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NUN, THE (Jacques Rivette, 1966)
“Influenced by the films of Mizoguchi, Bresson, Preminger and Cocteau, The Nun qualifies as cinematic manna.” - Cinémathèque Ontario ... Jacques Rivette's magnum opus was initially banned withi… Read more

Op Hop - Hop Op (Pierre Hébert, 1966)
Directed by Pierre Hubert, this film has 24 visuals which arrange and rearrange on film in many combinations. A hand-made, scratched-un-film experiment in intermittent animation. ... Read more

Overture to Tomorrow (Joseph McDonough, 1966)
Music and photography have been wedded to images of people, manufacturing, applications and systems, in this unconventional portrayal of a corporation. ... Special Mention, Venice Festival; Industria… Read more

Painting People (Tim Burstall, 1966)
A searching survey of Australian portraiture and the aims of the artists. ... Silver Award, Documentary Category, Australian Film Awards. ... Read more

Parallels (Liviu Ghigort, 1966)
The characters are musical notes all making sweet harmonious sounds — until one note gets his head jammed! ... Read more

People Make Papers (Fred Schepisi, 1966)
An impressionistic account of the production of a newspaper. ... Golden Reel Award, Public Relations Category, Australian Film Awards. ... Read more

People of the Australian Western Desert, Part 4 (Ian Dunlop, 1966)
A detailed and penetrating ethnographic study of the daily life of a nomadic aboriginal family. ... Silver Award, Documentary Category, Australian Film Awards. ... Read more

Pictures at an Exhibition (Osamu Tezuka, 1966)
Tezuka's second major animation short. Pictures at an Exhibition is Tezuka's inspired response to Disney's Fantasia. Much of Disney's works did not reach Japan until the late 40s, and the advances th… Read more

Planète verte (Piotr Kamler, 1966)
An imaginary planet, an abstract universe in continual motion, where minute organisms. half flea half amoeba, the ‘actuphages', live and evolve peacefully. ... Read more

PORNOGRAPHERS, THE (Shohei Imamura, 1966)
He kills, laughing. That's the kind he is. Often touted as a Japanese In Cold Blood, Vengeance is Mine sees Shohei Imamura energetically depict a true-life murderer who kept evading a police dragnet… Read more

Postcards Home (Dai Vaughan, 1966)
Postcards home from the front during the First World War reveal the inherent frailty of human attachments. ... Diploma, Leipzig Festival. ... Read more

Priére (Piotr Kamler, 1966)
A gush of abstract images during a song by Catherine Sauvage. ... Read more

A group of summer picnickers wandering through a wood are led by a genial host to a sumptuous alfresco birthday party, where candles burn on long tables in a setting like a vast outdoor banqueting ha… Read more

Riff ‘65 (Eric Camiel, 1966)
A projection of the character of Riff, a resourceful, underprivileged youngster in conflict with his environment. ... First Prize, National Students' Awards, U.S.A. ... Read more

Rubin - The Palette of a Poet (Yona Zarecki, 1966)
Through a lyrical tracing of the evolution of Rubin's work, this film shows the land of Israel, its moods and its people. ... Read more

Sarvepalli Radhakrishna (N. S. Thapa, 1966)
A projection of the personality of the President of India as a man of learning and a promoter of world peace. ... Read more

Scoundrel (Flemming Quist Møller, 1966)
An irreverent look at a little monster who wreaks unbridled havoc. ... Diploma of Honour, Cracow Festival. ... Read more

SECONDS (John Frankenheimer, 1966)
Rich, conservative, and middle-aged, Arthur Hamilton is jolted out of the routine of life by an extraordinary telephone call from a bizarre organization which offers him a chance to buy himself a new… Read more

Sense of the City (, 1966)
An evocation of the spirit of New York as seen through the eyes of poets whom it has inspired. ... Read more

This vivid, detailed reconstruction of a bygone age shows the customs and traditions in the villages of Carpathia in the south-west Ukraine during the nineteenth century. The panorama of life, includ… Read more

SKINNY AND THE OTHERS (Henryk Kluba, 1966)
A few years back, Poland led the Eastern European countries in forthright themes in films, but has, of late, mainly concentrated on large scale epics. This film marks a return to smaller themes, conc… Read more

Stress (Bernice Rubens, 1966)
The film deals with five families whose children are physically handicapped or mentally seriously disturbed. It shows their problems which range from accommodation to finance, and that all are waging… Read more

Symphony in White (Erwin Szekler, 1966)
A snatch of film-poetry which creates its atmosphere by means of image and music. ... Read more

Tamer of Wild Horses (Nedeljko Dragić, 1966)
A parable on the harnessing of technological forces in the modern age . . . charts the thin line between promise and doom. ... Read more

Taming the Rocky Mountain Trench (Les Scrivener, 1966)
Another valley is to be flooded behind a gigantic dam to keep pace with the demands of the power-hungry cities. This one is in British Columbia. Another race is on: a race by men and machines against… Read more

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