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The Mitten (R. Kachanov, 1967)
When you're only a little girl, and you haven't got a dog to call your own . . . well, what you lack in authority and stature, you can make up for in imagination. ... Read more

The Perfect Human (Jørgen Leth, 1967)
That pinnacle of evolutionary achieve­ment, embodiment of the dreams and desires of urban existence, twentieth-century Nordic man, is on floodlit display. He is subjected to a thorough zoological… Read more

The Question (John Halas, 1967)
The ideological confusion that sets in when one tries to answer fundamental questions in life. ... Read more

The Ravens (Ernest Ansorge, Sisece Ansorge, 1967)
In the darkness of the Middle Ages, to love a woman within the society from which one is exiled was a crime punishable by death. . . . This savage romance is told with fluid animation drawn with powd… Read more

The Redwoods (Trevor Greenwood, 1967)
Sequoia Sempervirens, the giant everlasting redwood, is a link with the age of the dinosaurs. But the future of these trees is threatened. This film, a tribute to nature's awesome power to create, is… Read more

The Room (Raymond Antoine, 1967)
An unnerving Kafkaesqne cartoon about a little man imprisoned in a strange room that alters its shape. ... Read more

The Shadow in the Glass (André Farwagi, 1967)
A science fiction film about an American tourist in Paris, who becomes obsessed with the idea that he is turning into a Japanese. ... Read more

THE THINGS I CANNOT CHANGE (Tanya Ballantyne, 1967)
From three weeks of camera observation of the real life of the Bailey family in Montreal, this film shows that there is far more to living in poverty than most people have hitherto realized. ... Exce… Read more

The Timeless Track (Roland Eisenmenger, 1967)
The film investigates the considerable scope offered by the use of magnetic tape in industry, education and entertainment. ... Read more

The Wave (Sabin Balasa, 1967)
The subject matter of the arts today is becoming increasingly concerned with the relationship between the creator and his creation. Through his work, the creator enters into a knowledge of life, of t… Read more

The pretty wife of a surly young farmer who is dedicated to the evils of being a small-time capitalist, travels to the city on a business trip for her husband and plans to stay overnight with her sis… Read more

Through the Eyes of a Painter (M. F. Hussain, 1967)
An experimental film in which the well-known painter, M. F. Hussain, gives his cinematic impressions of a few places he visited in Rajasthan. ... Read more

Time (Dušan Vukotić, 1967)
A countdown on a child learning to walk - arguably the best 'mini mini' made. ... Read more

Tolerance (Zlatko Grgić, Branko Ranitovic, 1967)
Witty and subtle, a thesis on intolerance down through the centuries in national, social, religious and political contexts. ... Read more

Touch (Tom Tholen, 1967)
A co-worker of Joris Ivens gives a personal impression of the port of Rotterdam. ... Read more

Traditions (Jean Petrovici, 1967)
New Year in the villages of the Moldavian region of Rumania is a festival on which the Christian tradition has made little impact. The pagan world survives apparently unalloyed, with Dionysian masks … Read more

Urbanissimo (John Hubley, Faith Hubley, 1967)
Synopsis not available Read more

Wet and Wild (David Adams, 1967)
The camera catches the colossal power of the giant waves as a board rider catches one on his perilous journey. ... Read more

WILD RIDER LTD. (Franz-Josef Spieker, 1967)
The threadbare quality of the prominent people of our age and the way they are managed is exposed with a wealth of sarcasm in this zany spoof on the promotion racket. The formula for success is extra… Read more

Will The Great Barrier Reef Cure Claude Clough? (John Milson, 1967)
An off-beat, tourist promotion film, extolling the attractions of the Great Barrier Reef. ... Bronze Award, Jedda Award, Australian Film Awards. ... Read more

Window on the World (Nat Greenblatt, 1967)
Synopsis not available Read more

With Drums and Trumpets (Marcel Carriére, 1967)
Synopsis not available Read more

Workout (Rhonda Small, 1967)
Without a commentary, this study gives an atmospheric impression of the relationship between horse and rider during a workout. ... Bronze Award, Australian Film Awards. ... Read more

You're Human Like the Rest of Them (Bryan S. Johnson, 1967)
This is the tragi-comic story of an ebullient school teacher who comes face to face with death and conquers his fear of it under the cold, disinterested gaze of his class and his colleagues. The dial… Read more

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