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Magical Death (Dr Napoleon A. Chagnon, 1973)
The film focuses on the role of an older Yanomamo Indian, Dede-heiwa, who is a prominent political leader and renowned shaman from a Yanomamo village in Venuzuela. It documents the activities that to… Read more

Married Life of Little Red Riding Hood (Zlatko Bourek, 1973)
With a twist in the old story, this is the latest film by the celebrated Yugoslav puppet film maker. Zlatko Bourek. ... Read more

MEAN STREETS (Martin Scorsese, 1973)
Charlie Cappa is a twenty-seven year-old second-generation Italian American. He lives in New York, supported by his mother. For him, life in 'little Italy' is a desperate case of survival, complicate… Read more

Mimosa (P. Szpakowicz, 1973)
A legend about the origin of mimosa, A young husband has gone to faraway countries in search of a fortune which would make his family wealthy and comfortable. When he returns home, rich but very ill,… Read more

Miracle of Flight (Terry Gilliam, 1973)
An animated comedy on man's efforts to fly. ... Read more

Mitch and Barbara (Michael Kravitz, 1973)
Mitch and Barbara is the story of a love affair beginning between a single man and a married woman with husband and child. ... Silver Medal, XXVI Cannes International Amateur Film Festival. Winner, N… Read more

More (Mitchell Rose, 1973)
A satirical look at man's insatiable craving for material goods. ... Golden Gate Award, San Francisco Film Festival. ... Read more

Mr. Shepard and Mr. Milne (Andrew Holmes, 1973)
Between 1923 and 1928. A. A. Milne and Ernest Shepard collaborated in the creation of the four books of Winnie the Pooh. Shepard. at over 90, tells the story. ... Read more

MUD AND WATER MAN (Alister Hallum, 1973)
A documentary about the life and work of the potter, Michael Cardew, who worked in West Africa, developing the traditional craft pottery of Nigeria and Ghana. Now living in Cornwall, Cardew (who work… Read more

MY AIN FOLK (Bill Douglas, 1973)
This is the second part of a projected trilogy by Bill Douglas about the childhood of a lonely boy in a Scots mining village. It is set in the late forties in the desperately poor village of Newcraig… Read more

Neighbours (Wolfgang Urchs, 1973)
Two neighbours start a fight, which leads to total destruction. ... Read more

No. 1 (Joachim Kreck, 1973)
A colour short without narration on the goalkeeper in soccer. Its title refers to the position of this player within the formation of the team. Filmed (among others) at the World Cup '74 stadiums of … Read more

O LUCKY MAN! (Lindsay Anderson, 1973)
This is a fairy tale abonl the adventures of Mick Travis, a clear-eyed young man urgently determined to succeed. He is training as a coffee salesman for the Imperial Coffee Co. The sudden defection o… Read more

Oh! Oh! (Bronislaw Zeman, 1973)
A fanciful cartoon about a small island which appears off the sea coast. It offers quite a surprise to the investigators. ... Annecy Animated Film Festival, Jury Prize. ... Read more

One Armed Bandit (Peter Kruse, 1973)
The film shows with logical consistency, what happens when you are bitten by the gambling bug. ... Read more

ONE MAN'S WAR (Risto Jarva, 1973)
Risto Jarva, one of Finland's leading directors, has been awarded Finland's top prize for this, his sixth picture. The film has similarities to Jarva's earlier and influential A Worker's Diary in bot… Read more

Opera (Bruno Bozzetto, Guido Manuli, 1973)
An animated short, made of many crazy gags, tied by a common theme —music: from classical to opera, nothing gets spared from irreverent and affectionate observation. Bach, Beethoven, Wagner, Pa… Read more

This film biography is the reconstruction of a period which coincides with the life of the conductor: the musical-historical climate of the beginning of this century in Germany, the great influence o… Read more

OVERNIGHT (Karin Thome, 1973)
This is the first feature film from Karin Thome, who has directed several controversial television documentaries in West Germany. The title übernacht introduces a series of sexual encounters cast in… Read more

Passage (Normand Grégoire, 1973)
The world, as seen through the windows of a speeding train, a kaleidoscope of fleeting images, accompanied mainly by the rhythm of the train—itself, invisible throughout the film. ... Read more

People Like Albert (Keith Hulse, 1973)
Two thirds of Britain's prison population of 45,000 are petty criminals who are unable to adjust to life after their release. Most of them commit further crimes and drift back into the haven of the p… Read more

Peter and Ruby (Colin Gregg, 1973)
This is a film portrait in which the words are mostly Peter Hannaford's, an eighty-year-old Dartmoor smallholder and cattle doctor, living with his first cousin, Ruby French. The last of his kind, he… Read more

PHOTOGRAPHY (Pál Zolnay, 1973)
It is New Year's Eve, and merrymakers crowd the streets. Two photographers wander amongst them taking snap-shots. People are only too willing to pose for them, hoping the picture will turn out better… Read more

Piet Mondriaan, a Film-essay (Nico Crama, 1973)
The film traces Mondriaan's development from naturalism, through cubism, to pure abstraction. The sound track combines a sparse commentary with quotations from Mondriaan's own words. ... Read more

Player's Liberation (Bora Sajtinac, 1973)
An animated parable on a man's struggle against overwhelming odds. ... Read more

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