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SECOND WIND (Donald Shebib, 1976)
In Don Shebib's first film since Between Friends, he focuses on the life and career of a successful young stockbroker. Roger, who is thirty, has just been made vice-president of his brokerage firm. H… Read more

Shapes of Cornish (Andrea Wonfor, 1976)
Norman Cornish, the former pitman who has become one of Britain's foremost painters, describes the shapes and sights that tie him to his native village of Spennymoor in north-eastern England. ... Read more

SHIRIN'S WEDDING (Helma Sanders, 1976)
Shirin, a young Turkish giri, escapes from an arranged marriage and travels to West Germany, where she searches Cologne for Mahumet, the man she had hoped to marry. He has come to Germany from Turkey… Read more

Short Circus - Knots (Lindesay Dresdon, 1976)
From a television series for children, Knots demonstrates the idea of knot-tying as a function and theme of various crafts. ... Read more

Sing Joyfully (Peter Rosen, 1976)
The Choir School of St. Thomas Church is the only remaining church-related, live-in, choir school in the United States. Musically, it is ranked third in the world. This film follows the lives of the … Read more

SLUM BOY (Giulio Paradisi, 1976)
The story, told in comic key, takes place in Rome in modern times. ... After school hours, Ettore often joins a group of friends with whom he indulges in acts of petty crime and violence. After a cri… Read more

Soccer Games (Joachim Kreck, 1976)
A succession of soccer action shots are technically manipulated, and presented with matching acoustic patterns. ... Read more

Spike - A Montana Horseman (David Hoffman, Harry Wiland, 1976)
A documentary on the life of an extraordinary man, who operates a ranch in the state of Montana. ... Read more

Squeaker's Mate (David Baker, 1976)
Squeaker and his mate are a primitive, illiterate, poverty-stricken pair, who eke out a miserable living from felling timber in the remote bush. They are bound together in a destructive relationship … Read more

Still Life (Jenny Okun, 1976)
Synopsis not available Read more

Symbiosis (Dave Cox, 1976)
An animated film about the threatened symbiotic relationship between an island, its residents and visitors. ... Read more

Thank You, Sirs (Václav BedÅ™ich, 1976)
A wry tribute to Messrs. Daimler and Lenoir, inventors of the motorcar. ... Read more

THE AMERICAN FRIEND (Wim Wenders, 1976)
Wim Wenders' new film is a crime thriller, based on a novel 'Ripley's Game' by Patricia Highsmith, who wrote the book on which Strangers on a Train was based. Once again an innocent man is asked to k… Read more

THE APPLE GAME (Vera Chytilová, 1976)
A young nurse, Anna Simova, works at a Prague maternity hospital John (played by film director, Jin Menzel) a doctor with whom she works is cool and ironic He is single and has an affair with a marri… Read more

The Art of Eating (Doug Jackson, 1976)
A mouth-watering account of a meeting of gourmets. ... Read more

THE BAKER'S BREAD (Erwin Keusch, 1976)
Erwin Keusch's comedy describes the troubles of a small baker in an age of ... automation and supermarket sales. A young man becomes an apprentice baker in a small town. After ten years, having passe… Read more

The Captive Child (Jean-Michel Carré, 1976)
A story film on the theme of the alienation of a nine year old child by his surroundings, and its effects on his present and future life. ... Read more

THE CHICAGO MATERNITY CENTER STORY (Jenny Rohrer, Sue Davenport, Jerry Blumenthal, Gordon Quinn, Sharon Karp, 1976)
For more than 75 years, the Chicago Maternity Center delivered babies at home to thousands of mothers. When plans for an expensive new women's hospital threatened the Center's future, Black, Latina a… Read more

The Cigar (Zlatko Grgić, 1976)
Everything a cat and a cigar could get up to. ... Read more

This mediaeval tragedy, shot in 16 mm, was made on a budget of only $23,000 It tells a classic tale of illicit love the hero, Amans, studies at a student-run university, and has high ideals about liv… Read more

THE CONTEXT (Francesco Rosi, 1976)
Francesco Rosi takes up a theme already mined by Elio Petri: political intrigue among officials who plot assassinations and ruthlessly suppress dissent in Italy. An inspector is given the job of inve… Read more

THE DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND (Fred Schepisi, 1976)
Selected for The Director's Fortnight at the 1976 Cannes Film Festival, The Devil's Playground, set in a college-seminary, reveals the effects of rigid institutional control on people of a variety of… Read more

THE DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND (M) (Fred Schepisi, 1976)
"The people in Fred Schepisi's The Devil's Playground are like sculpted figures that glow with their own light." - New Yorker ... The Devil's Playground revolves around Tom Allen, a 13-year-old boy g… Read more

THE EYES (Lester Peries, 1976)
An unattractive young man with buck teeth from a village in Sri Lanka spies on the local girls, and is generally an object of ridicule among the villagers He is defended by his mother, who rescues hi… Read more

THE FIRST TIME (Claude Berri, 1976)
Claude Bern takes a semi-autobiographical look at the first, clumsy, sexual experiences of a teenage boy in the 1950s The child from his first feature, The Two of Us, (Alain Cohen) is now sixteen, an… Read more

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