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Clocktime Trailer (Stuart Pound, 1972)
Synopsis not available Read more

Concertant Music (Ernst Reinboth, 1972)
Inspired by Boris Blacher's composition, the film assigns visual motives to the four themes of the work. The natural objects shown are playfully alienated through the manipulation of exposures and co… Read more

Constantin Brancusi (Julien Pappé, 1972)
The great sculptor's work, and his contribution to contemporary art. ... Read more

Cybernetica (Peter Sims, 1972)
Aspects and examples of the science of Cybernetics, some grave, some gay, some beautiful Three lovely girls converge on Pans, exploring as they travel, the wonders of a new age, in which computers de… Read more

Damon the Mower (George Dunning, 1972)
An experimental film illustrating a poem on the theme of Death and the Maiden. ... Read more

Dans La Vie (Pierre Veilleux, 1972)
A child escapes from the rectangular stone world of a city, only to be placed into the microcosm of our world: the school. Without the use of a single word, this imaginative animated film sharply rec… Read more

David: Off and On (Martha Coolidge, 1972)
This is a biographical portrait of the filmmaker's brother, David. It follows him from his middle class childhood, through the death of his father, adolescent problems and drug involvement. He spends… Read more

DEAR SUMMER SISTER (Nagisa Oshima, 1972)
Oshima, the celebiated director of Boy, the Ceremony, and Diary of a Shinkuju Thief, probes the effects of the USA occupation on the indigenous culture of the inhabitants of Okinawa, and explores the… Read more

Ding Dong (Zlatko Grgić, 1972)
Maxi cat discovers the bell rope . . . ... Read more

DON T TORTURE A DUCKLING (Lucio Fulci, 1972)
"Don't Torture a Duckling is [Fulci's] best entry in the giallo pantheon, and a shocking preview of his gory excesses to come." – ... A big-city reporter (Tomas Milian) and a w… Read more

DYN AMO (Steve Dwoskin, 1972)
Three strippers perform their routine in a sleazy London night club. A fourth comes on the stage, but her act is interrupted by the intervention of a group of men. Stephen Dwoskin, in his second feat… Read more

Easyout (Pat O'Neill, 1972)
A consideration of one possible conceptual model for human existence: that of a primitive yard-chair, upon which sits the Creator, impassively observing the flow of his mountains. ... Read more

Evolu (John Leach, 1972)
A man evolves through psychological stages. ... Gold Award, Chicago. ... Read more

Fil A Fil (Christian Paureilhe, 1972)
Two marionettes are jerked into life in a puppet theatre. We watch as desire grows up between the two creatures, until the moment when they are about to touch and are brutally jerked apart. ... Read more

FLOWER GIRL, The (Choe Ik Kyu,Hak Pak, 1972)
Widely regarded as the most important North Korean film ever made, The Flower Girl is a technicolour epic of race, rebellion and revolutionary zeal. ... Based on an opera reported to have been writte… Read more

Flower Storm (Ali Akbar Sadeghi, 1972)
This animated film, based on Persian miniatures, tells of the inhabitants of two towns in the Middle Ages who live in peace and harmony until their kings star! to fight over a bird they both have sho… Read more

Flyaway (R O Lehman, 1972)
A film about a man who tries to escape the noise and confusion of city life, and goes to the peaceful countryside to fly a model aircraft. However, the aircraft has a mind of its own, and he is left … Read more

FRITZ THE CAT (Ralph Bakshi, 1972)
Directed by former Paramount animator, Ralph Bakshi, Futz the Cat has been borne into the cinema, in full animation, from Robert Crumb's satirical comic strip. ... Fritz sees himself as a liberated c… Read more

Funeral (József Gémes, 1972)
Obsequies, a moving speech, tears. Suddenly, the orator starts to say curious things and the solemnity of the occasion is brutality destroyed. ... Read more

Genie (Bahram Reypour, 1972)
Night falls in an Iranian home. A strange knocking at the door. A superstitious old woman and her cowardly son are sure they are being visited by a genie. ... Read more

Good Grief! (Mike Jittlov, 1972)
A couple of good reasons for a night-light ... (the film being a probing plunge into the psyche of the child after hours, and possible cause of the adult insomniac). ... Read more

Grey City (Farshid Messghali, 1972)
An animated film about a green man who goes to a city without colour-the grey city. He brings a flower, which the inhabitants have never seen before, and suggests they, loo, can grow flowers. They re… Read more

HAITI 1971 (Ib Makwarth, 1972)
This report from Papa Doc's and Baby Doc's Haiti shows the state of the Negro population in the Caribbean republic. Aiming at complete impartiality, the film presents facts and allows them to speak f… Read more

Hay Season (Gitta Nickel, 1972)
The film illustrates portraits of people who work at an agricultural co-operative and live in the country. The story deals with a few people at two different times, by using documentary film material… Read more

HERE COMES EVERYBODY (John Whitmore, 1972)
Here Comes Everybody is a highly revealing cinema-verite film about an encounter group session at the Esalen Institute in Bug Sur. California. The sixteen people involved in the week-long session wer… Read more

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