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Sir! Sir! (Michael rubbo, 1968)
Synopsis not available Read more

Sirène (Raoul Servais, 1968)
A three-masted schooner is captive in an inhospitable harbour. The guards are monstrous cranes and prehistoric flying reptiles. A macabre game with anachronisms. ... . ... Read more

Soul In A White Room (Simon Hartog, 1968)
Synopsis not available Read more

Space (Ezra R. Baker, 1968)
Satire about a frustrated man who unsuccessfully seeks a parking space in a large shopping plaza. ... Read more

“Spider Baby is unclassifiable weirdness, and that's meant as a compliment.” - Slant MagazineAn inbred cannibal family runs amok in this 1968 debut feature from exploitation king Jack Hill (Coffy… Read more

Stain on the Conscience (Dušan Vukotić, 1968)
Shot entirely in live-action with animation painted on the film: an experiment stemming from the live-action sequences in the earlier Play. A tired washed-out individual is publicly menaced by a red … Read more

Staircase (Stefan Schabenbeck, 1968)
Whatever became of Sisyphus? Perhaps this little film may suggest an answer through its allegorical account of a little man mounting a vast, monumental staircase. ... Read more

Sunflowers (Ian McMillan, 1968)
This impressionistic study equates the life cycle of sunflowers with that of man. ... Read more

Svatopluk and His Sons (Jaroslav Boček, Bohuslav Srámek, 1968)
Old records are sometimes incomplete. This animated film tells the true reason why the Great Moravian Empire crumbled. ... Read more

SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL (Jean-Luc Godard, 1968)
Jean-Luc Godard's legendary film is a double-header of sorts: It is both an insightful portrait of a band's creative process and a provocative dissection of Western counter culture. Candid documentar… Read more

Talla (Malcolm Le Grice, 1968)
Synopsis not available Read more

TEOREMA (Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1968)
A two-part allegory in which eros and religion merge in an up-to-date context. Teorema employs the premise that a sudden revelation of possible human self-fulfillment can permanently mar the upper-st… Read more

Tevye (Julius Kohanyi, 1968)
Tevye is a popular character in some of the stories of the great Yiddish author, Sholom Aleichem. Saul Field, printmaker and film maker, produced a series of prints which he called the Sholom Aleiche… Read more

Goopy is a singer who cannot sing and he meets Bagha, a drummer, after they have both been driven from their respective villages. They sing and play to disperse their fears during ... a night in the … Read more

THE AMOROUS ONES (Walter Hugo Khouri, 1968)
A randy but otherwise impoverished university student borrows from his sister and works at odd jobs to support a life of unrelieved perplexity and emotional indecision. He is frustrated in all direct… Read more

The Apartment (Jan Svankmajer, 1968)
The film is meant as a warning against the mod­ern dependencies of people, very often the obiects of our daily life which surround us will change their characteristics and turn on us. ... Read more

The Art Of The Real (Michael Murphy, 1968)
This was the title of an exhibition ... at the Museum of Modern Art in New ... York which revealed recent trends ... in American painting. The qualities ... of the paintings and the intricacies of ..… Read more

The Best Damn Fiddler from Calabogie to Kaladar (Peter Pearson, 1968)
In this dramatised study of the general effect of poverty on family life, a couple and their seven children in a backwoods logging community are studied in the pride of a man used to the unfettered o… Read more

The Bet (Ron Waller, 1968)
Wouldn't you bet that if a man lived alone in a room without contact with the world outside, not even knowing day from night, he would go mad? The man himself believes it will help him improve his mi… Read more

The Big Shave (Martin Scorsese, 1968)
A very conventional young man is ... shaving in a very conventional ... bathroom. The camera carefully ... follows every stage of the operation, ... but then he doesn't finish shaving .... ... Read more

The Change at Groote (Stefan Sargeant, 1968)
When vast manganese deposits were discovered on the Aboriginal Reserve of Groote Eylandt in the Gulf of Carpentaria, BHP moved in. The simple residents had no choice but to adjust. And a complete cul… Read more

THE CONFRONTATION (Miklós Jancsó, 1968)
In The Controntation, Jancsd again deals with social and political problems of Hungarian history and revolution. The film is set in 1947, and the characters are the students in the people's colleges.… Read more

THE COW (Dariush Mehrjui, 1968)
Dariush Mehrjui's first film, The Cow, was made independently in Iran, and its success at the 1971 Venice Film Festival has given Iranian film-making a stature long sought by small countries with str… Read more

THE DAYS OF MATTHEW (Witold Leszczynski, 1968)
In a lonely part of the forest lives Matthew, cared for by Olga, his sister. He is a grown man, but as helpless as a child, alienated and alone. He takes work in an endeavour to make contact with oth… Read more

The Dove (George Coe, Anthony Lover, 1968)
The Nobel Prize Winner, Viktor Sundqvist, is sitting in the dunny on the estate where his childhood summers were spent and he recalls ... the summer of the dove. He and his sister, passionately in lo… Read more

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