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The Man Who Had to Sing (Milan Blažeković, 1971)
A cartoon about a character who started singing already in his cradle, and continued all his life. The song is not bad, and his voice is quite pleasant, too. The only trouble is that he only has one … Read more

The Men in the Park (George Geertsen, 1971)
A novel animation film showing a tranquil oasis in the big city, where those not involved in its life find a place to sit and watch the world go by. Sketched in heavy pencil, many of the figures actu… Read more

THE MOON AND THE SLEDGEHAMMER (Philip Trevelyan, 1971)
The subject for this film by Philip Trevelyan is a family of five: Mr. Page and his two sons and two daughters, who inhabit a rundown old house located in a wood somewhere not far from London. What 2… Read more

The Nails (Kurt Aeschbacher, 1971)
Nails—large, small, thick, thin-are the actors of this film with a message about the dangers of the population explosion. ... Read more

The Pearly Yeats (Bruce Mackay, 1971)
A film in which the images of dreams are used with a narrative ballad song to describe the transition from innocence to experience in a modern family's soul. ... Read more

THE POLICEMAN (Ephraim Kishon, 1971)
Azulai is a warm-hearted elderly Israeli cop, proud of his uniform, but too naive to discover an obvious culprit and too weak-hearted to arrest him. ... With qualities like these, it is no wonder he … Read more

THE PROPHET HUNGER (Maurice Capovilla, 1971)
Prophet of Hunger is about contradictions—in this case that of a man who endures hunger in order to earn money for food. ... The film is based on the life of Siki, the fakir who attempted to su… Read more

The Rainbow Verdict (David Thompson, 1971)
The world's first adhesive postage stamp was printed in black, but very soon coloured stamps were introduced. The film shows the complex factors determining the colours used in various issues. ... Read more

Here is a Marxist revolutionary comedy paying homage to both Karl and Groucho Marx. ... The revolution, which came in 1945 together with liberation, was militarily rough, but also inspired a lot of c… Read more

The Rope (Teresa Badzian, 1971)
A rope-obsessed man has collected an enormous quantity of rope. It has become a living nightmare, tormenting the hero day and night. His friend, who has so far only been observing the hero's dreadful… Read more

The Scented Panther (Břetislav Pojar, 1971)
An episode in a serial about two little bears, in which one of the bears falls in love with their playmate, a panther-who is really a kitten. ... Read more

The Sea (Bane Jovanovic, 1971)
The secrets of the sea are slowly being unravelled by the physicists, chemists, marine biologists, and all other scientists engaged in oceanography research. This science documentary film, centred on… Read more

The Shadow of the Daring One (Laurentiu Sirbu, 1971)
An animated fairytale, using folkloric ... graphic and musical material, about ... Prince Charming whose beloved is ... kidnapped by the Dragon. ... Read more

The Silent Revolution (Eckehard Munck, 1971)
Biologically, man will still be programmed as a hunter and food collector, when there will be nothing to hunt and collect. Evolution is too slow to cope with the rapid changes in our environment, and… Read more

The Submerged Submarine (Václav BedÅ™ich, 1971)
A comic horror cartoon about a submarine. ... Read more

The Suburb (Lordan Zafranović, 1971)
This film was made for television, and is dedicated to the filmmakers of Czechoslovakia. ... It is structured around a young couple's first sexual encounter which is witnessed by three men. Our atten… Read more

Within the framework of a social parable, the film attempts to show how easily the structure of a society works to prevent the under-privileged from recognising their true position. Dealing with the … Read more

THE THIRD (Egon Günther, 1971)
Margit is in her thirties, has two children and no husband. Flash­backs provide us with information about her past aflfairs-with the Church, with a professor who left her pregnant, and with a bli… Read more

The Void (Jean Jetté, 1971)
A young man examining his relationship with his surroundings discovers a gapping void deep inside himself. ... Read more

The Wishbone (Jannik Hastrup, 1971)
A short, animated film, which makes fun of pornography. ... Read more

This is a Photograph (Albert Kish, 1971)
Personal impressions of an immigrant's first five years in Canada, recorded in snapshots. ... Read more

This Man (Keith Laxton, 1971)
The impact of western culture on the men of the Pacific is revealed through the inner monologue of a Solomon Islander. ... Read more

Through the Garden (Frans Zwartjes, 1971)
A symbolic short by the leading Dutch experimental film maker, Franz Zwartjes. The action takes place in a garden where a woman tries to find a place for a doll. There is no normal development of the… Read more

Thursday SE10 (David Cohen, Peter Bull, 1971)
Any day, any suburb: the goings on of typical people. A "News of the World" cross section of a community and the way they spend their day. ... Read more

THX 1138 (George Lucas, 1971)
In a drab, futuristic underground world, a cowered and dehumanised populace is governed by a central computer; a robotic police force controls all aspects of daily life in true totalitarian fashion, … Read more

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