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The Stamp (Edward Sturlis, 1970)
A man brings an application to an office. But the application is only valid if it is stamped, and there is no room left on the document... ... Read more

The Story of the Little John Bailey (Paul Driessen, 1970)
Modern man is being inundated by an ever-growing flood of information, which threatens to engulf him. ... Read more

The Summer Game (Peter Mills, 1970)
In a gradually unwinding historical pageant, the film conveys the ethos of cricket, the "summer game", and presents its origins, its traditions. cricketers past and present, the internationally famou… Read more

Jacques Cousteau's underwater camera team tracks the migration of the salmon to spawning grounds in Alaska, where it must die. ... Read more

THE TREASURE (Lester James Peries, 1970)
The work of Lester James Peries has an enviable reputation in Ceylon, but is, as yet, little known elsewhere. This film, his first to be shown in Australia should provide a more than adequate introdu… Read more

Director-producer Adrian Cowell spent two years on an expedition into hitherto unexplored areas of the Amazon, in an effort to make contact with the Kreen-Akrore Indians, one of the few remaining tri… Read more

THE WILD CHILD (François Truffaut, 1970)
In 1798, a wild boy was captured in the woods of Southern France. The boy aged about twelve, unable to speak and his responses limited to a few guttural sounds, had apparently lived as a beast since … Read more

THREE TO GO - Judy (Brian Hannant, 1970)
Judy is leaving her home in a large country town to work in the city, and the film covers the last few weeks prior to her departure. ... Read more

THREE TO GO - Michael (Peter Weir, 1970)
Should Michael follow the straight and narrow path of conformity, or listen to the prophets of change and revolution? The question is: in which world does Michael belong? ... This episode won the Gra… Read more

THREE TO GO - Toula (Oliver Howes, 1970)
Toula, a Greek girl, tries to live like her Australian friends, despite opposition from her parents. ... Three To Go received a Silver Award, Australian Film Awards 1970 ... Read more

Time of the Vampires (Nikola Majdak, 1970)
Ghosts and vampires on a lark in the neighbourhood cemetery. ... Read more

To Speak Or Not To Speak (Raoul Servais, 1970)
A cartoon about a little man whose talent will be coveted by the all-consuming society, by money-minded war mongers, and by a totalitarian power. ... Read more

To Speak or Not to Speak (Raoul Servais, 1970)
The dialogues of the characters of this animated film are both audible and visible. ... Read more

TRASH (Paul Morrissey, 1970)
Trash deals with humans close to despair, but its tone is a comic one. Joe's problem is impotence, the result of his addiction to heroin. This film traces the various attempts made to revivify his dr… Read more

Trip (P. Pati, 1970)
The film is an experiment. Using the pixillation technique, the short film depicts the transitoriness of life. ... Read more

TRISTANA (Luis Buñuel, 1970)
Spain in the I920's - decaying morally and socially. A world filled by norms and relationships that have outlived their time and assumed dangerously reactionary proportions, form the background to th… Read more

Two in a Tiger (Richard Wade, 1970)
This half hour film tells what is involved in learning to fly a Tiger Moth. It traces the story of a pupil and his instructor from the moment the pupil first puts on his leather helmet and goggles an… Read more

Venceremos (Peter Chaskel, 1970)
A juxtaposition of scenes in the lives of the well-to-do and the poor in Chile, culminating in an expression of hope for the future. ... Read more

Vertical (David Hall, 1970)
Made by the sculptor David Hall, this film explores landscape and perception, creating an art object that lies between the surface of the film and the objects placed in the landscape. ... Read more

Visages de Femmes (Peter Foldes, 1970)
This cartoon film presents portraits of three women in the characteristic Foldes style: ... Sibylle, the psychedelic woman ... Flora, the flower woman ... Bilitis, the happy woman. ... Read more

Waiting For (Anne Basser, 1970)
Presented by the British Film Institute with £1,000 to make a film, and despite her total lack of experience, Stephanie Turner attempts to capture the essence of 'reality' by allowing the camer… Read more

WANDA (Barbara Loden, 1970)
Wanda is a nowhere person in a nowhere world: one who lets events and circumstances pick her up and carry her along unprotesting, to be deposited at random at whatever bend or turn in the road fate m… Read more

WEST TEXAS (Alan Gadney, 1970)
This student-made Western is the story of a young girl's pioneer hardships on the 1870 Texas Indian frontier. Her childhood innocence is suddenly shattered by tragedy, but th rough fate and self will… Read more

WHERE'S POPPA? (Carl Reiner, 1970)
“An irresistible black comedy, it's probably Reiner's best film, not least because it shows such affection for all its crazies.” - Time Out ... Gordon's senile, obnoxious mother sabotages every r… Read more

Wildcat Country (Keith Hounslow, 1970)
An impression of offshore oil operations in a desolate area. ... Silver Award, Australian Film Awards 1970: Second Prize, Captain Cook Bi-Centenary Film Awards, 1970 ... Read more

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