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River Yar (William Raban, Chris Welsby, 1972)
Synopsis not available Read more

Roll Away the Stone (Brian Zick, 1972)
Artist's cartoon version of the song, "Roll Away the Stone". ... Read more

Sad Song of Touha (Atiat El-Abnoudi, 1972)
A documentary about a group of street entertainers in Cairo, fire eaters, dancers, acrobats, who eke out a miserable living from bringing joy to the passers-by. ... Read more

Scars (Paul Winkler, 1972)
The film gives expression to the reaction of its director to the mutilation and destruction of trees by man, in the cause of progress. ... 1973 Australian Film Institute Awards - Silver Award ... Read more

Self-Service (Ben Hayeem, 1972)
A play-boy in a sports car picnics ... in the woods. Everything for the occasion is stored in the boot of the car. including the girl-bound and gagged. ... Read more

Selling Out (Tadeusz Jaworski, 1972)
Centred on the public auctioning of the farm and personal belongings of a farmer on Canada's Prince Edward Island, the film makes provocative and highly political statements on such matters as the lo… Read more

Silver Surfer (Mike Dunford, 1972)
Synopsis not available Read more

Slippery Slope (Jack Verbeek, Karin Wiertz, 1972)
Four short experiments in animation, using constantly shifting perspectives. The makers of the films are pupils of Frans Zwartjes, Holland's leading experimental filmmaker. ... Read more

Solo (Mike Hoover, 1972)
The many joys of solo climbing: the rhythm of persistent physical effort, the intoxicating scenery, the joy that comes with the successful solution to a difficult situation. ... Read more

Solutions (Norman Prouting, 1972)
Examples of. the price paid in the deteriorating environment for the misuse of road traffic. The film shows how modern railways offer an already existing solution to Britain's transport problems. ... Read more

Special Trains (Krsto Papić, 1972)
A documentary about Yugoslav workers departing to take up jobs in Germany. After medical check-up and farewells, they set off in a special transport. Individual members of the group tell their storie… Read more

Street Musique (Ryan Larkin, 1972)
Ryan Larkin, whose Walking was shown in the 1970 Melbourne Film Festival, shows his reactions to the music played by a group of street musicians. The film opens with a view of the group, then shifts … Read more

SUMMER LIGHTNING (Volker Schlöndorff, 1972)
Summer Lightning is directed by Volker Schlondorff who has won an international reputation with films like Young Torless and The Sudden Wealth of the Poor People of Kombach, and it stars his wife, Ma… Read more

Sunburst (Pen Densham, John Watson, 1972)
Images of flowers drenched in sunlight, are used to express the emotional content of the 1812 Overture. ... Read more

SUPERFLY (Gordon Parks Jr., 1972)
Gordon Parks Jr removes the smoothness from Shaft and reshapes it into diamond strength hardness in Superfly. Shot with pimp-funding, a largely black crew and with the illegal use of street pole elec… Read more

TAKE TWO (Baruch Dienar, 1972)
Baruch Dienar's Take Two, flavoured by its gentle pop score, is essentially a comedy, the source of which is to be found in the whims of its characters, as well as in the fun at the expense of the gl… Read more

Crude, lewd and loose in Britain. Ocker innocent Barry McKenzie attends the reading of a will after his not so beloved dad slips off the perch. One of the conditions of Barry's inheritance is that he… Read more

The Artichoke (Michel Clarence, 1972)
A trick film in which a romance develops, from shy flirtation to passionate love, between a human hand and an artichoke. ... Read more

THE AUDIENCE (Marco Ferreri, 1972)
This black comedy is directed by Marco Ferreri, who earlier made La grande bouffe. He has written the screenplay, together with Rafael Azcona, and the story draws heavily on Kafka's novel, The Castle. Read more

The Bridges of Duyshena (G. Degaltsev, 1972)
A ferryman has been transporting the traffic across the river for many long years. Now, a huge bridge is being constructed to connect the two shores of the river. What will become of the ferryman? ... Read more

The Cage (Vartkes Cholakian, Richard Ciupka, 1972)
An impressionistic account of a lonely and alienated young man cooped up in a room. ... Read more

The Cat (Zlatko Bourek, 1972)
Disturbing, macabre, beautifully designed cartoon, concerning a cat that changes into a voracious, naked woman. ... Read more

The Dead Bird (Graham Parker, 1972)
Some children playing, come upon a dead bird. Sorry that the bird will never fly again, they dig a grave, have a funeral and sing to it. They return to sing to their little bird, and put fresh flower… Read more

The Demon (K. Kawamoto, 1972)
Inspired by a Japanese medieval legend: a mother, bowed with age, changes into a witch, and tries to devour her own children. This paradoxical situation, this world of anti-logic and the absurd, cont… Read more

This delightful comedy revolves around a group of six chic, upper-middle class men and women who find themselves unable to disentangle themselves from their own thoughts, beliefs, fears, memories and… Read more

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