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THX 1138 (PG) (George Lucas, 1971)
“A classic of stylistic, abstract cinema.” - VarietyLong before Star Wars, George Lucas debuted on the big screen with this modest science fiction film, starring Robert Duvall in the titular role… Read more

Time Out (Alan Nathanson, 1971)
A prisoner released from a political prison in South Africa, goes to visit the wife (she has been unfaithful) of a fellow prisoner. He approaches. the meeting with hesitance— certainly he is re… Read more

Toolbox Ballet (Gene Warren, 1971)
Animated tools perform an intricately choreographed ballet. ... Read more

Trade (Lear Levin, 1971)
A brief documentary on the training of black boxers. ... Grand Prix, Oberhausen Sports Film Festival ... Read more

In this film, Truffaut turned to a love story by the author of "Jules et Jim", about a triangle again, but this time of two English girls and a Frenchman whom they nickname "The Continent". ... Claud… Read more

TWO-LANE BACKTOP (Monte Hellman, 1971)
Four lost souls in two archetypal automobiles take to the back roads and endless highways of redneck country. James Taylor (The Driver) and Dennis Wilson (The Mechanic) play a pair of speed motorhead… Read more

UFOs (Lillian Schwartz, 1971)
A variety of evocative and brilliantly coloured, computer-generated patterns. ... Read more

The bete-noire of current revolutionaries has become not so much the conservative or the reactionary, but the liberal—in particular the academic intellectual who appears only to be paying lip s… Read more

Venezuela at its Height (Javier Blanco, 1971)
The film concentrates on the history of telephone in Venezuela. It evokes its origins through the century, and culminates in the installation of the ground-station for satellites, which becomes the h… Read more

Violence in the Cinema Pt 1 (George Miller, 1971)
Screens with Razorback.George Miller's Violence in the Cinema Part 1 was a multiple award-winner on the international film festival circuit. Print courtesy of the National Film and Sound Archive.---D… Read more

Vivante (Marjut Rimminen, 1971)
In this commercial, a man and a woman in a bath have fun with bath cosmetics. ... Read more

Wasn’t it a Lovely Funeral? (Andrew Lack, 1971)
A middle-aged woman talks on the phone about a funeral she attended earlier in the day. If we listen to her carefully, we discover that she is not talking about the funeral at all - she is talking ab… Read more

Who’s Afraid of a Little Man (Pavel Prochazka, 1971)
A little boy is being bullied by bigger boys in this cartoon, until his grandfather teaches him how to stand up for himself. ... Read more

Why? (Jean-Denis Berenbaum, 1971)
Jean-Denis Berenbaum's 'committed' film owes much to pantomime as a young white man and an African refuse the world of the wealthy which is more concerned with the splendour of its appearance than wi… Read more

Window Box (Roger Hammond, 1971)
Synopsis not available Read more

Wings of Fire (M. M. Sharma, 1971)
A study of flamingoes, which gather in countless thousands on broad river flats for the mating season. ... Read more

WR - MYSTERIES OF THE ORGANISM (Dušan Makavejev , 1971)
Director Dusan Makavejev has described this film both as a guerilla exercise and as a "Dream Machine for Self-confrontation". ... The film is divided into two main sections. The first intersperses a … Read more

WR: MYSTERIES OF THE ORGANISM (R) (Dušan Makavejev, 1971)
“Maybe it is like a mirror. People hold it up to themselves and see reflected only what they are most offended by.” - filmmaker Dusan MakavejevWhat does the energy harnessed through orgasm have t… Read more

Zikkaron (Laurent Coderre, 1971)
An animated allegory in which fleeting, elusive images depict the cycle of life or, by extension, the course of man's evolution. ... Read more

“G” (Jon Huberth, 1971)
An ecobalance is established in New York City. ... Read more

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