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From Here to There (Saul Bass, 1965)
The film deals, in kaleidoscopic form, with the exciting human experience of flight. ... Read more

Game with Stones (Jan Svankmajer, 1965)
An animated film involving destructive stones. ... Read more

Glasgow Belongs To Me (Edward McConnell, 1965)
A sketch of the emotional quality of life in a great city. ... Read more

GOOD TIMES, WONDERFUL TIMES (Lionel Rogosin, 1965)
Lionel Rogosin has used original techniques in gathering material for all three films he has made so far. In his first film, On the Bowery, shown at the 1957 Melbourne Festival, he used a hidden came… Read more

GREECE WITHOUT RUINS (Angelos Lambrou, 1965)
Near the ruins of classical Greece, live the people of Greece of this age, who are creating new traditions and a life characteristically their own. This is the subject of Angelos Lambrou's film. The … Read more

HAPPY GAMES (Aito Makinen, 1965)
Happy Games is composed of two episodes, one a romantic incident, the other a comedy. ... Stick is a comedy about a family's week-end trip — with father, mother, three children, and animals &md… Read more

High in the Himalayas (Frank S. Cellier, 1965)
A record of Sir Edmund Hillary's expedition to the remote Khumbu area of the Nepalese Himalayas, where he instituted a program of aid to the Sherpa people. ... Cine Golden Eagle; Alpine Award, Trento… Read more

High Steel (Don Owen, 1965)
Most of the men working at dizzy heights to erect New York skyscrapers are Indians from Caughnawaga Reserve in Quebec. Don Owen visits this Indian community at home near Montreal. ... Read more

Hollywood in Deblatschka Pescara (Ulrich Schamoni, 1965)
A sardonic account of the fifty-third day's shooting of the epic Genghis Khan on location in Yugoslavia, revealing the bizarre behind the spectacular. ... First Prize and Special Award, Oberhausen Fe… Read more

Howard (Leonard Glasser, 1965)
In this existentialist fable about man and his super-ego, the whole world disappears and nothing is left but three people. All three of them are named Howard. ... Read more

Hypothèse béta (Jean-Charles Meunier, 1965)
An animated tale about a computer and an obstinate punch card. ... Read more

I, LEONARDO DA VINCI (H. Rogers, 1965)
A very careful reconstruction of Leonardo da Vinci's artistic endeavour and scientific explorations, based on his writings, told in his own words, and illustrated with his works. ... The National Aca… Read more

Insomnie (Pierre Etaix, 1965)
Pierre Etaix, a most original comedian, reads a vampire story in this parody on horror films. ... Read more

INTIMATE LIGHTING (Ivan Passer, 1965)
Typical of the approach of Czecho­slovakia's new directors is this warm, human comedy by Ivan Passer. Almost free of plot, it snatches incidents from the brief encounter of two former schoolmates… Read more

Invocation (Kim, Jin Young, 1965)
A dance drama based on a Korean legend which has it that witches can recall departed souls, but that these souls are permitted to stay in this world only during the hours of darkness. ... Prize, Asia… Read more

Jean Lurçat and the Song of the World (Pierre Biro, Victoria Mercanton, 1965)
An account of the work of the celebrated artist Lurcat at the Aubusson Ateliers, known for their tapestries and carpets. ... Read more

Joachim's Dictionary (Walerian Borowczyk, 1965)
Joachim's Dictionary gives us twenty-six French words from "animation" to "zoologie" against a background of the most discordant accompaniment ever devised. ... Jury Prize, Critic's Prize, Oberhausen… Read more

JOSé TORRES (Hiroshi Teshigahara, 1965)
This poetic documentary of the Puerto Rican boxer who became light-heavyweight champion of the world, is the first Japanese production to be filmed in the United States. At first the film has the fee… Read more

Jules and Bajus (Peter Kassovitz, 1965)
A lighthearted film about the rivalry of two Sunday fishermen on the shores of the river Marne. ... Read more

L'homme Qui Osa (J. P. Nelis, 1965)
This is the story of a group of people who were lost without a trace in a distant, bog-infested land and the mystery of their disappearance could not be solved until an adventurer appears on the scen… Read more

L'oiseau de la sagesse (Henri Lacam, 1965)
The legend tells how the owl saved a whole country and became the emblem of Athene, Goddess of Wisdom. ... Read more

La Surface Perdue (Dolorés Grassian, 1965)
The film involves the spectator in a surrealist world of surveyors who are first convinced that they must find a missing surface and are then instructed that having found it they must lose it - as it… Read more

Ladies and Gentlemen (Witold Giersz, 1965)
A short tale about the rivalry of two men fighting to win the love of the same woman. ... Read more

Land of a Thousand Faces (Baruch Dienar, 1965)
Through a variety of characters a young actress, Rina Ganor, personifies the thousand faces of Israel, with its dynamic rhythm and ever changing mood. ... First Prize, Monaco Tourist Film Festival. ... Read more

Lawsuits (Dragoslav Lazić, 1965)
In this forceful, often amusing documentary, the hidden camera observes peasanst wrangling, over seemingly trifling matters, in a district court. ... First Prize, Mannheim Festival. ... Read more

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