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Films In 1977

A short story film about a trusting husband, his wife, and his friend. ... Read more
A documentary about the European Gymnastics Championships. ... Read more
The first Reggae musical to rival the legendary The Harder They Come, Rockers is set in the same Jamaican and Rastafarian context Its hero. Horsemouth. lives lackadaisically in Kingston and works as a drummer, if he works at all When he tries to supplement his income by selling records, the rate of ... Read more
Since 195, Roger Corman has produced and directed the cream opf Ameerica's B-pictures, and in doing so, has provided a start many American Filmakers. ... A Bucket of Blood, Little Shop of Horrors, The Edgar Allen Poe Chillers, and the Wild Angels were only the beginning. Targets, Deathrace 2000 and ... Read more
A black (and red) little joke about the torturer and the tortured. ... Critics' Prize.Annecy ... Read more
Seurat's dark figures in misty interiors or exteriors are always seen outlined by bursts of light. There is a fascinating atmosphere of profound humanity in these subtle drawings by the master of 'Pointillisme'. ... Read more
The development of a dance from conception to performance. ... Read more
A demonstration of the need for mutual understanding and tolerance in marriage. ... Read more
This Cuba 'western' is based on the diary of Francisco Estevez, the most notorious rancheador (slave hunter) of the troubled colonial period of Latin America. The rancheador was essentially a mercenary, charged by wealthy landowners to hunt down runaway slaves (cimarrones) and return them to their ... Read more
In the Sleepwalkers the stories are interwoven with scenes from an avant-garde theatrical performance, rather in the style and approach of Jacques Rivette. ... Ana works for a committee that seeks the freedom of a group of terrorists who were condemned to death by a military court during the Burgos ... Read more
An all-women film team explores the lives of women in the ancient Moroccan city of Marrakech. They present the story ot two women: Aisha, the wife of a very poor worker, who lives entirely for her family, and Hajiba, a divorcee, who earns her living as a dancer—a social outcast. ... Read more
A selection of footage made during all the moon landing project flights, beginning as the last rocket booster falls away to reveal the receding Earth, to walks on the moon and re-entry landing in the Pacific. ... Read more
The effort and exhilaration of topping a 200-foot firtree in the forests of British Columbia. ... Gold medal, Virgin Islands. ... Read more
Spider Football satirizes technical education in Hungary. It is set in a newly completed college building where the equipment is entirely modern, but the students achieve consistently low grades. ... The devious headmaster attempts to divert attention from the poor standard of teaching by mounting ... Read more
A satire on the Pinocchio story, with a wry twist in the tail. ... Read more
An animated send-up of striptease. ... Read more
Reflections on the sun rising and setting over Sydney. ... Read more
This film, like Nicholas Ray's The Savage Innocents, deals with a traditional communal culture confronted by new technological expansion. Mutual integration and the co-existence of the two forms of society is presented, through satire, as an impossibility. ... The story follows Tahar, one of the ... Read more
Cleanliness comes first. ... Read more
Claude Miller's film, like Wim Wenders'The American Friend, is taken from a story by Patricia Highsmith. Gerard ... Depardieu plays David, a moody, twenty-eight year old bank clerk who's obsessed about his former sweetheart. ... He lives in a small town near a lonely girl (Miou Miou) who would like ... Read more
A kaleidoscopic sampler of the people, the land, the traditions, the culture and the activities which make up such a large part of life in the state of Tennessee. ... Read more
A prominent American sociologist arrives in Brazil praising the work of a man long dead and forgotten, Pedro Arcanjo. The American regards Arcanjo as the world's greatest sociologist. Local newspapers and television stations immediately try to find out who this man was. ... They go back through ... Read more
Luis Bunuel's new film takes the story-line of a French nineteenth century novel by Pierre Louys. The story has been filmed before in 1929 by Jacques de Baroncelh. It was filmed again by Josef von Sternberg, with Marlene Dietrich in The Devil is a Woman, and later, by Julien Duvivier as The Woman ... Read more
A way-out fantasy based on animated parts of the human head. ... Read more
A little moral tale about an apple and two men vying for it. ... Read more
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