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The Bolero (Allan Miller, 1973)
This film takes the viewer into the musicians world. In early planning and casual rehearsals, we share in conductor Zubin Mehta's perspective on the musical values he will build into the performance … Read more

The Boubou Tie (Daniel Kamwa, 1973)
It is a short story film about an African diplomat who returns to native country after a long stay in Europe, and discovers that he has assimilated too much white culture. ... Read more

The Conqueror (Radivoje Gvozdanović, 1973)
A man conquers a high peak, and what is his reward? ... Read more

THE CONVERSATION (Francis Ford Coppola, 1973)
Sandwiched between The Godfather Parts I and 2, Francis Ford Coppola's The Conversation is as gripping a piece of up-to-the-minute suspense drama that one could hope to find, although. strangely enou… Read more

The Door (Zlatko Grgić, 1973)
Maxi Cat at the door. . . ... Read more

The Egg (Zlatko Grgić, 1973)
A cat is trying to be a sculptor. ... Read more

The Flower (Zdzislaw Kudla, 1973)
A black animated allegory about gratitude. ... Read more

The Friends (Zoran Tadić, 1973)
A documentary film about an old woman and a she-goat who live together as friends in the wilderness of the Dalmatian "Zagora", the film is actually a document on human loneliness. ... Read more

The History of the Motor Car Part 1: The Dawn of Motoring (Bill Mason, 1973)
The film follows the development of the motor car from the invention of the wheel until 1895. when the first cars began to appear on the roads. Many of the successful machines, and some of the failur… Read more

The Hole (Maxi Cat Series) (Zlatko Grgić, 1973)
Grgić's cross between a beach toy and Sylvester the Cat, has only a hunch about what's going on in the world. ... Read more

THE HOLY OFFICE (Arturo Ripstein, 1973)
The Holy Office, directed by Arturo Ripstein, is set at the end of the sixteenth century in Mexico City. During the burial of the father of the Carbajal family, the eldest son, Friar Gaspar, notices … Read more

The Last Cartoon Man (Jeffrey Hale, Derek Lamb, 1973)
A vaudeville performer who will do anything to please his audience . . . ... Read more

The Line (Yannis Koutsouris, 1973)
The history of man and his creations, and the stresses from which he suffers. ... First prize, short films - Thessaloniki, 1973. ... Read more

THE LONG GOODBYE (Robert Altman, 1973)
Antiheroic, unshaven slob Philip Marlowe (Elliott Gould) lives in a contemporary Los Angeles that seems to have completely passed him by. Marlowe is perpetually mum­bling under his breath the man… Read more

THE MACK (Michael Campus, 1973)
Never has a film lionised the sex industry to such an extent. And despite its down tone, it's deadly serious. Max Julien - not exactly a good-lookin' dude - struts around embarrassingly in definitive… Read more

The Maggot (George Dunning, 1973)
Heroin addiction among school age American Negroes. The dealer and his horrifying alter ego. the vulture, are finally rejected. ... Prix D'Information, Annecy, 1973. ... Read more

The Making of a Ballet, Rudi van Dantzig, a Choreographer and his World (Jan Vrijman, 1973)
A record of the day-to-day work of Rudi van Dantzig, director of the Netherlands' National Ballet Company. The film follows the genesis of a new ballet, and also shows Nureyev rehearsing a part in on… Read more

The Man With The Movie Camera (David Crosswaite, 1973)
Synopsis not available Read more

THE MOUTH WIDE OPEN (Maurice Pialat, 1973)
The Mouth Wide Open received enthusiastic reviews when it was screened privately during last year's festival at Cannes. It is the third feature film from Maurice Pialat, following Naked Childhood (ab… Read more

The Nutcracker (B. Stepantsev, 1973)
An animated version of the well known fairy tale, with Tchaikovsky's music on the sound track. ... Read more

The Owl (Aleksander Ilić, 1973)
"I wanted to make a film, a message. 1 wanted it to be accepted by the" wider viewing public. The phenomenon of evil, violence, massacre in the animal world, is, in a way. identical to human aggressi… Read more

THE PEDESTRIAN (Maximilian Schell, 1973)
Heinze Giese, an ageing German industrialist, has recently been in a car accident in which his eldest son was killed. Because Giese crossed through a red light, he has lost his driving licence and is… Read more

THE PEDLAR OF THE FOUR SEASONS (Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1973)
This is the story of Hans, whose life was ruined by five women. ... His mother forces him to continue his high school education, forbidding him to learn an honest trade, which he always wanted. He jo… Read more

THE PISTOL (Jiri Tirl, 1973)
This film is about the education of Viktor B. Viktor was born in 1949; his father a handyman, and his mother a general worker. His first five years were spent with his grandmother in Baar. His period… Read more

THE PLACE FOR NO STORY (Philip Greene, 1973)
Filmed almost entirely from a helicopter and without commentary, this documentary records California's panoramic and awesome beauty, from the State's dramatic coastline to its varied countryside. ... Read more

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