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How Much Wood Would A Woodchuck Chuck? (Werner Herzog, 1976)
In one of his most well known documentaries Herzog contrasts the contestants in the 1976 Cattle Auctioning World Championships with the Amish community in which the event is held. The ironic connecti… Read more

HOW YUKONG MOVED THE MOUNTAINS (Joris Ivens, Marceline Loriden, 1976)
Jons Ivens' involvement with China began in 1938, when he filmed his The 400 Million, his account of the Sino-Japanese War. He returned to China again in the '50s and '60s, then filmed, with his wife… Read more

Icarus and the Philosophers (F. Chitruk, 1976)
Icarus said, I can fly. The philosophers were not impressed. ... Read more

If Brains Were Dynamite, You Wouldn't Have Enough to Blow Your Nose (Peter Bors, Thom Burstyn, John Laing, 1976)
A documentary about Mark Trent, Montreal artist, who dedicates himself to expressing the horrors of our environment by creating shockingly realistic 'environments' of plastic resin sculpture, which d… Read more

IN THE REALM OF THE SENSES (Nagisa Oshima, 1976)
A film about a grand passion, an insatiable love based on a real case in Japan concerning the relationship between Kichizo, a married inn-keeper, and Sada, a serving girl Their brief and intense affa… Read more

John and the Magic Music Man (Ciarin Scott, 1976)
A film designed to introduce the instruments of the orchestra to young people, using a fantasy story about a boy's encounter with almost human instruments. ... Read more

JONAS - WHO WILL BE 25 IN THE YEAR 2000 (Alain Tanner, 1976)
Alain Tanner, whose earlier films from Salamander to The Middle of the World, were shown in previous Festivals in Melbourne, has created the most ambitious and complex of his socio-political comedies… Read more

Karine (Robert Cahen, 1976)
An experimental film, tracing the growth of a little girl, using mostly photographs, minute segments of film, and a minimal sound track. ... Read more

KINGS OF THE ROAD (Wim Wenders, 1976)
Two men cross the middle of Germany, from Luneburg to Hof along the East German frontier. Bruno travels in a moving van that he uses to camp in; he is a projectionist and repairs movie equipment. Alo… Read more

Kudzu (Marjorie A. Short, 1976)
An unusual documentary about Kudzu(PuerariaThunbergiana), a vine threatening to take over large portions of the Southern landscape of the USA. ... Imported from Japan in the 1930s for erosion control… Read more

La Soufrière (Werner Herzog, 1976)
When vulcanologists predicted that La Soufriere would erupt, Werner Herzog rushed to the small Caribbean island of Guadelope to capture the explosion The population had already been evacuated from th… Read more

Last Stand Farmer (Richard Brick, 1976)
A documentary record, filmed through four seasons, of the life and philosophy of an elderly hill farmer and his struggle to keep his 19th century farm operation going. ... Read more

Later That Night (Barbara Bottner, 1976)
A brief, animated dream sequence, dealing symbolically with male-female power. ... Read more

Leisure (Bruce Petty, 1976)
Leisure is an important aspect of life today. The pressures of urban living are placing new strains on the individual which leisure can release. Leisure can be immensely creative or insufferably dull… Read more

Leisure (Bruce Petty, 1976)
Winner of the 1977 Academy Award for Best Short Animated Film, cartoonist Bruce Petty explores the links between work and leisure in a humorous, inventive way. ... Read more

LETTERS FROM MARUSIA (Miguel Littin, 1976)
Letters from Marusia is the chronicle of ... a workers' strike in a small Chilean town ... in 1907. The foreman of the English- ... owned Marusia Mining Co. Ltd. has ... been killed by a hot headed w… Read more

LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN (Barbara Greene, 1976)
Twin Valleys is a rehabilitation centre for young people in Southern Ontario. Drug takers, delinquents and people with psychiatric problems are referred from the courts and psychiatric institutions. … Read more

LOS CANADIENSES (Albert Kish, 1976)
Using newsreel footage and interviews, the film tells the story of Canadians who fought in the Spanish Civil War on the Republican side It also takes a thoughtful look at Canada during the Great Depr… Read more

LUNATICS AND LOVERS (Flavio Mogherini, 1976)
The amorous adventures of a Venetian nobleman. ... No further information available. ... Read more

MADO (Claude Sautet, 1976)
Last year's Melbourne Film Festival was opened by Vincent. Francois, Paul et les autres; in his new film, Mado, Claude Sautet returns to the crises of the middle-aged bourgeois. ... A 50 year-old bus… Read more

MANTHAN (Vijay Tendulkar, 1976)
A group of young people, headed by a ... veterinary surgeon, arrive at an impoverished Indian village to help start a milk co-operative. They come up against two kinds of vested interest a private co… Read more

many classic moments (Gary Capo, 1976)
First released in 1978, the near-forgotten classic surf movie [Many Classic Moments] all but disappeared after its successful initial screenings. Now it's back, better than ever, a remastered time ca… Read more

Mao by Mao (René Vienet, 1976)
This autobiography of Mao Tse Tung is a compilation of rare and hitherto unknown film material that presents an unusual portrait of the Chinese leader. ... The commentary is composed exclusively of p… Read more

MARRIAGE OF FIGARO (Jean-Pierre Ponnelle, 1976)
Jean-Pierre Ponnelle's Marriage of Figaro remains one of the definitive examples of the genre. A bold and ambitious production, Ponnelle made no compromises with this live staging. Following the acti… Read more

Maud Lewis, a World Without Shadows (Diane Beaudry, 1976)
A documentary about a primitive artist who lived in a remote part of Nova Scotia and 'painted the things we dream of'. ... Read more

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