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Dredging (Tom Tholen, 1967)
An evocation of the calling which has helped to make Dutch marine engineering famous all over the world. ... Read more

Eclipse of the Sun Virgin (George Kuchar, 1967)
Kuchar's Fireworks, an obsessive autobiographical vignette, which like Kenneth Anger's film, ends in violence (a few frames from a medical instruction film). Instead of sexual fantasy, though, Kuchar… Read more

ELVIRA MADIGAN (Bo Widerberg, 1967)
Based on a true story of the eighteen-nineties, which has since become legendary, this film is an elegy about a young lieutenant who leaves his wife and children for a circus star. Together, they run… Read more

End of a Revolution (Brian Moser, 1967)
When Che Guevara's body was found dead in the, mountains of Bolivia and later exposed to public view. the world took another unexpected lurch into a new era. This is a piece of reportage, mainly reco… Read more

END OF THE TRAIL (Donald B. Hyatt, 1967)
This dramatic telescoping of history tells the story of the Plains Indians, starting in 1849 and ending with the Battle of the Little Big Horn. The Indians land was abused by the "whispering wire" of… Read more

Eveil (Peter Foldes, 1967)
The metaphysics of immortality mean that man must find woman again and again. An abstract shape undergoes a series of transformations and becomes a dancing woman. Another abstract shape comes to life… Read more

Every Man's Death (Leandro Castellani, 1967)
A film attacking violence, war and all forms of useless destruction. ... Read more

Face to Face (T. A. Abraham, K. S. Chari, 1967)
A cinéma vérité style inquiry into the reactions of Indian people to democracy. ... Read more

FATHER (István Szabó, 1967)
The story of a little boy whose father dies on the last day of the War. The lonely and timid child needs a prop and finds support in creating a myth about his father's memory, inventing images of a p… Read more

Film Exercise (Rodney Charters, 1967)
This first film by a young New Zealand art student uses the motorcycle as a sex symbol in the lives of the "beat" generation. ... Read more

Five Minutes Thrill (József Nepp, 1967)
A vicious round of forty-one deaths, each one explicitly drawn for the delectation of the spectator. ... Grand Prix, Oberhausen. ... Read more

Flight (Joseph Reeve, 1967)
The strange and wonderful world of gliding recorded over the Rockies and their foothills. ... Read more

For the First Time (Octavio Cortázar, 1967)
A mobile projection unit visits a village in the distant, mountainous regions of Cuba, where no film has ever been screened. During the performance, the camera captures the expressions of adults and … Read more

Fusion (Ed Emshwiller, 1967)
A kaleidoscopic collage of colours and dehumanised modern dancers, making subtle use of double exposure and electronic music. Shapes move and grow to form designs which are reflected. turned. twisted… Read more

Gavotte (Walerian Borowczyk, 1967)
The gavotte is by Rameau, the harpsicord is in the Court of Louis XIV, the elegant occasion is given by the Duchess of R. But this time her frequent guest pays no heed to the music, the dancers, the … Read more

Genesis 1-27 (Stanton A. Waterman, 1967)
Underwater images are used to create an abstact impression of the Creation. ... Golden Eagle, CINE. ... Read more

George the People (Jimmy Murakami, 1967)
An animated film explaining the structure of United States government, how it is empowered by the Constitution and how it relates to the individual. ... Read more

Glimpses of India I (Arun Chaudhuri, 1967)
Born from the belly of the Himalayas, India has been nurtured by two great rivers which have their source in them: the Ganges and the Brahmaputra. The course of either leads through Eastern India, th… Read more

Golf, Scotland's Royal and Ancient Game (Austin Campbell, 1967)
A history of the game of golf, from its origins in the early Celtic legends until the present time. ... Read more

Half Hour Story - George's Room (Alan Clarke, 1967)
Shot by a new process the Electronic Camera which enables a television studio production to be recorded directly on film, yet allows the director to mointor the cameras in the usual manner, the film … Read more

HUGO AND JOSEPHINE (Kjell Grede, 1967)
A lonely seven-year-old daughter of a clergyman runs away from home with her young fatherless friend, Hugo, and together they explore the dreams of childhood through the glorious Swedish summer in co… Read more

I am 20 (S. N. S. Sastry, 1967)
August 15, 1947. Independence Day for India. How many children were born in that teeming country on that day alone? No one can know; but certainly more than the thousands of people who died. Here a m… Read more

Image (R. Shaye, 1967)
A live girl and an identical photo twin stand side by side in a meadow Which represents reality, and which the image of it? Either, neither, or both? This has been called "an ... unnerving challenge … Read more

Imagination 10 (Morton Goldsholl, 1967)
The sights and sounds of the passenger trains, the freights, and the people who run them. ... Golden Eagle, CINE; Chris Statuette, Columbus Festival; Silver Hugo, Chicago Festival. ... Read more

IN COLD BLOOD (Richard Brooks, 1967)
"It's not exactly my book but it's a hell of a movie." - Truman Capote ... Based on Truman Capote's controversial best-selling 'non-fiction' portrayal of two apparently unmotivated killers and their … Read more

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