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CIAO, FEDERICO! (Gideon Bachmann, 1970)
”Fellini says: ‘Reality does not exist. The artist invents it.' I believe it exists. We must live in it. and interpret it. With this film I wanted to experiment: interpret while I was inventing. … Read more

CLAIRE'S KNEE (Eric Rohmer, 1970)
The fifth of Eric Rohmer's projected cycle of "Six Moral Tales" (My Night with Maud being the fourth), this film is yet another variation upon the theme of love. ... Jerome, a handsome, worldly diplo… Read more

Claude Chauvy, the Art of Wood Turning (Jean-Pierre Bonneau, 1970)
The work of Claude Chauvy, wood turner, who specialises in restoring or copying antiques. ... Read more

Color it Living (Don Gray, 1970)
The film observes the life of Canadian wild life painter, Glen Loates, over two years, as he sketches and paints the flora and fauna of the North American wilderness. ... Read more

Composition (Gunnar Syvertsen, 1970)
A vision of the future of man on a planet he has destroyed. ... Read more

Confessions of a Young Girl (John Eden, 1970)
The director of this film, a student of the London Film School, chose for his subject a short story by Marcel Proust, from his first book, "Les plaisirs et les jours". ... Read more

Dead Easy (Nigel Buesst, 1970)
In an interesting amalgam of document and fiction, a student and a visiting professor search back into the lives of Melbourne's mass murderers. ... Silver Award, Alan Stout Award, Australian Film Awa… Read more

DEEP END (Jerzy Skolimowski, 1970)
An adolescent's initiation into the turmoils of love is expressed by the tragic pursuit of a woman by a young boy. ... A 15-year-old boy becomes obsessed with a girl several years older, with whom he… Read more

Délicieuse catastrophe (Piotr Kamler, 1970)
A tank, into which a red liquid is dripping. A figure absorbed in an obscure and desperate battle against submersion. A little furry animal comes to disturb this strange world . . . ... Read more

DERBY DAY (Charlie Squires, 1970)
The film presents a series of impressions of Derby Day 1970, when Nijinsky, ridden by Lester Piggott, gained his legendary victory. The Derby is also an enormous fair with merry-go-rounds, fire eater… Read more

Die Landschaftsgaertner (Kurt Gloor, 1970)
This is not the usual film about the idyllic existence of the Swiss peasants living in the snow-clad mountains, yodelling with carefree abandon. It is about those peasants who have lost their taste f… Read more

DODES'KA-DEN (Akira Kurosawa, 1970)
Akira Kurosawa's first film in five years centres on the inhabitants of a shanty-town society. ... The town is little more than an ugly array of metal sheets and tar paper shacks resembling the city … Read more

Dr Spock... and his Babies (Herman J Engel, 1970)
The distinguished physician and author speaks against the war in Vietnam. ... Read more

Dubai (Rodney Giesler, 1970)
Dubai, a tiny arid Sheikdom on the eastern corner of the Arabian Peninsula, has always looked outwards to the sea for its livelihood. First fish, then pearls, then commerce, and now, oil. ... The fil… Read more

DURING THE SUMMER (Ermanno Olmi, 1970)
As in all his films, Olmi's interest is in ordinary people, and he observes them with equal sympathy and understanding. ... In During the Summer, the central character is a professor (we are not told… Read more

Earth Message (Arthur Cantrill, 1970)
A study of the early winter landscape of the hills and bush around Canberra, using multiple super impositions of images. ... Silver Award, Alan Stout Award, Australian Film Awards 1970 ... Read more

Eclosion (E Bettetini, 1970)
The gradual growth is shown, hour by hour, of a caterpillar larva inside its egg: then once the caterpillar emerges, we watch it slowly change into the brilliantly coloured butterfly called the Chara… Read more

Eggs (John Hubley, 1970)
The Goddess of Fertility endlessly sows the seeds of life, which brings her into direct conflict with the activities of her partner, Death. The two argue over the fate of the Planet Earth, until the … Read more

EL TOPO (Alexandro Jodorowsky, 1970)
Presented in a fully restored print, this visceral, quasi-Western is credited as starting the ‘midnight movies' phenomenon. El Topo tells of a black-clad gunslinger whose yearning for spiritual en… Read more

Espolio (Sidney Goldsmith, 1970)
The film is based on the poem, in which a carpenter builds a cross and speaks of his pride in his work and his reluctance to be involved with the situations which bring men to die on crosses. ... Gol… Read more

The cast consists entirely of 27 dwarfs and midgets who act out an obscene parody of human life. ... Starting out as a revolt against authority, it details a destructive rampage by the inmates of an … Read more

Event (József Gémes, 1970)
An immense crowd awaits the arrival of a distinguished guest at the airport… ... Read more

Ex Machina (William Crain, 1970)
On one level the film is a parody of motorcycle-sex films, but Ex Machina is ultimately a statement about the destructive nature of the process of film making. ... Read more

Exploitation (Nedeljko Dragić, 1970)
This is from the first series of "mini mini" cartoons made as 'openers", by Dragic. ... Read more

FAMILY LIFE (Krzysztof Zanussi, 1970)
A young man returns to his family home to discover that the life he left behind is still very much a pan of him, and not so easy to escape from. ... Wit, an engineer, the son of a once rich industria… Read more

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