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THE FOREST OF THE HANGED (Liviu Ciulei, 1965)
The book on which this film is based was written by the Rumanian author Liviu Rebreanu in memory of his brother, who actually experienced the drama portrayed. The film is set towards the end of the F… Read more

The Great Garden (Herbert Seggelke, 1965)
The Great Garden of Hanover-Herrenhausen is filmed to the "Water Music" of Handel, who was music-director at the court of Hanover. The film aims at illustrating the unity of the arts in the Baroque p… Read more

The Hand (Jirí Trnka, 1965)
Jirí Trnka's latest film tells how a potter is tormented by an enormous hand which constantly interferes with his efforts to create something of his own. ... Special Prize, Annecy Festival; First Pr… Read more

The Heisters (Tobe Hooper, 1965)
A wild satire on an epic production in which the characters, in a series of outrageous adventures, chase around the Cinemascope screen. ... Read more

The Hoffnung Symphony Orchestra (Harold Whitaker, 1965)
A large symphony orchestra tunes up, but the conductor is missing. The camera finds him having a bath, and, eventually, he arrives to begin the concert . . . ... First Prize for Animation, Vienna Fes… Read more

The Ivory Knife (Jules Engel, 1965)
The abstract artist, Paul Jenkins, demonstrates his technique of mixing and manipulating paints on an unstretched canvas. ... Read more

The Legend of the Quetzal (Claude Putzeys, 1965)
Following little Pablo in his search for the Quetzal bird, we discover the tourist beauties and folklore interests in Mexico. ... Read more

The Lieutenant (Roland Verhavert, 1965)
An analysis of the hero-worship of a small boy that evokes unerringly the fears and adulations of childhood. ... Jury Prize, Oberhausen Festival. ... Read more

THE LOVES OF A BLONDE (Miloš Forman, 1965)
The Loves of a Blonde confirms the exceptionally engaging talent of Milos Forman, revealed last year in his Peter and Pavla. The heroine, blonde Andula, all wide-eyed innocence, works in a factory an… Read more

The Man Next Door (Yoji Kuri, 1965)
Yoji Kuri's mad tale about a man annoyed by a little squeaking in the stillness of the night. ... Read more

The Matress (Robert Feldman, 1965)
A narrative about an old abandoned mattress found in a vacant lot, based on a poem by Aaron Kramer. ... Read more

A snow storm on Christmas Eve is cause for merriment in Canada, snow is as much a part of the festive traditions as are the midnight mass and the exchange of gifts. But Leopold Z Tremblay, snow remov… Read more

The More Man Understands (Michael Birkett, 1965)
The film documents the fresh approach to learning in some of Britain's new universities through new courses of study which have been recently introduced. ... Read more

The Other Side (Herman Wuyts, 1965)
Wilhout commentary, this powerful comment on conformity shows a human chain passing by. Those who break it are shot. ... Read more

The Searching Eye (Saul Bass, 1965)
The film accompanies a small boy as he walks along the beach and finds ordinary objects which reveal unsuspected worlds of intense visual experience. ... Read more

The Shape of Quality (Fred Schepisi, 1965)
The manufacture of the body, and the assembly of the complete Volkswagen, is shown in this film which is distinguished by complex camera work and striking colour effects. ... Silver Award, Public Rel… Read more

The Sixth Day of Creation (Francis Mazière, 1965)
A vision of a pre-historic world, where animals and other creatures live their dream of life and death in the great tropical forests. ... Honourable Mention, Barcelona Festival; Prix à la Qualité, … Read more

The Snails (René Laloux, 1965)
An alarming story of a town taken over by huge snails. ... Grand Prix du Animation, Tours Festival; Grand Prix, Mamaia Festival; Special Jury Prize, Cracow Festival; Jury Prize, Trieste Festival. ... Read more

The Still Man (Gary Schlosser, 1965)
A young man's relationship with a young girl in a chance meeting under strange circumstances. ... Read more

The Top (Teru Murakami, 1965)
Synopsis not available Read more

The Turbulent Peace (Ferdinand Khittl, 1965)
This film attempts to reconcile the two contradictory elements combined in research: the emotion of the artist and the reason of the scientist. It analyses these motivating forces and relates how res… Read more

A short story by the dramatist Bertolt Brecht marks the directorial debut of René Allio, the well-known painter and set designer who has previously made a number of shorts. The film is about an old … Read more

The Vanishing Coast (John Taylor, 1965)
The unique scenic beauty of the coast of Great Britain is being threatened by the invasion of tourist camps, suburbia and industry. The films shows the first tentative steps that are taken towards sa… Read more

The Wall (Ante Zaninović, 1965)
Zaninovic's derisive wit hits hardest in this parable on stubborn determination. A simple concept rendered adroitly. ... Read more

THOMAS THE IMPOSTOR (Georges Franju, 1965)
During the war of 1914, the Princess de Bormes organises an ambulance service to the front. She is aided by the young Thomas de Fontenoy, who manages to get the necessary authorisations on account of… Read more

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