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The Trace of the Soul (G. Frank, 1972)
The film tells the life story of the hero of labour of the USSR. ... Read more

The Track (Richard Sanders Rosenthal, 1972)
Three people in a family ravage one another verbally in some shrewdly calculated and vicious game-playing—a perverse, however witty, ritual of verbal gymnastics. The film ends, then is repeated… Read more

THE VALLEY (Barbet Schroeder, 1972)
Directed by Barbet Schroeder, photographed by the brilliant Cuban, Nestor Almendros, and scored by American underground rock group, Pink Floyd, La vallee follows the experiences of a young woman disc… Read more

The Water of Life (Marcell Jankovics, 1972)
The gravest decisions of life and death may be affected by the smallest, everyday occurrences. ... Read more

THE WEDDING (Andrzej Wajda, 1972)
Andrzej Wajda, who earlier made Ashes and Diamonds, has turned for his latest film to a Polish play by Stanislaw Wyspianski. The Wedding reconstructs a marriage which in fact took place in 1900 at th… Read more

The Wind (Ron Tunis, 1972)
An animated film which shows a child's first experiences with wind: it tousles his hair, it tears at washing on the line . . . ... Grand Prix, New York International Film Festival. ... Read more

Thoroughbred (Pen Densham, John Watson, 1972)
The life story of a thoroughbred horse, from its birth to the race track, told purely in terms of visuals and natural sounds. ... Read more

Tidikawa and Friends is a unique document providing the only existing record of the Bedamini iiving in the remote isolation of the Great Papuan Plateau rain forest. Legendary for their aggression and… Read more

Time Takes a Cigarette (Jack Verbeek, Karin Wiertz, 1972)
Four short experiments in animation, using constantly shifting perspectives. The makers of the films are pupils of Frans Zwartjes, Holland's leading experimental filmmaker. ... Read more

Trafficopter (Barrie Howells, 1972)
A documentary on a radio station's guide in Montreal, who, from his helicopter, advises commuters on how to get to or from their work with the least delay. ... Read more

Tup-Tup (Nedeljko Dragić, 1972)
Being the destructive efforts necessary to stop a very common, but very persistent, tapping noise. ... Read more

Underground (Manfredo Manfredi, 1972)
The film presents the reveries of a man travelling on an underground train, stimulated by the sights rushing past and the faintly disquieting atmosphere of the night. ... Read more

Violence in the Cinema – Part 1 (George Miller, 1972)
A comment on the history and current trends of violence in the cinema. ... Read more

Weekend (Ante Zaninović, 1972)
A short feature film, which deals with an ordinary theme in an unusual way. The theme is that elderly people become superfluous in life and society, superfluous to themselves and to their nearest and… Read more

WEEKEND OF A CHAMPION (Franck Simon, 1972)
"Two champions – one of the racetrack, one of the big screen – are reunited four decades on in a long-unseen documentary." – Screen Daily ... In 1971, Formula One racing was one of … Read more

WET EARTH AND WARM PEOPLE (Michael Rubbo, 1972)
Glimpses of life in Indonesia, in and around Jakarta. This film is a chance, unscripted view of people in the city and a nearby village, in this crescent of islands, nothing goes by the book. ... Read more

What Colour is the Wind (Henry Herbert, 1972)
A day in the life of a group of blind children living together in a 'Sunshine Home' at Norlhwood, Middlesex. The film is impression­istic with no interviews and no narration. It shows the relatio… Read more

Whitchurch Down (Duration) (Malcolm Le Grice, 1972)
Synopsis not available Read more

Wind in the Wires (John Edwards, 1972)
An investigation of the most important decade in the history of flight, skilfully recreating the endeavours of the pioneers in their fragile craft during the years between 1909 and 1919. ... Read more

Wind Vane (Chris Welsby, 1972)
Synopsis not available Read more

Wings and Things (R O Lehman, 1972)
A free documentary on the building and flying of model aircraft. ... Read more

Yes, It’s On (S N S Sastry, 1972)
A pictorial survey of India on the march, with an emphasis on the social consciousness pervading the country. ... Read more

YOU AND ME (Larissa Shepitko, 1972)
You and Me, acclaimed by critics at the Venice Film Festival, is the third film directed by 34-year-old Larissa Shepitko, whose previous works are Heat (1963) and Wings (1966). ... Piotr is a reasona… Read more

Young Girls in Blossom (Francis Leroi, 1972)
A commentary on the way the photographer, David Hamilton, works with his five favourite models, with a selection of his best photos. ... Silver Dragon, Warsaw. ... Read more

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