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The life-story of one of the most notorious figures of this century. He was reviled and ridiculed by generations of Allied servicemen and international gossip columnists, yet when Farouk became Egypt… Read more

FATA MORGANA (G) (Werner Herzog, 1970)
“It's the nearest thing yet to a genuine political science-fiction movie. Brilliantly original, utterly haunting.” - Time Out ... Filmmaker Werner Herzog describes Fata Morgana as “a documentar… Read more

Fire Mountain (Bert van Bork, 1970)
The course of a volcanic eruption is shown from beginning to end: the rarely seen termination of volcanic activity is included. Devastation and beauty are the aftermath. ... Silver Osella for Childre… Read more

Flash Gordon (Cliff Fenneman, Ron Spongberg, 1970)
The story of a young drag racer who goes his own way and lives only for racing. ... Read more

Follower (Christian Noscha, Vlada Majic, 1970)
With the help of marching songs, sentimental ballads and Wagner, a whole generation of young Germans were enticed to follow Hitler. ... Today, says this film, the potential for a similar herd-like co… Read more

For Your Pleasure (Derek Phillips, 1970)
A beautiful Constable landscape is slowly eroded into an ugly modern metropolis. ... Read more

FOUR MOODS (Pai Chin Zui, Fu Chin Shuan, Lee Hsing, Lee Hang Hsiang, 1970)
Four Moods has become somewhat of a landmark for Taiwan, being the result of the collaboration of the industry's top directors and stars. The film consists of four stories, dealing with four very dif… Read more

FRUIT OF PARADISE (Vera Chytilová, 1970)
"An entrancing hippie-dippie oratorio on gender combat that doesn't retell Genesis so much as slip it a microdot." - Village Voice ... There have been few filmmakers as willing to completely carve ap… Read more

G.I.G.O (Peter de Normanville, 1970)
The many tasks a computer will perform, and its use in industry and commerce. ... Read more

GIVE GOD A CHANCE ON SUNDAY (Henrik Stangerup, 1970)
Born from the frustrating experiences of two theology students, the film describes the problems of a modern rural clergyman trying to keep a grip on a dwindling congregation, while examining the rele… Read more

HARRY MUNTER (Kjell Grede, 1970)
Harry Munter is a dreamy, precocious youth. He's also rather a genius, having invented some kind of electronic equipment which has come to the notice of an American company. ... Last year Harry went … Read more

Hello, Mustache (Ronald Borowski, Howard Blume, 1970)
Two people from different subcultures meet for a moment and try lo break down barriers in order to communicate. Touch me. feel me. ... Read more

Hetty King - Performer (David Robinson, 1970)
An account of the life and career of one of the legendary figures of the English music hall, who was also a star of vaudeville in the United States and Australia during the early part of this century… Read more

How the Cossacks Played Soccer (Vladimir Dakhno, 1970)
A fairy-tale about the daring soccer-team of Dnieper Cossacks who travelled abroad and won all the games with knights, musketeers and islanders, showing wonders of resourcefulness and wit. ... Read more

I + I = I (Ion Popescu-Gopo, 1970)
The Everyman hero of Ion Popescu Gopo's many cartoon films, is bent on solving some mathematical problems, but he is side-tracked by fantasies… ... Read more

I CAN JUMP PUDDLES (Karel Kachyna, 1970)
Alan Marshall's autobiographical novel of his own youthful fight against polio, has been transposed on to the screen by Czech director, Karel Kachylia. ... The setting has been transported from the A… Read more

I'm a man (Peter Rosen, 1970)
Recreation of events in the life of a black militant leader, depicting relationships with police, lawyers, family, friends, and enemies. ... CINE Golden Eagle: Blue Ribbon, American Film Festival. ... Read more

In Other Words (Stig Björkman, 1970)
Mao Tse Tung said: "To study is to learn, but to work is also to learn, and the more important way of learning." Two members of a political group are challenged to test this theory in practice. ... Read more

Invasion (Stefan Schabenbeck, 1970)
A philosophical tale about the influence of technology on human psychology. Technical progress may in future become a serious danger for the biological development of mankind. ... Main Prize. Oberhau… Read more

JACK JOHNSON (William Cayden, 1970)
"I'm Jack Johnson, ... I'm black, they never let me forget it ... I'm black alright ... I'll never let them forget it" ... A documentary biography, previously unscreened in Australia, of the first bl… Read more

JOE (John G. Avildsen, 1970)
A girl winds up in hospital from an overdose of drugs. Her father, an advertising executive, seeks out her junkie boyfriend and murders him. His action is discovered by a factory worker, who applauds… Read more

JOHNNY GOT HIS GUN (Dalton Trumbo, 1970)
Joe Bonham, a young U.S. soldier whose arms, legs and face have been blown off by a shell on the last day of World War I, is kept alive by the efforts of a zealous army doctor, who is convinced that … Read more

Julie (Bent Barfod, 1970)
A ballet film in which live dancers move among cartoon figures. The eternal couple experience dangers, joys, then disappear as they came. ... Read more

Kino (V Erweiss, 1970)
A battered truck crosses dangerous mountain roads on its way to show films to the inhabitants of a Pamirian village. The driver is a one-man band - he not only delivers the films, but also pastes up … Read more

La Ville (Jean Bédard, 1970)
Cut to music, this bright collage film gives an impression of a big city. ... Read more

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