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THE GIRL IN MOURNING (Manuel Summers, 1963)
In the home of Rocio, the daughter of an Andalusian family, there is great rejoicing: the mourning period for their grandmother has come to an end. Rocio changes her black dress for a brightly colour… Read more

The Happiest Time . . . (Nico Crama, 1963)
The pleasures and problems of a group of high school pupils during the last weeks of term before the summer holidays. ... Read more

THE HAUNTING (Robert Wise, 1963)
... ... After seating the ambitious heights of West Side Story (1961) and steering star vehicles like Two For The Seesaw (1962), Robert Wise's 1963 version of Shirley Jackson's novel The Haunting of … Read more

THE HUMAN DUTCH (Bert Haanstra, 1963)
Synopsis not available Read more

THE HUMAN DUTCH (Bert Haanstra, 1963)
The Human Dutch depicts the life of a people in a country "with more clouds and water than dry land to stand upon" It reveals a nation at work and at play, unaware of the probing eye of Haanstra s hi… Read more

THE INNOCENTS (Juan Antonio Bardem, 1963)
One rainy night on a coast road near the city of Mar del Plata, a man and a woman die in a car accident. The man was a widower, a powerful industrialist. The woman was married, unknown, a nurse by pr… Read more

The Insects (Teru Murakami, 1963)
A lone man is plagued by insects, and what at first was a mere annoyance soon develops into all-out war. ... Read more

The International Court of Justice (Wilfred Greatorex, 1963)
The work of the principal judicial organ of the United Nations, in deciding legal disputes between Stales is portrayed by scenes illustrating various international controversies that have been settle… Read more

THE LAND OF THE ANGELS (György Révész, 1963)
The film is set in Hungary in the slums of Pest in pre World War I, at a time when the power of the Austrian empire was already in decline, and the revolutionary movement which was to culminate in Be… Read more

The Land That Waited (Gil Brealey, 1963)
Using lithographs, engravings and watercolours, this film tells the story of the conquest of Australia, beginning with the arrival of Captain Phillip, and continuing with the toils and hardships of t… Read more

This carefully compiled television film presents Parer as seen by his contemporaries, and includes some examples of his work. ... Read more

Hero worship such as film actors enjoy is of itself not a phenomenon peculiar to our times. Gladiators in Rome provoked public ardour quite as intense. But save in the case of a very few film actors,… Read more

THE LEOPARD (Luchino Visconti, 1963)
Until the Risorgimento of 1839 Italy had been a cluster of feudal monarchies propped up by the crumbling Austrian Empire. Within a few years Garibaldi's vanguard of "Red Shuts" landed in Sicily and w… Read more

The Pitcairn People (Peter Newington, 1963)
In 1790, Fletcher Christian, mate of the 'Bounty', together with nine of his fellow mutineers and 18 Tahitian men and women, founded his own lost world on two square miles of volacnic rock. Almost tw… Read more

The Rhinoceros (Jan Lenica, 1963)
Based on Eugene Ionesco's play, this is an animated film waning that by conforming to patterns and living en masse, people will become rhinoceroses. ... Read more

THE RUSSIAN MIRACLE, PART ONE (Annelie Thorndike, Andrew Thorndike, 1963)
Annelie und Andrew Thorndike, directors of the notable compilation films, The German Story and Operation Teutonic Sword, have now produced, after more than four years of research, The Russian Miracle… Read more

The Shirt Factory (Hazel Swift, 1963)
A very lively record of children miming, to music an imaginary shirt factory production line. ... Read more

The Sluice (Harry Kramer, 1963)
An abstract art film showing large scale mobile sculp­tures, moving to the beat of jazz, and photographed against ihe background of clouds and Cologne's industrial skyline. The sculptures are by … Read more

The Spirit of Genseng (Wan Ku-chan, 1963)
A children's film using paper cut-outs. The story is aboul the trials and tribulations of an orphan boy who is finally saved from his tormentor by the Spirit of Genseng. ... Read more

THE SPITTING IMAGE (Fons Rademakers, 1963)
In adolescence ail individuals display a tendency to see themselves as greater and stronger than they may later prove to be under the stress of pain or disillusion. With maturity this superior image,… Read more

The Tall American: Gary Cooper (Donald B. Hyatt, 1963)
N.B.C's memorial to Gary Cooper emerges a com­prehensible and authentic portrait, hewn to a simple theme, that the man who portrayed folk heroes in motion pictures had, himself, become a folk her… Read more

The Thing (Harry Reade, 1963)
An agreeable example of Cuban animation — a simple parable told with wit, point and economy. ... Read more

Thirty Million Letters (James Ritchie, 1963)
Every day Ihe minds and emotions of Britain's citizens are changed by the coming and going of thirty million letters. This lively and colourful film shows how this mass of letters is distributed. The… Read more

Three Views from an Ivory Tower (Colin Cantwell, 1963)
A pithy commentary, in cartoon form, on an encounter between the forces of construction and destruction. ... Read more

Time Is (Don Levy, 1963)
The film uses moving forms and colour, integrated with music and words, to illuminate the concept of Time. ... Read more

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