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Laocoon (Václav Mergl, 1970)
A group of astronauts find mysterious eggs on an unknown planet, filled with treasure. They take them into their rocket, and while they doze off on their return journey to Earth, suffocating tentacle… Read more

Le diamant (Paul Grimault, 1970)
A primitive tribe lives isolated in an oasis. The ground is scattered with precious stones and on top of a totem pole glitters the most beautiful diamond in the world. ... One day an unscrupulous tra… Read more

Le labyrinthe (Piotr Kamler, 1970)
Unending perspectives, walls throbbing with coloured forms, menacing black birds swooping . . . lost in these abstract surroundings, a man tries desperately to escape from the maze of his solitude. ... Read more

Le Sacre du Printemps (, 1970)
With Tania Bari. Christine Brabant. Marie-Claire Carle, Louba Dobrievitch Jaleh Kerendi. Germinal Casada, Florie Alexander, Paolo Bortoluzzi, Antonio Cano, Pierre Dobrievitch. ... Read more

Love Bolero (Francisco Betriu, 1970)
A film version of the "fotonovela", or popular magazine story told in terms of photos and captions. Roberto Alonso faithfully retains all the irrational imagery, dialogue, plot, in his satire on this… Read more

LOVE FILM (István Szabó, 1970)
A romantic, nostalgic film of a young man traversing time and distance to recapture a past love. ... On a train between Budapest and Paris, Jancsi relives through a series of flashbacks the period he… Read more

LOVEFILM (István Szabó, 1970)
"Szabo's concern for history could not be considered a political in the sense of providing a political perspective on Hungary. What he does show is how historical events and social convulsions affect… Read more

Loving Memory (Tony Scott, 1970)
A middle-aged brother and sister accidentally kill a young man, and take his body to a cottage on the moors, where a conflict develops between them as to his ultimate fate, and their own. ... Read more

Magritte - The False Mirror (David Sylvester, 1970)
The strange and haunting, surreal world of the paintings of Rene Magritte, with occasional comments from close friends, and extracts from his own statements. ... Read more

Masque (Miles Watkins, 1970)
A girl has a profound effect on the relationship of guys who live together. ... Read more

Masque of the Red Death (Pavao Stalter, Branko Ranitovic, 1970)
Based on the story of Edgar Allan Poe, the film tells the tale about Count Prospero, who amidst the plague devastating the world, locks himself into his castle with his decadent court. A ball is inte… Read more

Matrioska (Co Hoedeman, 1970)
A gay, animated film, in which a group of those sturdy female figures that the Russians turn from wood, and that nest inside each other, perform a folk dance. ... Read more

METELLO (Mauro Bolognini, 1970)
Born to an anarchist father, Metello follows in his footsteps as a champion of liberty and social justice. When he is imprisoned after a strike action, he repeats the hollow promise his father made b… Read more

Methods (Judit Vas, 1970)
This is a repetition of the social and psychological experiments of Kurt Levin with small children. The object of the experiments was the demonstration of differences between the various communal cli… Read more

Microsecond (Dan McLaughlin, 1970)
An animated experimental film presenting an abstract interpretation of a microsecond. Split screen time-lapse clouds on one side; 3,000 years of history in quick stills on the other. ... Read more

Mind Your Own Business (Gene Deitch, 1970)
A continuation in the series of cartoons on a whimsical character called Mr. Koumal, who in this film tries, in an original way, to find what is 'personal courage'. ... Read more

Mixed Double (Bent Barfod, 1970)
Bent Barfod, Danish avant-garde film director, produced an experimental photographic ballet film in Mixed Double. ... Read more

MON ONCLE ANTOINE (Claude Jutra, 1970)
For Jacques, the general store was the cross-roads of life—a place where a boy could learn all that was needed for the way ahead—especially when his uncle was the storekeeper and also the… Read more

Mondo Caries (Kurt Gloor, 1970)
The film is the expression of its maker's personal fear of his dentist. ... Read more

Mr. Monster (Farshid Messghali, 1970)
A strange man and computer made monster turns against its creators. ... The film was produced by the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults, in Iran. ... Golden Statu… Read more

My Brother's Children (Anthony Isaacs, 1970)
Produced in Nigeria for the people of Yoruba-land, the film uses the traditional dramatic form of story telling (a group of actors tour the country, dramatising urgent problems) to introduce the idea… Read more

November (Bob Nichol, 1970)
A cine-poem expressing the moods, imagery, colour and "feel" of November in the countryside and in the city. ... Read more

ON THE COMET (Karel Zeman, 1970)
Karel Zeman once again returns to the science-fiction fantasy world of Jules Verne, this time in a French fort in North Africa at the turn of the century. ... A young lieutenant is saved from the sea… Read more

On The Wall (Mario Mitrotti, 1970)
Synopsis not available Read more

One is One (Malcolm Johnson, 1970)
"One is One and all alone and evermore shall be so'' from the song "Green grow the rushes O", is the theme of this film. A young man returns to the scene of his former life following a gaol sentence.… Read more

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