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This film follows Alexander Kluge's earlier picture on the female condition, made in 1966, Yesterday's Girl. His new social satire takes as its protagonist an impoverished young housewife, Roswitha, … Read more

Of Time and a River (Harold M. Weiner, 1974)
The film traces the history of the Columbia River Basin in the north-west sector of the United States, 20 million years ago to the present. ... Read more

Old Fashioned Woman (Martha Coolidge, 1974)
A portrait of the filmmaker's New England grandmother, Mabel Tilton Coolidge. Intercutting between her present attitudes and activities, and the events of her past, recreated with her own photos, the… Read more

This film is about the education of Viktor B. Viktor was born in 1949; his father a handyman, and his mother a general worker. His first five years were spent with his grandmother in Baar. His period… Read more

One, Two, Three . . . (Ihab Shaker, 1974)
This animated film demonstrates ... how the slightest departure from ... the daily routine will create ... insoluble problems for some ... people. ... Read more

One-eyed Men are Kings (Edmond Sechan, 1974)
A man lives with his old mother and their dog He befriends people in his neighbourhood through the dog until, one day, it gets lost. ... Read more

ORDERS (Michel Brault, 1974)
Michel Brault wrote and directed this film, which is concerned with the abuses experienced in Quebec during the terrorist scare of October 1970. Brault is also responsible for much of the camerawork,… Read more

Passenger in the Second Class (Borivoje Dovniković, 1974)
An animated film about the train journey between two stations: the first and the last. ... Read more

People in Pictures (Eino Ruutsalo, 1974)
A brief survey of Finnish painting in the light of international trends. ... Read more

Perspectrum (Ishu Patel, 1974)
This animated film uses the phenomenon of perspective to create new effects and illusions. ... Read more

Phased Time² (David Hall, 1974)
Synopsis not available Read more

PHEASANT TOMORROW (Sandor Sara, 1974)
Sandor Sara's second feature as a director is set on a little island on the Danube, once secluded, now overrun by cameras and holiday makers. A young couple, Istvan and Maria, find that their plans f… Read more

Prague Art Nouveau (František Vláčil, 1974)
This is a documentary about the sources of inspiration of the art nouveau in Prague. The film shows art nouveau as an artistic style that penetrated into the everyday life of its time, and as an arti… Read more

PRIMATE (1974) (Frederick Wiseman, 1974)
“It is essentially about one set of primates who have power, using it against another who haven't.” - Guardian ... Prolific documentary filmmaker Frederick Wiseman (whose La Danse is also screeni… Read more

Punishment (Olga Madsen, 1974)
A story about the relationship between a father and his daughter, who can't help punishing each other. ... Read more

Putting on the Ritz (Antoinette Starkiewicz, 1974)
A cartoon cabaret, the characters creating themselves from flowing lines. ... Read more

Quo Vadis? (Rudolf Borošak-Vladimir Hrs, 1974)
Man has less and less space to live in and less and less food. Where will this lead? ... Read more

REHEARSAL (Robert Young, 1974)
A consideration of four different types of musical rehearsals: Opera, the Scots Guards, Wandsworth School and the Incredible String Band. ... Read more

Relax Relax (Yvan Dalain, 1974)
A satirical view of Switzerland, tourist haven to the world. ... Read more

Revisited (Joyce Borenstein, 1974)
This student film explores primordial memories through complex animation techniques. ... Read more

Satellites of the Sun (Sidney Goldsmith, 1974)
The solar system pictured by film animator Sidney Goldsmith (whose Universe was screened at the 1961 Melbourne Film Festival) reflects new knowledge gained from man's probes into space. ... Read more

Sea Creatures (Robin Lehman, 1974)
The life of some of the more unusual sea creatures in the Red Sea. ... Read more

SHADOWMAN (Georges Franju, 1974)
The Man Without A Face is a daring criminal who can assume disguises as readily as Sherlock Holmes. No-one knows what he really looks like, not even the woman who loves him and is his partner in crim… Read more

Contrary to the impression the title may inspire, this German film is concerned with industrial relations. Directed by Christian Ziewer and Klaus Wiese, it deals with the conflicts, ambivalent needs … Read more

SNOWFALL (Ferenc Kósa, 1974)
This film, from Hungarian director Ferenc Kosa, is set in the last year of the second World War. Soldiers dash across sandhills in an obstacle race, chasing a 15-day leave pass for the winner. One so… Read more

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