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Hemingway set the fashion nearly 40 years ago with Jack Barnes, hero of "The Sun Also Rises", who became the archetype for countless thousands of young North Americans who have subsequently gone off … Read more

Samurai (Yoji Kuri, 1965)
In tune with Koto music, Yoji Kuri animates the present day Samurai to show that some of them have a sense of humour. ... First Prize, Animation, Mamaia Festival. ... Read more

SAMYONG (Sang-ok Shin, 1965)
The story of Samyong, the poor, mute farmer, at the mercy of Kwangsik, the spoilt son of a rich family, is set at the beginning of the century. Conditions prevailing at that time in rural Korea releg… Read more

SANDRA (Luchino Visconti, 1965)
After many years abroad, Sandra returns to her native town with her American husband, Andrew. They have come to attend the ceremony at which the family gardens are to be handed over to the city as a … Read more

Shibam (Walter Jacob, Hanna Weger, 1965)
A fascinating, wordless study of life among the ancient ten-story buildings of a city in Saudi Arabia. ... Prix de Qualité, Frankfurt; Prize, Bergamo Festival; Silver Prize, Cracow Festival. ... Read more

SIMON OF THE DESERT (Luis Buñuel, 1965)
Short, sharp and astounding, this film provides a teasing bridge between the Old Testament Buñuel (Viridiana) and the New (The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie). Simon of the Desert concerns … Read more

Skaterdater (Noel Black, 1965)
The story captures the precise moment when a boy becomes aware of girls. As a background to the central theme, the film highlights, with outstanding colour and brilliant editing, the dazzling skill a… Read more

Slag's Place (David Naden, Gwyneth Furdivall, 1965)
A group of children explore a deserted house and its overgrown garden. The story was filmed as it was improvised by children from a London Secondary School. ... Award, Venice Festival. ... Read more

STORY OF A PROSTITUTE (Seijun Suzuki, 1965)
Some sequences in Story of a Prostitute are so achingly beautiful, they scar the mind. In fact, I would argue that Suzuki's most powerful films revolve around women. OK—so they re always prosti… Read more

Strange Birds (Jirí Toman, 1965)
A black and white look at a large and a small bird who become involved in some zany, allegorical adventures. ... International Critics' Award, Annecy Festival. ... Read more

Stravinsky (Roman Kroitor, Wolf Koenig, 1965)
This is an informal portrait of the dean of modern composers, Igor Fedorovich Stravinsky, eighty-three, now an American citizen, but still much an Old World figure with a long, rich memory of people … Read more

Summer War (Palle Kjaerulff-Schmidt, 1965)
A fable about a young soldier engaged on manoeuvres who takes advantage of being a mock casualty to spend the time with a girl. ... Diploma of Merit, Edibvurgh; Hauptpreis, Oberhausen. ... Read more

Syrinx (Ryan Larkin, 1965)
In simple classic style - charcoal drawings on white paper - the film tells the story of how the goat-god Pan fashioned a flute from river reeds. ... Read more

TARAHUMARA (Luis Alcoriza, 1965)
Tarahumara tells of the impact of corrupt land-grabbers on a primitive Indian society. Using a deceptively familiar plot, the film takes a penetrating look at the Indians, their problems with exploit… Read more

That Way to Madra (Adriaan Ditvoorst, 1965)
A young soldier's wife is injured in an accident. The films tells the story of his fight against red tape for a leave pass to visit her. ... Critics' Prize, Pesaro Festival. ... Read more

Werner Holt has not had a real home since his parents were divorced. As a loyal member of the Hitler Youth he despises his father, who has fallen into disgrace with the authorities because of his hum… Read more

THE AGE OF DAYDREAMING (István Szabó, 1965)
Istvan Szabo's short film You was shown in the 1964 Melbourne Film Festival and it indicated the arrival of a new talent in Hungarian cinema. Szabó is only 26, and in this, his first feature film, h… Read more

The American Vision (Rene Bras, 1965)
The development of American painting from the late 18th to the early 20th century as seen in the National Gallery of Art in Washington. ... Read more

The Bargain (Beryl Stevens, 1965)
A plain man's animated guide to the advantages of a bank account. ... First Prize, Industrial Film Awards, London; Third Prize, Industrial Film Awards, Rouen. ... Read more

The Bird (Fred Wolf, 1965)
A wry fable of a man's encounter with a girl - and the gruesome aftermath. ... Read more

The Boudoir (Ezra Baher, Robert Davis, 1965)
A business man on a commuter train observes a young lady preparing herself for a day in the city. ... Read more

The Daisy (Todor Dinov, 1965)
A beautiful white flower can only be picked by the pure. ... First Prize for Animation, Leipzig Festival. ... Read more

The Devil's Sooty Fellow (Jörg d'Bomba, 1965)
A puppet tale about a soldier returned from war who, finding his captain, his marshal and his king in hell, locks them up there to ensure the safety of the world from militarism. ... Read more

The Edinburgh Festival (H. Forsyth Hardy, 1965)
The film presents highlights of recent Edinburgh Festivals. After opening with a view of the city at night, sequences are shown of art exhibitions, concerts, theatre and ballet, with many notable art… Read more

THE EPIC THAT NEVER WAS (Bill Duncalf, 1965)
Unfinished, for reasons that were never entirely clear, / Claudius has become one of the most intriguing legends in film history. Nobody ever seemed to know how much of the film was shot; nobody knew… Read more

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