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Films In 1968

WE'LL LIVE TILL MONDAY (S. Rostotsky, 1968)
Teaching in Russia, they would have us believe, is a matter of labour inspired, labour creative. There are mediocre teachers, of course, hard­hearted and dead-handed, but they are only the hammer… Read more

Whatever Happened to Uncle Fred? (Bob Godfrey, 1968)
Synopsis not available Read more

White Light (Jeff Keen, 1968)
Synopsis not available Read more

Why Man Creates (Saul Bass, 1968)
Eight separate explorations, episodes, comments on creativity, each segment employing its own style and technique to make its appropriate statement—this is the latest work of Saul Bass, sponsor… Read more

Windy Day (John Hubley, 1968)
The two adorable Hubley children, who made their debut in Moonbird ten years ago, continue their exploration of the world of reality and fantasy in this animated film which, once again, records their… Read more

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