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Castro Street (J F. Hauduroy, 1966)
An experimental film, based on elements of the buildings and railway track flanking an existing street in California. ... Read more

CHOOSE LIFE (Erwin Leiser, 1966)
The title comes from the Old Testament, "I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live". Inspired by that text, Erwin Leiser,… Read more

The locale is a small railway station somewhere in Bohemia during the Second World War. Nothing much happens here, except that some shabby carriages come to a brief stop or, now and then, a German tr… Read more

COLD DAYS (András Kovács, 1966)
Four men await trial in a Hungarian prison immediately after the war. The People's Court is to hear charges of their having perpetrated a massacre. During three days of January, 1942, in an area of Y… Read more

COME DRINK WITH ME (King Hu, 1966)
"Cheng Pei-Pei is the original swordswoman. Before Michelle Yeoh, before Brigitte Lin, before Maggie Cheung and certainly before Carrie-Ann flippin' Moss, she rode out of the east and into the wuxia … Read more

Curiosity (Borivoj Dovniković, 1966)
Everyone is curious to know what are the contents of a bag on a park bench. ... Read more

Dancing Songs (Zlatko Bourek, 1966)
Bourek's highly personal tribute to folklore and wedding songs of his native Slavonia. ... Read more

DESERT PEOPLE (Ian Dunlop, 1966)
An investigation of the skills and techniques enabling the survival of two aboriginal families in the Western Desert, living in an eminently inhospitable environment This beautifully photographed doc… Read more

Each Day That Comes (Graham Parker, 1966)
The story of a young woman who becomes chained to the static environment of a small town that seldom changes. The camera explores the life of Stella as a child and as a woman, and describes her despe… Read more

Eldorado (László Réber, 1966)
An animated illustration of how man can become subservient to machines. ... Read more

Elegy (Zoltán Huszarik, 1966)
A poetic plea for a return of the lost dignity of the horse, ousted by civilization and exploited almost out of existence. ... Read more

ERVINKA (Ephraim Kishon, 1966)
Ervinka is a smart young man with a healthy inclination towaids laziness — a sort of Tel Aviv Till Eulenspiegel. He and his friend, Joseph the peddlar, engage in a senes of adventures propelled… Read more

Fairy Tale (Virgil Mocanu, 1966)
A Rumanian folk tale with coloured cut-out figures indicative of the variegated patterns of peasant art. ... Read more

FAREWELLS (Roland Verhavert, 1966)
The captain of a ship in port has been entrusted with a secret government mission. He gives leave to the crew, but orders them to report back each morning. As the days go by, and the sailing date sti… Read more

FATHER (István Szabó, 1966)
"In 1966 he made Father about a boy's search for his dead father. A warm, tolerant humour is immediately visible in this film which developed into a gentle irony over Szabo's next ten years (a humour… Read more

Femmes d'aujourd'hui (Claude A. Putzeys, 1966)
By showing various aspects of her life, this film pays homage to woman. ... Read more

Frank Thring Commercial (F. Sterndale, 1966)
A reminder that viewers should keep their radio/TV licenses up-to-date. ... Silver Award, Australian Film Awards. ... Read more

Frédéric Chopin - Valse Minute (Marian Marzynski, Andrzej Kaminski, 1966)
A film of 50 seconds showing a pianist playing Chopin's Valse Minute in the middle of a sports stadium. ... Read more

Glimpses of Indian Cinema (B. D. Garga, 1966)
A brief survey of Indian cinema from its inception to the present day. ... Read more

Grand Jeté (Dick Dubelman, 1966)
An interpretation, set against multi-rhythm jazz, of the life of former gymnast, Igor Youskevitch, showing his transition to dancer, choreographer and teacher. ... Read more

GRIMACES (Ferenc Kardos, János Rózsa, 1966)
This film present the adventures of a six-year-old schoolboy, as recollected through the perspective of adulthood. It is a mixture of fact and fantasy, and it looks at childhood with understanding an… Read more

High Steel (Don Owen, 1966)
These are the real builders of the skyscrapers of New York, the Indians from Quebec, who, with cat-like sureness of foot, work at dizzy heights to erect towers of steel and glass. ... Read more

Hold Me While I'm Naked (George Kuchar, 1966)
A bitter-sweet and hilarious depiction of sexual frustration, loneliness and the raw-end of filmmaking business. With deft and assured visual and editing skill, Kuchar manages to intertwine the naked… Read more

How About That Bakery (Hermann D. Tauchert, 1966)
Photographed and edited to fit a syncopated music score, the film traces the history and growth of a modern, fully automated concern. ... Golden Eagle, CINE. ... Read more

HUGS AND KISSES (Jonas Cornell, 1966)
In Ostermalm, the Toorak of Stockholm, live a glossy couple luxuriating in the world of glossy magazines, Peter Stuyvesant ads, and Swedish swish. Then another bloke turns up, a bohemian kicked out b… Read more

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