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IN THE TOWN OF ‘S' (Josif Heifitz, 1967)
In this small town, the home of the Turkin family is regarded as something of a source of culture. Dmitri Ionych Startsev, the local doctor, is a frequent visitor. He is devoted to Katya, young daugh… Read more

IN THE YEAR OF THE PIG (Emile de Antonio, 1967)
The director of Point of Order (about the TV hearings of Joe McCarthy and the Un-American Activities Committee) and Rush to Judgment (based on Mark Lane's post -: mortem of the Kennedy assassination)… Read more

Indus Waters (Derek Williams, 1967)
The Indus Basin is one of the heaviest populated areas of the world. On partition, ffour-fifths of this irrigated area went to Pakistan, but the rivers all flowed out of India, where the water was ne… Read more

Inquiry (C. T. Baptisa, 1967)
To the music of four classical ragas, four human emotions are explored—love, happiness, fury and peace. The vast range of moods induced by their interaction is evoked among the Hindu sculptures… Read more

INSIDE NORTH VIETNAM (Felix Greene, 1967)
Felix Greene, whose colourful China! was seen at the 1967 Festival, shows in his latest film, life in North Vietnam under conditions of intensive bombing. Mostly avoiding Hanoi, it concentrates on th… Read more

Interaction - Painting and Music (Gil Brealey, 1967)
A creative analysis of an experiment on the interaction between music and painting. ... Read more

Ireland (George Sluizer, 1967)
Ireland is a beautiful country, and, even if you left out all the fairy stories nobody could make it anything else. ... Read more

Irish Folk Music Festival (Louis Marcus, 1967)
Every year, musicians come from all over the country to play, to listen, and to swap tunes in the Flea Ceoil, a week-end folk festival of centuries-old music, song and dance in the Gaelic tradition. … Read more

Is Anybody Doing Anything About It? (Donald Crombie, 1967)
The scientific techniques used in forecasting the weather, and the international role of the Bureau of Meteorology of Australia, presented in an entertaining and lighthearted manner. ... Silver Award… Read more

KNOWING TO LEARN (Claude Jutra, 1967)
Filmed in various parts of the U.S. and Canada, Knowing to Learn shows the more tested and accepted of the new teaching instruments (such as closed circuit TV) and the less familiar innovations now b… Read more

Krek (Borivoj Dovniković, 1967)
Dovnikovic's salute to all the sergeants of the world. A masterful blend of humour and psychology, this is Dovnikovic at his best. ... Silver Bear, Berlin, 1968. ... Read more

La Balade d'Emile (Manuel Otero, 1967)
A brief fantasy on the theme that a little walk can really take a man out of himself. ... Read more

La Belle Cérébrale (Peter Foldes, 1967)
A naked girl chews a pear and paints her toenails while two men argue in the background. As she daydreams, a wig emerges from a drawer to caress her, flowers bloom in her hair, and a box opens to dec… Read more

La Cage de Pierre (Pierre Zucca, 1967)
A little girl seems to be the sole ... occupant of an old house. But is it ... her refuge or her prison? Will she ... ever break the tyranny of the old ... stones? ... Read more

Last Melody (Richard Saunders, 1967)
The film was made for participation in the 1967 International Television Contest, the theme being: "What do young people do in your country at 5 o'clock on Saturday afternoons?'' This humorous entry … Read more

LE DÉPART (Jerzy Skolimowski , 1967)
In The Departure, Jerzy Skolimowski made his first film outside Poland. It was shot in Brussels with a French-speaking cast, and this time, the subtle, moody personality of Jean-Pierre Leaud embodies… Read more

LE DÉPART (Jerzy Skolimowski, 1967)
In The Departure, Jerzy Skolimowski, director of two previous festival films, Walkover and Barrier, has made his first film outside Poland. It was shot in Brussels with a French-speaking cast, and th… Read more

Le Voyage (J. Simonet, L. Tovoli, 1967)
A young mother and her three children leave their village in Calabria to join the head of the family, who has found a job in Milan. We observe them during their exhausting journey and are drawn into … Read more

Legault’s Place (Susanne Angel, 1967)
The humorous story of how the progress eludes an old man who has chosen to live in peace in his homely, old cabin in the woods. Directed by Susanne Angel. ... Read more

Let's Go Hunting in the Wood (Jirí Brdecka, 1967)
A traditional song of love, won and tragically lost, is illustrated by graphics that evoke the essence of Czech folk culture. ... Grand Prix, Tours. ... Read more

Life in a Box (Bruno Bozzetto, 1967)
Maternity ward box, home box, school box. university box, nuptial box, work box . . . box. But for one brief moment during his life, the box dweller really sees what surrounds him. ... Read more

Line of Apogee (Lloyd Michael Williams, 1967)
A stream-of-consciousness excursion through the mind of a young man. Boy, man and elder confront each other: colour changes with mood, ... actuality blends into fantasy, and past, present and future … Read more

Little Dog For Roger (Malcolm Le Grice, 1967)
Synopsis not available Read more

Loch Lomond (Laurence Henson, 1967)
In winter, when the tourists are in hibernation, Loch Lomond and its bonny, bonny banks return to much of what they have been since the Scots first sung its supremacies. This is a study of winter day… Read more

Mafia No! (John Irwin, 1967)
The film attempts to capture the spirit of Danilo Dolci's undertaking when he led a ninety-mile march across Western Sicily as a protest against poverty, corruption and violence. ... Silver Plaque, V… Read more

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