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Good Morning (Václav Bedřich, 1974)
A plea for the preservation of nature. ... Read more

Goodbye Cambodia (Peter Du Cane, 1974)
Intended as a 'monument' to the soldiers and people of Cambodia, living under the shadow of American bombing, the film is also a ritual celebration of the sexuality of the war in Indo-China. ... Read more

Hello Budapest (Elek Lisziák, 1974)
The atmosphere of Budapest reconstructed from contemporary picture postcards. ... Read more

HELP! THE DOCTOR IS DROWNING (Nikolai van der Heyde, 1974)
The robust doctor, Angelino, occupies a central position in his village community. He is surrounded by colourful characters, and most of them are his patients. But one of them strikes him especially:… Read more

HIMIKO (Masahiro Shinoda, 1974)
Takehiko returns from a pre-historic land to his own country which is ruled by the words of the sun god. Only Himiko can hear and understand these messages, and she relays them to the king, his two s… Read more

Home and Away (Michael Alexander, 1974)
The story of a little boy who leaves his Scottish island to go to school on the mainland. ... Read more

Home Movie (A. Aldred, 1974)
Life in the director's home from late summer through to spring, when a new member of the family is born. ... Read more

Hotspot (Robin Lehman, 1974)
Robin Lehman went down into the crater of the Nyiragongo volcano to capture the terrifying, yet spellbinding explosion of molten lava at its very source. ... Read more

HUMAN TORNADO (Cliff Roquemore, 1974)
Gratuitous use of disco mirror balls, fake furs, big butts and the word 'muthafucker'. Welcome to the rhinestone world of Rudy Ray Moore. Entrepreneurial brother from Planet Black. Incomprehensible, … Read more

Hunger (Peter Foldes, 1974)
The stark contrast between super-abundance and hunger is forcefully depicted in this short film by means of computer-assisted animation. ... Jury Prize, Cannes. Golden Hugo, Chicago. Gold Medal, Barc… Read more

In Great Waters (Laurence Henson, 1974)
A story of the young, modern fishermen of Scotland who use new, up-to-date techniques for their excursions in the western and northern seas. The film shows the whole process of hunting, catching, lan… Read more

Isaac Singer's Nightmare and Mrs. Pupko's Beard (Bruce Davidson, 1974)
Chaim Pupko, a Yiddish writer married to a woman with a beard, invests in the stock market and becomes rich. Pupko wants Isaac Singer to write about him, but Singer refuses, because Pupko bribes crit… Read more

JOHN'S WIFE (Yannick Bellon, 1974)
After sixteen years of marriage, Jean leaves his wife, Nadine. At first she is hysterical at the loss of her husband—she has invested her whole personality in the marriage. ... Her son, an aggr… Read more

LAST GRAVE AT DIMBAZA (Nana Mahomo, Chris Curling, 1974)
A film projecting the life of black people in a racist, white-dominated society. A case study of Dimbaza. ... Read more

Lautrec (Geoff Dunbar, 1974)
By animating Toulouse Lautrec's drawings, Geoff Dunbar creates a personal study of the artist. ... Read more

Lullaby (György Csonka, 1974)
An animated film based on the famous lullaby by Attila Jozsef. ... Read more

MATCHLESS (John Papadopoulos, 1974)
Three misfits live together in what is for them the closest approximation to harmony and contentment. Annie, constantly driven by inner torments, bullies and protects her friend Cynthia, a dreamy epi… Read more

MIRROR (Andrei Tarkovsky, 1974)
Andrei Tarkovsky has directed Ivan's Childhood, Andrei Roublev and Solaris and in doing so he has established himself as one of the most striking and original directors working today. Mirror was made… Read more

Monet in London (David Thompson, 1974)
During the winter months of 1899 and 1901, Claude Monet painted views of Charing Cross Bridge, Waterloo Bridge and the Houses of Parliament. He returned to France with about a hundred canvasses, and … Read more

MOTHER'S HOUSE (Per Blom, 1974)
Petter, who is in his early twenties, has left university in Oslo and broken off his engagement. He is returning home to the small town where he grew up to spend Christmas with his mother, who is a w… Read more

Mr Symbol Man (Bruce Moir, Bob Kinsbury, 1974)
A study of Charles Bliss and the symbols he devised as a comprehensive method of communication. ... Read more

NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW (Sergio Ricardo, 1974)
The Night of the Scarecrow has been described as a folk legend, a social documentary, a passion play, a musical tragi-comedy. It is the second feature directed by Brazilian singer-composer Sergio Ric… Read more

Nine Miles High in a Hot Air Balloon (John Willis, 1974)
In January 1972, at Bhopal, in central India, two young Englishmen, Julian Nott and Felix Pole, floated thousands of feet into the unknown to break the world altitude record for hot-air ballooning &m… Read more

Niugini Culture Shock (Jane Oehr, 1974)
A survey of Niugini (Papua New Guinea), showing the impact of Western development on traditional lifestyles. ... Read more

Nonsense (Jar. Doubrava, Miloš Macourek, Adolf Born, 1974)
A moral tale about a little boy who could make his phantasies materialise. ... Read more

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