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Cat's Cradle (Paul Driessen, 1974)
An animated film about the threads that pervade life: from spider's webs to man-made threads for children's games or hangman's ropes. ... Read more

CÉLINE AND JULIE GO BOATING (Jacques Rivette, 1974)
This long film from Jacques Rivette spins a fantasy deriving from Alice in Wonderland, and from a minor tale by Henry James. Julie, a librarian, is sitting in a park in Montmartre, reading a book of … Read more

Cemetery of the Elephants (Armando Robles Godoy, 1974)
A youth. A doorway. An old man. One comes out. One goes in. The world is unconquered. ... Read more

Climates (Suzanne Gervais, 1974)
An animated film expressing the emotional turmoil of a young couple in love. ... Read more

CONTINENT OF ICE (Luigi Turolla, 1974)
The Continent of Ice is the Antarctic. The film first deals with the early explorations and includes some rare film footage of Scott and Amundsen. Then it presents the sparse flora and fauna of the r… Read more

CREE HUNTERS OF MISTASSINI (Boyce Richardson, Tony Ianuzielo, 1974)
Canada's huge James Bay power project creates a conflict between the hunting culture in the area, and the white technical culture which would become dominant there. The film shows the Cree hunters' a… Read more

Curtain (John Scarlett-Davis, 1974)
Synopsis not available Read more

Cycles (Jordan Belson, Stephen Beck, 1974)
An abstract colour film incorporating images produced by computer, and photographs manipulated by computer. The theme of the film derives from Hindu Chakras and from "The Secret Life of Plants". ... Read more

Dark (Paul Winkler, 1974)
Using experimental camera techniques, the film expresses the explosion of pent-up emotions relating to the coming out of the Australian Aboriginal from Dreamtime to Action-time. ... Read more

Death of a Rat (Pascal Aubier, 1974)
Man's exploitation by man automatically creates violence. And man's exploitation by man — the worst of all the forms of aggression — always ends in death. ... Read more

Diary (Nedeljko Dragić, 1974)
Memories, nostalgia, alienation, the ephemeral quality of life . . . these are the subjects of this animated diary. ... Read more

Diary Found With the Ants (Georges Sénéchal, 1974)
Sebastien Maurelle is a gamekeeper at the castle. He lives a secluded and carefree life, until the day he comes face to face with a terrifying reality: his own death. He ponders on the nature of slee… Read more

Dirt (Marcell Jankovics, 1974)
An executive is splashed with mud on the street. His anger starts a chain reaction. ... Read more

The Sakkudei live on the island of Siberut, off the West Coast of Sumatra, in valleys cut off from the rest of the world. They live in harmony wilh their environment, unlike other groups which made c… Read more

Don't (Robin Lehman, 1974)
The complete biological life history of a Monarch Butterfly, and all the friends and enemies he meets along the way. ... Read more

DREAMLAND (Donald Brittain, 1974)
This film documents the history of the Canadian cinema from its earliest days to 1939. It contains generous excerpts from films produced during the period, and offers vigorous criticism of the Americ… Read more

Drum Cigarette Tobacco - ‘Matches' (Ian Hart, 1974)
T.V. commercial advertising tobacco. ... Golden Reel, Australian Film Awards ... Read more

ELEKTREIA (Miklós Jancsó, 1974)
Elektreia is based on a play by Laszlo Gyurko that has been playing continuously in Budapest for the past five years. It is adapted from the Greek original, and Jancsd has freely changed the adaptati… Read more

Experimental (Robin Lehman, 1974)
The film deals with man's attempts to fly. It lakes a light-hearted look at some of the strange machines which have been invented to try to overcome the force of gravity. ... Read more

FASCISTA (Nico Naldini, 1974)
Edited from newsreels made during Mussolini's reign by the Italian State film instrumentality, Giornale Luce, the Fascista covers the period from 24 October 1922 (a Fascist rally in Naples at which p… Read more

Footprint (Jacques Armand Cardon, 1974)
A philosophical tale about the moulding of children into a social pattern. ... Read more

Footsteps (Marilyn Halford, 1974)
Synopsis not available Read more

FOXY BROWN (Jack Hill, 1974)
"Superbad. Dig it. The lady is Superbad." Willie Hutch's theme song says it all - with drum machines, even. Pam Grier is Foxy Brown and all that. A sassy woman whose performances have defined the fel… Read more

From These Roots (William Greeves, 1974)
With the use of still photographs alone, the film attempts to recreate the social and political climate of the 'Harlem Renaissance'—a period of great artistic and cultural activities in the 192… Read more

Gift of Laughter (Edward Anderson, 1974)
A record about the production of a feature film, directed by Blake Edwards, and demonstrating the close relationship between the director and his star: Peter Sellers. ... Read more

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