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This is an intimate look at Marc Chagall's life, his imagination and above all, his love: 'Only love interests me, Chagall has said, '”and I am only in contact with things that revolve around love " Read more

Hommage a August Sander (Pavel Schnabel, 1977)
Documentary on German photographer A. Sander (1876-1964), which attempts to reconstruct the special relationship between Sander and the people he photographed, mainly in the country area of the Weste… Read more

Hospitals Don't Burn Down! (Brian Trenchard-Smith, 1977)
Designed primarily as training material for staffs of hospitals, this film dramatically portrays the horror and awful consequences of a tragic event; it demonstrates the results of good and bad train… Read more

HUNGARIANS (Zoltán Fábri, 1977)
The film is constructed in five movements, following the seasons Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and another Winter. The story is set in 1942-43. ... A group of villagers are offered a one year contr… Read more

I, An Actress (George Kuchar, 1977)
A cruel but hilarious document of Kuchar 'directing' a student actress in a monstrously melodramatic scene. Kuchar's own 'performance' talent is supreme as he forces the actress into the extreme hyst… Read more

I, The Centre of the World (Stanislav Remeš, 1977)
An animated film symbolically showing a petty-bourgeois who takes care only of himself. ... Read more

Ice Hockey (Bogdan Dziworski, 1977)
Shot during the last Ice Hockey World Championships held in Poland, the film demonstrates the technique of the game. ... Read more

In the Shadow (Jerzy Kucia, 1977)
An intimate portrait, made up of fragmentary episodes superimposed on a girl swinging rhythmically on a seesaw. ... Read more

The theme of Paul Cox's fourth feature film is the distress that lies at the centre of modern civilization a world without love traces a week in the marriage of Robert and Elizabeth, … Read more

Jacka V.C. (Nigel Buesst, Ross Cooper, 1977)
The life and times of Albert Jacka who was the first Australian VC winner of the First World War, and later mayor of St. Kilda. At the time his heroic exploits seized the popular imagination, and to … Read more

John Heartfield, born in 1901, was a Dadaist, whose speciality was the application of photomontage techniques to political tracts and newspapers. His satirical art works infuriated the Nazis, particu… Read more

La Belle Époque (Lore v. Volkmann-Niessing, 1977)
A poetical analysis of the style, 'Art Nouveau'. ... Read more

La Soufriere (Werner Herzog, 1977)
In August 1976, Werner Herzog travelled with his film team to the French island Guadeloupe, where volcano La Soufriere was about to explode with the power of six atomic bombs... ... Read more

Letter to a Friend (Sonia Hofmann, 1977)
In the stars two lovers float: their souls united through time and space. ... Read more

Light Music (Lis Rhodes, 1977)
Synopsis not available Read more

LISTEN TO THE LION (Henri Safran, 1977)
A surrealist vision of life and afterlife on skid row...blending reality and fantasy into a powerful drama. Wyn Roberts plays Hunter, the down and out who embarks upon an odyssey through the subterra… Read more

Loop (Anna Fodorova, 1977)
Using a variety of techniques, including live action, this film examines the mechanics of the creative process of making an animated film, and the relationship between the creator and his creation. ... Read more

MAN OF MARBLE (Andrzej Wajda, 1977)
It is 1976, Agnieszka, a student of the Polish Film Academy, preparing to make her first TV documentary, chooses for its subject the famous bricklaying shockworker of the Fifties, Birkut. He was a fa… Read more

Man the Killer - Man the Keeper (David Parer, 1977)
Isolated in the vast expanse of the ... storm-swept Southern Ocean, Macquane Island is a life raft and sanctuary for millions of penguins, seals and flying birds that live off the rich Antarctic wate… Read more

Manga (Yoji Kuri, 1977)
A series of mini-stories satirising our world in the 20th Century. ... Bronze Award, Cracow. ... Read more

Manimals (Robin Lehman, 1977)
Manimals takes you into the incredible world of exotic pets, full of love, comedy, ego and tragedy. ... Read more

Marc Chagall: The Colours of Passion (Charles Harris, 1977)
'Marc Chagall' uses Chagall's own statements to develop the positive ideas and attitudes to be found in his art. Nourishing a dazzling command of a variety of artistic media — from oils, lithog… Read more

MARTIN (R) (George Romero, 1977)
“First I will save your soul, then I will destroy you.” ... Just as he demythologised the zombie with his ‘Dead' series, Romero here disinters the vampire with his own remix of the genre. The o… Read more

Medusa Challenger (Steven Elkins, 1977)
This urban fable tells the bittersweet success story of two Chicago flower sellers one of whom is mentally retarded. ... Read more

MELODY IN GREY (Mashiro Shinoda, 1977)
Melody in Grey is set in 1918. Orin, a blind singer, belongs to a group of wandering singers known as the goze. ... When Orin breaks the group's rule of chastity, at the age of 21, she is thrown out … Read more

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