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The Primitive Version (Paul Dopff, 1973)
This animated film, a 'souvenir of the Thirties', tells the curious story of a struggle between a devil and an angel. ... Read more

THE REALISATION OF DESIRE (Svetlana Druzhinina, 1973)
The title of this film is taken from the novel of the same name by V. Kaverin. ... Nikolai Trubacbevsky is studying philology at the university of Leningrad. The lecture halls are filled with gay you… Read more

The Reprieve (John Lind, 1973)
In southern Russia in 1922. a White Russian officer is about to be hanged by the Bolsheviks in the closing phase of the Civil War. However, a man on a white horse is spotted on the horizon . . . ... Read more

The Safebreaker (Jaromil Jires, 1973)
A documentary about a safe-cracker who became quite famous after the war, meeting the police inspector who arrested him 25 years ago. After serving his sentence, the safe-cracker became a guard and n… Read more

The Scene from Melbury House (British Transport Films, 1973)
British Transport Films used spare lengths of film to record the varied daily lives of their neighbours as seen from the roof of their building in London's Marylebone. The late Ralph Vaughan Williams… Read more

The Silverfish King (Papon Arts (J. P. & Lillian Somersaulter), 1973)
A humorous, yet alarming glimpse ... into the mind of a person whose ... grip on reality is tenuous, revealed ... through the idiosyncratic doodles of ... the narrator. ... Read more

THE SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE (Victor Erice, 1973)
This is the first full-length feature from Victor Erice. It deals with childhood fantasies and family relationships. On a Sunday in 1940. a cinema truck visits a small town in the Castilian plains. I… Read more

The Story of a Painter (Nikola Majdak, 1973)
The work of the painter and graphic artist, Janez Bernik, is well known, both in Yugoslavia and beyond its borders. The paintings of this outstanding artist form the basic inspiration for the film, w… Read more

THE TRAITORS (Members of Grupo Cine de la Base, 1973)
The Traitors is directed and performed by a group of professional and amateur film-makers known only as the Grupo Cine de la Base. They are drawn from Argentina's new revolutionary left, and the main… Read more

THE WANDERERS (Kon Ichikawa, 1973)
Set in nineteenth century Japan, The Wanderers has been likened in its theme to Easy Rider. It follows the adventures of three "toseinins', unemployed young men who roam the countryside, living off p… Read more

Theatre (Explorations in Shaw.) (Francis Chapman, 1973)
Eminent personalities associated with the theatre, among them Dame Sybil Thorndyke, for whom "St. Joan" was written a half century ago, engage in animated comment on Shaw, his plays, his theatrical s… Read more

THEMROC (Claude Faraldo, 1973)
Michel Piccoli financed this film. which was conceived, scripted and directed by Claude Faraldo. Piccoli plays the title role of a hairy worker who freaks out at work, sleeps wish his sister and amon… Read more

THREE THE HARD WAY (Gordon Parks Jr., 1973)
Three cities: LA, Washington and Detroit. Cesspools of the 70s urban black. A pseudo-Nazi plan will cleanse these American citadels of the Negroid gene. Their water supplies will be injected with a s… Read more

Time (Jože Bevc, 1973)
This is a film about Citizen Urban, who never has enough time. His wife is at home, waiting. Urban hurries on. and in his haste, even manages to overtake time .... ... Read more

TOUR EN L'AIR (Grant Munro, 1973)
'Tour en I'air' is a ballet term meaning a complete single, double or trlpie turn in the air. The film presents Anna Marie and David Holmes, Canadian ballet team (earlier seen in Norman McLaren's Bal… Read more

Undercurrents (Robin Lehman, 1973)
A glimpse into the fantastic world beneath the sea. ... Silver Medal, Moscow, 1973. Gold Medal, Atlanta, 1973. ... Read more

To celebrate the anniversary of the establishment of Warner Brothers Pictures Inc. by the four film exhibitor Warner brothers fifty years ago, this compilation film was prepared. The film shows excer… Read more

Water and Spirit (John A. Stewart, 1973)
A visual meditation on water as it ... relates to the sacrament of ... Baptism. ... Read more

We Have No Answer (Louis Van Gasteren, 1973)
A human being of an older generation in today's environment. A farmer's wife. 63 years old, somewhere in France, makes up her mind about her past life and the future existence of others. Today's situ… Read more

Wendy Darling (Gilberto Pulido, 1973)
A young, seemingly helpless girl is abducted by a gang of four youths. Held hostage in an abandoned, decaying warehouse cellar, her vulnerability is more imagined than real. Systematically, she destr… Read more

What Color is the Wind? (Allan Grant, 1973)
A true story of twin boys, one born blind, and their parents' determination to treat both equally and to help share their different worlds of darkness and light. ... Read more

Whatever Happened to Green Valley (Peter Weir, 1973)
Peter Weir makes a spoof current affairs documentary. Playing a TV reporter himself, he demonstrates how the reporting of Green Valley, a housing commission estate, had been subjected to very harsh p… Read more

When Roobarb Made a Spike (Grange Calveley, 1973)
Roobarb finds that trying to be a bird, instead of a dog. causes difficulties. ... Read more

Windmill II (Chris Welsby, 1973)
Synopsis not available Read more

Within Southern Louisiana (Jean-Pierre Bruneau, 1973)
The 'Cajuns', the last French-speaking minority remaining in the United States, are descendants of the first Frenchmen who settled in Canada in the 17th century. Deported by the British in the 18th c… Read more

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