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Mercurious (Stuart Wynn Jones, 1977)
A non-representational animated accompaniment to a piece of light music — a firework display without the bangs — a ballet without the people. ... Read more

Metamorphosis of Mr. Samsa (Caroline Leaf, 1977)
A sand-animated version of the Kafka story about a man who wakes up one day to find that he has turned into a beetle. ... Critics Prize, Annecy ... Read more

Mirror (István Szabó, 1977)
A charming short portrait of everyday life in Budapest filmed by the director with his friends. ... Read more

Monastiraki (Gay Angelis, 1977)
A lyrical documentary about the Athens Flea Market. ... Read more

Movies Are My Life (Peter Hayden, 1977)
The portrait of film director, Martin Scorcese, emerges from interviews with people who worked with him. ... Read more

Music of the Spheres (Jordan Belson, 1977)
A new exploration of the energies galactic spaces and earthly phases of the Universe. ... Read more

NEVER TOO LATE (Jaime de Armiñán, 1977)
A seventy-three year old spinster spies on a young couple in an apartment across the block. She watches as they make love. She is a spinster, she has never experienced sex, and she is profoundly affe… Read more

NICK CARTER IN PRAGUE (Oldrich Lipsky, 1977)
The famous American detective, Nick Carter, is summoned from his New York office by Chief of Police, Inspector Kaunitz of Prague to solve The Mystery of the Century. Countess Thunova's beloved Gert h… Read more

No Apple for Johnny (John Weldon, 1977)
This animated film tells its director s hair-raising experiences as a trainee teacher. ... Read more

NOBODY EVER DIED OF OLD AGE (Herbert Danska, 1977)
In the youth cult society of America the elderly are shunted aside and ignored Nobody Ever Died of Old Age dramatizes the lives of a series of resourcefully independent citizens in their late years, … Read more

NOLAN AT SIXTY (Brian Adams, 1977)
The Australian artist, Sidney Nolan, returns home to receive an Honorary Doctorate of Letters from Sydney University on his sixtieth birthday. This film follows his activities in Australia, England (… Read more

Norman MacCaig: A Man In My Position (Michael Alexander, 1977)
The Scottish poet talks, with great humour and irony, about his role as a poet, his work, and about the function and meaning of poetry. ... Read more

Notes on the Popular Arts (Saul Bass, 1977)
Using live action, animation and special effects, the film demonstrates how the popular arts in America serve as vehicles for 'self-projection, experience-expansion, and fantasy fulfilment'. ... Read more

OMAR GATLATO (Merzak Allouache, 1977)
Omar Gatlato is an Algerian who works in a government office and dreams of sexual conquests. A romantic, he fancies himself as a ladies' man, but never moves outside the circle of his own mates, and … Read more

ONE MAN (Robin Spry, 1977)
An experienced television newsman, Jason Brady, is drawn into a web of corruption and blackmail. He discovers that a factory is polluting the atmosphere in the Montreal slum district of St. Xavier. C… Read more

Otto Messmer and Felix the Cat (John Canemaker, 1977)
Felix the Cat was the first cartoon to express an individual personality in drawings that move. The producer of the films, Pat Sullivan, claimed all the credit for creating and developing Felix the C… Read more

OUTRAGEOUS (Richard Benner, 1977)
Liza Conners. played by Hollis McLaren, escapes from a mental institution and goes to live with her friend, Robin. They last knew each other in high school, he is now a hairdresser with a flair for f… Read more

PADRE PADRONE (Paolo and Vittorio Taviani, 1977)
Set in the mountains of Sardinia, Padre Padrone explores the childhood and adolescence of boys who are compelled to leave school and spend years in isolation as sheep-herders. ... Gavino is at school… Read more

PARADISE PLACE (Gunnel Lindblom, 1977)
The director of Paradise Place, Gunnel Lindblom, played leading roles in several of Ingmar Bergman's films including The Silence In her first feature film, she raises profound questions about the mak… Read more

Puerto Rico: Paradise Invaded (Affonso Beato, 1977)
The contemporary relationship between Puerto Rico and the USA is explored through the experiences of a worker: the demographic and cultural disintegration of Puerto Rican national identity, the envir… Read more

PYJAMA GIRL CASE, The (Flavio Mogherini, 1977)
"A giallo without the typical giallo staples, The Pyjama Girl Case is an innovative and successful rework of the genre." – Digital Retribution ... In 1970s Sydney, Inspector Thompson comes… Read more

RACE, THE SPIRIT OF FRANCO (Gonzalo Herralde, 1977)
Perhaps the most notorious post-war propaganda film was made in 1942 by Spanish director Saenz de Heredia. It was called Race,, and Franco himself was believed to have closely supervised the script. … Read more

RACE, THE SPIRIT OF FRANCO (Gonzalo Herralde, 1977)
Perhaps the most notorious post-war propaganda film was made in 1942 by Spanish director Saenz de Heredia. It was called Race, and Franco himself was believed to have closely supervised the script. S… Read more

Rainbow Way (George Gittoes, 1977)
An experimental film, utilising new photographic techniques, offers unusual images in continual movement and change, of the sea, the sky, refracted sunlight, and natural textures. ... Read more

REMBRANDT FECIT 1669 (Jos Stelling, 1977)
1669, the year in which Rembrandt painted his last self-portraits, and in ... which he died, is the starting point of this dramatised account of some aspects of the great Dutch master's life. ... We … Read more

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