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To Shoot A Mad Dog (David Elfick, 1976)
To Shoot a Mad Dog is an insight into the making of Philippe Mora's Mad Dog Morgan, which features Dennis Hopper at his manic worst/best.Screens with Long Weekend.---D/P David Elfick TD 16mm/1976/26m… Read more

Toilette (Joan Freeman, 1976)
A clay animation portrait of a woman who is unable to make up her mind about who she really is or wants to be. ... First Prize for First Film, International Animated Film Festival. ... Read more

TREE OF DESIRES (T. Abuladze, 1976)
This film is based on an autobiographical story by Georgi Leonidze, one of the founders of Soviet Georgian literature. Farmers and shepherds live in a nameless village on the banks of a river that dr… Read more

UNION MAIDS (Julie Reichert, James Klein, Miles Mogulesen, 1976)
A stirring history of three women's experience in labour organising in Chicago in the '30s, told through interviews mixed with archive newsreels and period photographs. The film raises the issues of … Read more

Versailles I & II (Chris Garratt, 1976)
Synopsis not available Read more

VICTORY MARCH (Marco Bellocchio, 1976)
Marco Bellocchio's Victory March is a bitter indictment of military establishments and their training methods. The director takes up the theme of his earlier film on the warping effects that rigid in… Read more

Canadian novelist. Malcolm Lowry, wrote one of the major novels of this century, 'Under the Volcano', but is relatively little known outside university and literary circles. Volcano: An Inquiry into … Read more

WELCOME TO BRITAIN (Ben Lewin, 1976)
Half a mile from London's Heathrow airport, a wire enclosed compound holds visitors from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, East Africa and Cyprus, who arrived without an immigration permit. ... Amidst the… Read more

WELCOME TO L.A. (Alan Rudolph, 1976)
Alan Rudolph has had a long association with Robert Altman, as assistant director on The Long Goodbye, California Split, and Nashville, and as co-writer of Buffalo Bill and the Indians. His film, Wel… Read more

WIN (Claire Mussell, 1976)
The second part of a trilogy by Claire ... Mussell about her own family, is a portrait of her mother, Win, a woman of 57, who has been blind since her twenties. ... In spite of her handicap, Win trie… Read more

Windowframe (Roger Hewins, 1976)
Synopsis not available Read more

Woman on a Roof (James O'Brien, 1976)
A student film in which the relationships between three building workers are disturbed by the presence of a woman sunbathing on the roof opposite. ... Read more

ZERO HOUR (Edgar Reitz, 1976)
It is July 1945; a small group of Germans are waiting in a suburb of Leipzig for the Russians to move in. The Americans have just pulled out of the area after occupying it first. ... The country is a… Read more

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