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History and Geography of Pablo Neruda: The South; Valparaiso (Hugo Arévalo, 1971)
The two episodes of a TV series show Pablo Neruda, Chile's Nobel Prize winning poet, visiting the South, where be spent his childhood, and Valparaiso, where he hid after escaping from a prison senten… Read more

Hockey Seen Differently (Jan David, 1971)
Every sports fan understands by the word "hockey" a game full of tension, excitement and competition. Hardly anyone, however, knows the "back stage" life of this dynamic game; its demands on the phys… Read more

Homesdale (Peter Weir, 1971)
Homesdale is an expensive private guest house on a remote island where the guests are encouraged to live out their fantasies. They have contrived to do this with considerable facility. Mr. Malfrey, w… Read more

Hot Stuff (Don Arioli, 1971)
A short history of fire; its use and abuse. ... Read more

HOW TASTY WAS MY LITTLE FRENCHMAN? (Nelson Pereira dos Santos, 1971)
In sixteenth century Brazil, a Frenchman is caught by a cannibalistic tribe of Indians. When he demonstrates his skill with firearms, they decide to spare his life so that he can train them in the us… Read more

Hubertus, The Life of an Artist (Eugen Alexandrow, 1971)
Hubertus collects old umbrellas, from which he creates abstract pictures. These he offers for sale on a busy street, eliciting varied reactions from the passers by. ... Read more

Images (Hugh Raggett, 1971)
The film illustrates the use of photography in science, industry, business, medicine, research, education and communication. ... Read more

In Continuo (Vlatko Gilić, 1971)
A multi-award winning film, presenting an ordinary day in a slaughterhouse in terms of the blood spilled. ... Read more

Jigglers Unlimited (Fred Schepisi, 1971)
An advertising film extolling the virtues of teabags. ... Read more

JOE HILL (Bo Widerberg, 1971)
The film depicts his early days in Nev York, then traces his long trek to California, riding the freight trains, penniless and despised for his poverty Later, he becomes involved with the Industrial … Read more

JUST BEFORE NIGHT (Claude Chabrol, 1971)
Claude Chabrol describes Just Before Night as "the story of a man who kills someone, and then finds out he himself is dead". In it, he created a psychological drama which begins when Charles, the cen… Read more

KNOCKOUT (Boro Draskovic, 1971)
The theme is a contemporary one, involving the social, ethical, and psychological problems of that symbol our times—the "anti-hero". ... Marko, a young Yugoslav, travels abroad to satisfy his s… Read more

Lamentation (Surendar Chaudhary, 1971)
This student-made film equities the ... cutting down of a tree with the ... raping of a girl or killing of an ... animal. ... Read more

Le plat du jour (Georges Spicas, 1971)
Two hours during the dinner-time rush in a small Parisian restaurant. ... Read more

LE SALAMANDRE (Alain Tanner, 1971)
Alain Tanner's second feature is co-written by the English Marxist art critic, John Berger, and has earned much critical attention overseas for its treatment of the alienation of a young girl trapped… Read more

Leading Light (John Smith, 1971)
Synopsis not available Read more

Let it Bleed (Maggie Clarke, 1971)
A paragraph from Jean Genet's "A ... Thief's Journal" comes to life: two ... people fight, one falls, his wound ... bleeds. ... Read more

Liberator (Borivoj Dovniković, 1971)
In the frame, a fettered man. The 'liberator' runs toward him, hands him a flag and a medal, and runs away ... ... Read more

LOVE (Károly Makk, 1971)
What she does not know is that her son is in prison, a victim of Hungary's Stalinist regime. His wife keeps the secret well—she visits the old woman regularly, tells her that her writer son is … Read more

Make Love Not War (Zlatko Grgić, 1971)
A couple of lovers in a passionate embrace. Camera panning back, discloses a third person, a policeman, who gets himself involved in the action. ... Read more

Maria Island (Judith Simpson, 1971)
The film shows the life of a ranger's family living on Maria Island, an animal and bird sanctuary off the east coast of Tasmania. ... Read more

Marvelous Melmo (Osamu Tezuka, 1971)
If Princess Knight sounds wiid, Marvelous Melmo is all the more so because Tezuka's intentions were that this TV series function as sex educa­tion for young children. Never released in the west-n… Read more

Memorial (James Allen, 1971)
A reliving of the Battle of the Somme using soldiers of bronze and stone, without dialogue. ... Read more

MILLHOUSE (Emile de Antonio, 1971)
Film-maker Emile de Antonio sets out, in what has been described as documentary "white-comedy", to confront one of the most treasured illusions of American society: blind faith in the democratic char… Read more

MINNIE AND MOSKOWITZ (John Cassavetes, 1971)
With its unlikely romantic entanglement between a car park attendant (Seymour Cassel) and former prom gueen Minnie (Gena Rowlands), now working as a museum assistant, Minnie and Moskowitz was applaud… Read more

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