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Films In 1974

The film traces the history of the Statue of Liberty, from the artist's conception to its completion, and investigates America's changing attitudes towards the meaning of the statue. ... Read more
An elderly railway signalman who watches an isolated crossing is about to retire. He receives the news without understanding what is to happen to him. He and his wife go about their daily chores, sleeping, eating, preparing for another day, that is almost identical to the last. They follow out ... Read more
Smooth, sexy, sweet. Afrodesiac style oozes in every frame. Costume and production design are flagrantly fetishised. Shots usually start with a close-up on clothes, shoes, hats. Marki Bey is Sugar Hill, a fashion photographer. Love those sessions she does. Her main man Langston is offed by Mafia ... Read more
This film follows Dusan Makavejev's origina! and successful comedy, WR: Mysteries of the Organism. He has since been prevented from making further films in Yugoslavia, and Sweef Movie is his first picture made in the West, a French-Canadian production. ... The richest man in the world is looking ... Read more
Who is the wizard whom the cat tries to beat at tennis? ... Read more
Krzysztof Zanussi's film explores an area of contemporary family and sexual life that has been opened up by Bergman's Scenes from a Marriage. Marta is forty, married with a son, and quietly unhappy with it all. Her husband, a scientist, is faithful and dull; she begins to ponder whether her life ... Read more
A cartoon about a browned-off Bear, who, having just lost his job, has the Christmas blues. ... Read more
An outrageous satirical broadside in which President Nixon interacts with speeches, plays, and killings on television, and with his own ego and guilt. Rip Torn, playing the part of Nixon, combines improvisations with scenes from Shakespeare's Richard III in a portrayal that is at once frightening ... Read more
Peter Weir's first feature was a highly unusual black comedy. Misunderstood for years, The Cars That Ate Paris has overtones of J.G. Ballard's urban science fiction and Jean-Luc Godard's Weekend. In the opening scene travellers enjoying an idyllic country drive in a devilishly clever parody of 70s ... Read more
Robinson Crusoe with a difference. ... Read more
Ermanno Olmi wrote, edited and directed this film about the problems of an upper middle class family. The husband, who is middie-aged. appears likely to lose his job as the company he works for streamlines its operations. His wife also works, and the family runs a cattle farm. The teenage daughter ... Read more
A performing artist arrives at the Royal Albert hall. As he steps onto the black and white stripped pedestrian crossing, each footfall sounds piano notes. Taking up the challenge to his musicianship, the maestro improvises a dance. ... Read more
This film is based on a novel by Hendrik Conscience and is set in 1833. Recruiting for the army is being carried out by drawing lots in the village square. This type of conscription was known as the Blood Law. Jan draws a free lot, but is persuaded to take someone else's place for a sum of money ... Read more
This is the first film released in Iran from director Dariush Mehrjui since his earlier films, The Cowand The Postman, The Cycle looks critically at corruption in the medical services provided by the city for the poor. ... An energetic seventeen-year-old has come with his sick and complaining ... Read more
An impressionistic account of the testing of a new blast furnace at the Titov Veles smelting works. ... Read more
An animated film on the invention of ... inventions. ... Read more
This is the story of John Henry, a black American folk hero. In the Big Ben Tunnel, he pitted his strength in competition with the new-fangled steam drill, driving the steel bit into rock with his huge hammer. John Henry drove through the mountain first, but died as he broke through. ... Gold Medal ... Read more
Bergman's interpretation of Mozart's The Magic Flute spins a tale as ethereal and timeless as Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream. Tamino (Josef Kostlinger) is a knight of pure spirit, enticed by the Queen of the Night into abducting her daughter Pamina (Irma Urilla). Her captor, Sarastro (Ulrik ... Read more
The story is set in the valley of Moruz, which contains the town of Moruz and St. Claret, about 25 kilometres apart. Paul,34, is the director of a factory in St. Claret. His father is a small farmer from the village of Eligoz (popularity called the middle of the world). Paul marries an upper middle ... Read more
The Oddballs is set at the turn of the century, in a small Georgian town blessed with two eccentric individuals who upset the town's settled ways: Christofor and Ertaoz. ... Ertaoz's father dies and, true to Georgian custom, he has to pay the dead man's debts. He goes to the city to earn some ... Read more
This animated film illustrates the Eskimo fable about the tragicomical love story of an owl and a goose. ... Read more
A toilet-eye view of a party. ... Read more
A warm portrait of a family bakery, which has been run for 65 years out of the same tiny shop in the middle of an old-fashioned looking street market which still exists in Toronto, Canada. The mixture of Jewish, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese and Jamaican immigrants has preserved the old-world ... Read more
The consequences of hanging one's own portrait on the wall... ... Read more
The Secret, by Robert Enrico, features Jean-Louis Trintignant as an escapee from a police psychiatric ward. He has killed a guard during his escape, and makes for the country to hide in the mountains. There he comes across Thomas, a writer, and his wife Julia, who are themselves escaping from city ... Read more
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