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Meurtre (Piotr Kamler, 1964)
A free transposition of a Kafka novel: the peace of an imaginary insect is disturbed by three little balls. ... Read more

Moon's Men (, 1964)
Without commentary, this cinematic poem tells of the work of the shrimp fishermen of northern England. ... Diploma of Merit, Edinburgh Festival. ... Read more

Mr. Plateau (Jean Brismée, 1964)
An absorbing tribute to the work of the cinematic pioneer, Joseph Plateau, who invented the phenakisticope. ... Prix du film scientifique, Anvers Festival; Special Jury Prize, Cannes Festival; Diplom… Read more

Mr. Rossi on the Beach (Bruno Bozzetto, 1964)
The misadventures of Signor Rossi during his holidays at the beach. ... Award, Festival of Tourism, Venice; Televisuion Award, Venice. ... Read more

Mülheim on the Ruhr (Peter Nestler, 1964)
No synopsis available ... Read more

MY WAY HOME (Miklós Jancsó, 1964)
This film was made by Miklds Jancso in 1964. before his early masterpiece, The Round-up; and he has said that My Way Home is autobiographical in feeling, if not in fact. It is set in the spring of 19… Read more

Nacktong River (Haing O Kim, 1964)
The history, culture and life of the people of the Nacktong River, which flows into the Southern Sea of the Korean Peninsula. ... Read more

The National Film Board of Canada has been responsible for some of the best shorts made any­where since the war. Now, with this film, they are making a triumphant entry into the feature film fiel… Read more

Oberhausen ‘64 (Dusan Vukotic, 1964)
Synopsis not available Read more

One Day (Michel Wyn, 1964)
Elements of modernism and timeless traditions are depicted in quick successive images to give this impressionistic view of an average Indian town. ... Read more

One of the Family (Bernice Rubens, 1964)
An assessment of spastic children which concludes that the frustration of the child is usually less than that of the parents but with understanding, both parents and children alike can come to terms … Read more

P (Jan Keja, 1964)
"P" stands for Perfectionist, a man above and coldly critical of every human institution. Dressed and cloaked entirely in black, P is the unapproachable and infallible judge of humanity until he meet… Read more

Parade (Derek Hill, 1964)
A look at the English love of ceremony which suggests that people, when they cheer a passing parade, are not always aware of the element of authoritarianism latent in the spectacle before them. ... Read more

Pattern of Life (Geoffrey Collings, 1964)
A study of bark paintings as a background to the social and religious life of the Australian aborigines. ... Read more

Prison (Robert Lapoujade, 1964)
An avant-garde film about the obsessions and memories of a man in a prison cell. ... Read more

Rank Xerox (H. Farkash, 1964)
A top-rank commercial selling a duplicating machine. ... Read more

Rembrandt's Christ (Anthony M. Roland, 1964)
Without commentary, the film depicts the story of Christ as drawn by Rembrandt. The Christ story takes place in the houses, towns, canals, streets and fields of 17th Century Holland. One hundred and … Read more

Andrzej, a university drop-out, wakes up one morning, and after strolling through the streets, walks into an army recruiting office and signs up for military service. He is given two hours to pack hi… Read more

San Fermin (Robert Destanque, 1964)
This film gives a colourful account of the traditional feast of St. Fermin in the Spanish town of Pamplona. The humdrum of everyday life stops, and the menfolk give themselves to the joys of singing,… Read more

Science Friction (Stan Vanderbeck, 1964)
A non-verbal political satire which reflects on mass-society, conformism, and today's infatuation with rockets. ... Award, Bergamo Festival. ... Read more

Sing of the Border (Tony Thompson, 1964)
To the music of the region, this film explores the landscape and history of the Scottish border country. ... Read more

Song of the Mad Gardener (François Lecat, Jacques Espagne, 1964)
This graphic interpretation of Lewis Caroll's fantasy about a mad gardener provides an enchanting piece of lunacy. ... Youth Prize, Tours Festival. ... Read more

Soul of a Fortress (Ferde Grofe Junior, 1964)
Designed as a mood study, the film is a poetic presentation of Corregldor as a battle monument. utilizing music and sound, without narration. ... First Prize, Manilla Festival; Second Prize, Bilabo F… Read more

Sound and Image (B. Phillips, 1964)
An experiment in the design of "scenery" produced by electronic means. Originally recorded on Videotape, the composite image, of dancers and geometric patterns, was transferred to film. ... Silver Aw… Read more

South-West Symphony (Keith Gow, 1964)
A lyrical account of the scenic beauties of the Great Ocean Road, which skirts the south-west coast of Victoria. ... Silver Award, Travel Category, Australian Film Awards, 1695. ... Read more

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