Weibuch. ... Diploma Speciale, Bergamo Festival. ... Read more

Scorpio Rising (Kenneth Anger, 1963)
A study of the myth of the American motor-cyclist: the costume and accessories, the tribal rites, the element of self-destruction. ... Kenneth Anger, formerly a child movie actor and maker of home mo… Read more

SHE AND HE (Susumu Hari, 1963)
A young couple lives on the outskirts of Tokyo in a modern apartment. She is a Manchurian refugee and an orphan, he is a businessman. Next to their building lies a wasteland of wooden shacks - a rag-… Read more

SILENCE (Kazimierz Kutz, 1963)
The silence is that kept by an old priest. The film is set in a small Polish town suffering ibe immediate pri­vations of the aftermath of the war. A rebellious young teenager taunts and abuses th… Read more

SISSIT (Mikko Niskanen, 1963)
"Sissit" is the name of Finland's famed commando group which patrolled the borders of the country and staged harassing raids into enemy territory during the last war. The film tells of the experience… Read more

Snow (Geoffrey Jones, 1963)
Trains, railwaymen, passengers rushing through snow country form a kind of choreography in unity with an electronically edited and arranged jazz composition. ... Read more

Song of the Snows (N. S Thapa, 1963)
The vast splendour, serenity, and majesty of the snow-clad Himalayas is breathtakingly captured by an Indian mountaineering film-crew. ... Read more

Sophie and the Scales (Julien Pappé, 1963)
A wordless sermon on the perils of pedagogy. Sophie is a quiet little girl who doesn't like her music lessons. . . ... Read more

Speed (Edgar Reitz, 1963)
An impressionistic study of the changing appearance of our world, caused through speed. Simultaneously, the film is an avowal of the right of man to freedom of movement. ... Grand Prix, Lisbon Festiv… Read more

Square (István Szabó, 1963)
István Szabó's short film about one of his favourite parts of his native Budapest complements his other short "City Map". ... Read more

Surf (Homer Groening, 1963)
A poem of blue water, white surf, and bronze surfers, photographed at the famous beaches of Makaha, Sunset, Makapuu, Waikiki and Rincon. ... Read more

Texture in Painting (Phoebe Flory, 1963)
By showing the manipulation of materials in illustrative paintings, from contemporary to anicent Oriental, the film demonstrates texture as a facet of design. ... Read more

THAT CAT . . . (Vojtěch Jasny, 1963)
The Czechs have always had a fondness and talent for fantasy and in That Cat they have found a particularly intriguing central theme. A small town suddenly finds itself transformed by the magical pow… Read more

The Chicken (Claude Berri, 1963)
A story about a bewitching little boy who becomes attached to a chicken, intended for the family dinner. ... Read more

The Critic (Ernest Pintoff, 1963)
A satirical comment on audience reaction to art films. ... Read more

The Egg of Oryzias Latipes (Teruo Atsumi, 1963)
Research scientists found a method for the artificial fertilization of the transparent eggs of Killifish. The delayed-action camera shows the process observed through the microscope. ... Read more

THE ENGAGEMENT (Ermanno Olmi, 1963)
The film opens with solemn couples ambling into a shabby suburban dance-hall near Milan. A blind pianist and an accordionist arrive, tune up, and the evening begins. Giovanni, a recently qualified we… Read more

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