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Strange Excellency (Paul Bonner, 1964)
The story of Sir John Pope-Hennessy, one of the most extraordinary figures among the many extraordinary men who ruled the British Empire. The story of his entry into the Colonial Service and how his … Read more

STRONGER SINCE THE WAR (Brett Porter, 1964)
Covering a wide cross section of post-war society, this television report explores the position of women in modern Japan. ... Silver Award, Documentary Category, Australian Film Awards, 1965. ... Read more

Study in Wet (Homer Groening, 1964)
"Everything about this film is wet" says an opening title of this colourful and amusing essay on water in all its forms. The "everything" even includes the ingenious soundtrack made up of drips and s… Read more

The Aborigines of Australia (Ian Dunlop, 1964)
By reason of their former way of life the advancement of the Aborigines is a particularly difficult task which cannot he accomplished in a short space of time. How­ever, all Australian Government… Read more

The Adventure (John Richardson, 1964)
The story of a little boys love for trains, and his subsequent disenchantment, is told in purely cine­matic terms. ... Special Award, General Category, Australian Film Awards, 1965. ... Read more

The Axe and the Lamp (John Halas, 1964)
A diverting and irreverent cartoon which explores Bruegel's painting of the 'Netherlandish Proverbs'. The painting attacks sin with the axe of satire, and illuminates with the lamp of pity. ... Read more

The Beckoning Sea (Stephen Kabak, 1964)
Material for this student's thesis film is taken from an experimental collection stories entitled "The Beat Generation and The Angry Young Men". It is a capsule resume of the forces that a young man … Read more

The Boiled Egg (Marc Andrieux, Bernard Brévent, 1964)
The adventures of an unlikely but very recognisable successor to Humpty Dumpty. ... Read more

THE COLONIAL NATURALIST (Charles S. Dubin, 1964)
Mark Catesby came to Williamsburg in 1712 for a visit with his sister. Thoroughly fascinated by the fauna and flora of the New World, he extended his stay for seven years, during which time he wrote … Read more

The Conquest of Mount Shisha Pangma (, 1964)
Chinese moutaineers scale the last of the worlds unconquered peaks over 24,000 feet — Muiml Shisha Pangma in Tibet. ... Read more

The Critic (Aleksandar Marks, V. Jutrisa, 1964)
An animated satirical treatment of the eternal triangle of Artist, Critic and Audience. ... Read more

The Dancing Class (Tom Cowan, 1964)
Class at work at Robert Pontic's ballet school. ... Read more

The Fifth (Pavao Stalter, Zlatko Grgić, 1964)
A moral on stubbornness. A string quartet is sawing away on Schubert, when a tuba player drops in a note like a lead pipe. ... Read more

THE FUNNY SIDE OF LIFE (Harry Kerwin, 1964)
Among the screen comedians of the silent era three names are pre-eminent: Chaplin. Keaton and Lloyd. Each is remembered for a particular style, each tackles the classic comic situation (defined by Ch… Read more

THE GLASS CAGE (Philippe Arthuys, 1964)
The Eichmann trial in lsrael is the background for a taut story of the effects of this historic trial on a group of people. The glass cage is, of course, the one Eichmann sat in, but it may also be a… Read more

The Great Unfenced (Harry W. Atwood, Edward Lincoln, 1964)
The film traces the rugged life of the manager of a million acre cattle station in Australia's outback; the aborigine is seen in his native element, slowly adapting to inevitable changes introduced b… Read more

The Hunt (Manuel de Oliviera, 1964)
A sombre short story about a projected hunting expedition, which ends in misadventure. ... Read more

The Hutterites (Colin Low, 1964)
Over four centuries the Huttentes fled Germany, Hungary, Rumania and Russia in search of a land where they could live as they believed; finally they settled in Western Canada. This finely photographe… Read more

THE INHERITANCE (Ricardo Alventosa, 1964)
Cesar Cachelin, a ministerial clerk, lives for the day he expects to receive his inheritance when his sister, Carlota, dies. He also intends to raise his social standing by marrying his daughter to a… Read more

THE INHERITANCE (Harold Mayer, 1964)
The Inheritance is one of the most successful of all compilation films. Most of its newsreel footage is unfamiliar, and Harold Mayer has married this rare material with old stills and specially shot … Read more

THE ITALIANS (Alexander J. Seiler, 1964)
More than half a million Italians live and work in Switzerland. Their labour is needed but their presence is regarded as an intrusion by a small popu­lation proud of its way of life. The Italians… Read more

THE ITALIANS (Alexander J. Seiler, 1964)
More than half a million Italians live and work in Switzerland, comprising a tenth of the entire population. They are needed in a country whose economy is geared to rely on foreign labour, but at the… Read more

The Legend of Damien Parer (Gil Brealey, 1964)
This television film presents Damien Parer, well known Australian cameraman of World War II as seen by his contemporaries in the film world, and includes some examples of his work. ... Silver Award, … Read more

The Little Boy and the Fish (Elisabeta Bostan, 1964)
A gentle observation of a farm boy trying lo find a place where he can keep a fish, and in the process, becoming aware of many things. ... Prize for Youth Film, Tours Festival. ... Read more

THE LOUVRE (John S. Sughrue Jr, 1964)
The world's greatest collection of art housed in the Louvre, also reveals a fascinating view of the history of France from the eleventh century to the end of World War II. Charles Boyer narrates the … Read more

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