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Some of my Best Friends (Neville Smith, Tom Heritage, 1969)
Synopsis not available Read more

Strip Tease (Nedeljko Dragić, 1969)
Spoofs eroticism in the eye of the beholder. ... Read more

SWEETHEARTS (Elior Ishmuhamedov, 1969)
Synopsis not available Read more

TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN (Woody Allen, 1969)
“I have a gub.” ... Virgil Starkwell is a failed petty criminal. From his early attempts to rob a gumball machine and getting his fist wedged in the slot, to flubbing a bank robbery thanks to poo… Read more

Test of Violence - The Paintings of Juan Genovés (Stuart Cooper, 1969)
Synopsis not available Read more

The Amazing Moments of the Great Traction Engines (Edward McConnell, 1969)
Lying forgotten in a farmyard, undisturbed by the susurration of summer flies, is an old traction engine, a fallen giant of the steam age. A small boy comes exploring. His imagination takes us on a j… Read more

THE AMBUSH (Zivojin Pavlovic, 1969)
In the early days of the Communist ... takeover of Yugoslavia, a dedicated ... youth who believes in the new world ... and its methods, makes his way to ... a village to hand out UNRRA ... parcels to… Read more

The Arrow (Mel Calman, 1969)
In this miniature essay on the condition of man, a figure chases an arrow until he drops from exhaustion . . . ... Read more

The Australian Flight - 1919 (Ted Clisby, 1969)
On November 12, 1919, Ross and ... Keith Smith prepared to leave ... Hounslow, England, in a Vickers ... Vimy plane and Fly 11,000 miles to ... Darwin .... ... Read more

The Ballad of Crowfoot (Willie Dunn, 1969)
Willie Dunn's caustic ballad about the history of the Canadian Indians - proud huntsmen systematically stripped of their possessions, land and traditions by the white settlers - is illustrated by a m… Read more

THE BIG DIG (Ephraim Kishon, 1969)
A lunatic escapes in a milk van which drops him in the midst of a road building team from which he steals a pneumatic drill and starts to dig in the main square of Tel Aviv. Police stop the traffic i… Read more

The Bomb (Robbe de Hert, 1969)
A bomb drops by accident in the Belgian countryside. The farmer who keeps it refuses to reveal that he has it. His wife is played by Betsy Blair, who played the girlfriend of Marty. ... Read more

THE BUTCHER (Claude Chabrol, 1969)
Popaul Thomas returns after fifteen years in the army and assumes charge of his late father's butcher shop in the peaceful town of Tremolat. He begins courting Helene Marcoux, the local head-mistress… Read more

The Capricorn Contract (Edwin Scragg, 1969)
For the first time entirely new rail welding and track laying techniques were used to construct the heaviest railroad ever laid in Australia. It runs through 265 miles of forbidding country on the Tr… Read more

THE CIRCLE (António da Cunha Telles, 1969)
A young Portuguese woman has problems with her marriage, and leaves her husband after being beaten for infidelity. She becomes the mistress of an American airline worker, who puts her up in an apartm… Read more

THE CREMATOR (Juraj Herz, 1969)
After Munich, when the Sudetcnland became part of Germany, an adept of Tibetan lore who is convinced that his work of cremating the dead sets people free for a better after-life, is convinced by a Na… Read more

The Curious History of Money (Beryl Stevens, 1969)
The origins of money in primitive barter, the introduction of cheques - and of credit cards-this breezy cartoon is a model of propaganda films. ... Bronze Medal, San Francisco ... Read more

The Deadly Odour (Václav Bedřich, 1969)
This is a horror story about an odour which brings death The style of the animation combines the brutality of comics with the tenderness of folk art. ... Read more

THE DESERTER AND THE NOMADS (Juro Jakubisko, 1969)
Man as the blind victim of his own innate violence forms the link in this three-part allegory on the futility of violence and war. ... The opening sequence of the triptych (The Deserter), set during … Read more

The Die-Hard - The Legend of Lasseter's Lost Gold Reef (David A Crocker, 1969)
By means of old newsreels and photographs recording the importance of gold prospecting in Australia's history, a background is created against which the legend of Lasseter's last ride is told. This t… Read more

The Dowry (Peter Pearson, 1969)
An inefficient boatman is blown up because of an oil leak in his boat. This short story is set against a pleasant study of a small fishing town in Canada. It was commissioned by the Fisheries Board, … Read more

The Drop of Water (Bent Barfod, 1969)
In a magnified drop of water, the world can be reflected. But it is not the everyday world... ... Read more

THE EAR (Karel Kachyna, 1969)
Twenty years after it was made and promptly banned, this deviously plotted Czech thriller remains fresh, incisive and mordantly funny about ambition, paranoia and conjugal bliss in the world of polit… Read more

The Eternally Feminine (Ion Moscu, 1969)
An old Rumanian custom of colouring eggs has always been a woman's art. Is it possible, through a close study of the delicacy, imagination and patience demanded by it, to discover something of the my… Read more

The Goshawk (David Cobham, 1969)
An intense duel in the clash of wills between a falconer and the great hawk he is training. ... Golden Gale Award, San Francisco. ... Read more

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