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The Stone (Ferenc Rófusz, 1974)
A stone is a stone is a stone. ... Read more

The Trap (Aleksander Ilić, 1974)
In this allegory, a bird catcher uses the song of a caged male bird to catch females on the sticky branches of the bushes nearby. ... Read more

THE VALIANT ONES (King Hu, 1974)
The Valiant Ones was made in Taiwan by Chinese film-maker King Hu, who has already directed A Touch of Zen, and The Fate ot Lee Khan. His latest film is set in the sixteenth century. Japanese pirates… Read more

THE WAY TO PLEASURE (Claude Chabrol, 1974)
A kind of confessional realism is bound up with a fictional form in this latest film from Claude Chabrol. His regular scriptwriter, Paul Gegauff, based the story on the break-up of his own common-law… Read more

This Is My House (Jonathan Power, 1974)
Filmed in Holloway, North London, a cinema verite record of the struggle of a group of tenants, black and white, who establish what is probably Britain's first housing co-operative. ... Read more

Transiberian Express (Russell Hall, Rowland Wilson, 1974)
An advertising film for Count Pushkin Vodka. ... Bronze Lion, Venice. Clio Statuette, New York. ... Read more

TRUCK TURNER (Jonathan Kaplan, 1974)
No doubt. Truck Turner is the best Blaxploitation film. Many come near but this one rides high on top. This is Issac Hayes (Mack 'Truck' Turner) inside and out: from his dropped-octave murmuring to h… Read more

Valley Forge (Caleb Deschanel, 1974)
A chronicle of the encampment of George Washington's army at Valley Forge in the winter of 1777-1778; the midst of the American Revolution. ... Read more

Vilgot Sjöman (Karsten Wedel, 1974)
A film portrait of Vilgot Sjoman, made during the shooting of his film, A Handful of Love, in 1973. ... Sjoman talks about himself, his films (several of which are illustrated by excerpts), and film … Read more

Vis Maior (Zlatko Pavlinić, 1974)
An attempt to escape from prison does not usually finish happily. ... Read more

WAITING FOR FIDEL (Michael Rubbo, 1974)
In 1974, an interview was arranged between two Canadians and Fidel Castro, and Michael Rubbo tagged along to make a record of the conversation. While waiting to be called by Castro, the Canadians wer… Read more

Walled Away from the Future (Henri Jouf, 1974)
Under the cover of night, a man overcomes numerous obstacles in order to escape from a prison. ... Read more

WE TALK, YOU LISTEN (Michel Davaud, 1974)
Shot at their convention at Standing Rock, this documentary shows the struggle of American Indians for their rights. ... Read more

Who Are We? (Zlatko Grgić, 1974)
An animated film on Canada and how its people got to be the way they are. ... Read more

WHO KILLED JENNY LANGBY? (Dom Crombie, 1974)
Jenny Langby, mother of five children, lived in Port Adelaide, South Australia. At the age of 32, she was dead. ... Who Killed Jenny Langby? This film, in documentary format, is about the events whic… Read more

Wilderness Nomads (Charles Capstick, 1974)
The Wilderness Nomads is a group of boys and girls (ages 14 to 17) who set out with their leader, Mr Frenetee, on a 400-mile, month-long wilderness canoe trip, through a Northern Canadian Wilderness … Read more

WITH YOU AND WITHOUT YOU (Rodion Nakchapetov, 1974)
This film is set against the background of the introduction of collective farming in the U.S.S.R. in the 1930's. A young peasant, Fedor, who has been given a farm by the government, abducts a girl fr… Read more

Worlds of Rudyard Kipling (Peter Baylis, 1974)
Rudyard Kipling: his life and philosophy. ... Read more

XALA (Ousmane Sèmbene, 1974)
Xala means impotence in Senegalese. The story of the film, which centres on the impotence of a newly married man, also touches on some major social issues, and symbolises the cultural, economic and p… Read more

Yudie (Mirra Bank, 1974)
The story of a whole generation is symbolised in this portrait of a witty and independent woman, Yudie. ... Read more

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