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CHARULATA (Satyajit Ray, 1964)
Charulata is based on a novel by Rabindranath Tagore. The setting is Calcutta in 1880, where the upper-class Bengali milieu, though strongly rooted in tradition, is nourished by English liberal ideal… Read more

Chrysalis (Jan Oonk, 1964)
This surrealistic film symbolizes the processes of growth by recording one particular phase of the life-cycle in nature. ... Diploma of Merit, Edinburgh Festival. ... Read more

Cinemascope (F. Hellard, 1964)
An animated advertisement designed for drive-in theatre screens. ... Silver Award, Advertising Category, Australian Film Awards, 1965. ... Read more

CLAY (Giorgio Mangiamele, 1964)
A murderer on the run finds refuge in the house of an unsuspecting potter and his daughter. The man and the girl fall in love but a jealous employee call the police. ... This simple tale is told with… Read more

Clay (Eliot Noyes, 1964)
Animated clay forms create a visual variation on Darwin's theory of evolution. ... Diploma of Merit, Edinburgh Festival. ... Read more

Copper Kaleidoscope (Herbert E. Meyer, 1964)
The formation, the beauty and the inexhaustible design potential of copper are shown in a series of loosely connected sequences. ... Read more

Creative Artists of India - Satyajit Ray (B. D. Garga, 1964)
Satyajit Ray shown making The Big City speaks about his attitude towards film-making His work is illustrated by excerpts from three parts of Ihe Apu trilogy. ... Read more

CURRENT (István Gaál, 1964)
A group of young students, who have just finished exams, set out on a picnic.They bathe in the River Tisza, and one of the boys dives to the bottom, a depth of over twenty feet, and brings up a handf… Read more

Dawn of the Capricorn (Ahmad Faroughy-Kadjar, 1964)
A sad eyed little boy wanders through the alley of the ancient city of Isfahau — his adventures ending in a final, bitter-sweet taste of first love. ... Prize of the Superior Technical Commissi… Read more

DEAD BIRDS (Robert Gardner, 1964)
Dead Birds is a film about the Dani, a people dwelling in the Grand Valley of the Baliem, high in the moun­tains of Western New Guinea. The Dani have a classic Neolithic culture, being agricultur… Read more

Degas Dancers (Anthony M. Roland, 1964)
An analysis of the greater part of Degas work which formed the central theme of his career: the ballet dancer. ... World Premiere, Melbourne Festival. ... Read more

Towards the close of the war, two boys escape from a Nazi transport and plunge desperately through a forest. Gradually as their minds start to wander, memories, hallucinations and desires rise and di… Read more

Discovery - Penicillin (Denis Rich, 1964)
The story of penicillin from Sir Alexander Fleming's discovery, through the work of Florey and Chain, perfecting its use to its large scale production during the Second World War, and the research th… Read more

El Sombrero (Robert Balser, 1964)
A slightly surrealist story of a man who longs to conform to society. Society, in this instance, is represented by everyone wearing red hats. ... Read more

Encounters (Hans Tromer, 1964)
A visit through the Swiss National Museum in Zurich. ... Read more

End of Term (Mira Hammermesz, 1964)
Centering on a production of "The Tempest", the film effectively captures the mood of the last days of term an implicit comment on life at an English prep school. ... Read more

Fire (René Quinet, 1964)
The fascinating shapes of flames, the colour of white-hot furnaces, pouring molten steel; the gold of forging and the sunset reds of cooling forms. ... Read more

Five British Sculptors Work and Talk (Warren Forma, 1964)
Barbara Hepworth. Kenneth Armitage, Lynn Chadwick, Reg Butler and Henry Moore talk about and show their sculpture. ... Lion of San marco, Venice Art Film Festival. ... Read more

From the Tropics to the Snow (R. Mason, J. Lee, 1964)
Within the framework of a parody on a story con­ference, this brilliantly shot travel film gives fascinat­ing glimpses of the many tourist attractions of Australia. ... Read more

Galaxie (Piotr Kamler, 1964)
The life and power of a distant, red galaxy, which is invaded by an external force, bringing in its wake shadows and destruction. ... Read more

Go-Betweens With Wings (Miu Chin, 1964)
The filmshows the ritual involved in the polination of flowers by bees, and how this pollination is used to raise the yield of vegetables and fruits. ... Read more

Goldwhiskers (Keith Learner, 1964)
James Burk. officially 000. is assigned to apprehend the notorious Goldwhiskcrs. who covers his girl friends with cheese. ... Read more

Great Little Emotions (Doru Segal, 1964)
A reportage of the end-of-the-year celebrations at a kindergarten. ... Read more

H. J. Maxwell, Engineer (Trevor Greenwood, 1964)
A UCLA student's film about an old railroad engineer who looks back on his life and although preferring the days of steam, has some grudging admiration for the diesel. ... Read more

Hailstones and Halibut Bones (John Wilson, 1964)
Animated drawings illustrate the poem, by Mary O'Neill, which demonstrates for children some of the associations brought to mind by various colours. ... Read more

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